Aiza aur Rabia hindu faujio ki hawas ka shikar bani

This is a requested story. My friend Aiza requested it, she is a slut of Kafir men. She loves sucking nonMuslim lunds. Aiza and Rabia are real life friends. All the images in this post are their real pictures and they don’t have any problem with it because they love to be used by kafir men. I have hidden some part of the faces for your imagination.In reality Aiza completed her studies in United Kingdom.

This incident took place when Aiza went to Pakistan. After few days the indian hindu army had attacked and surrounded Pakistan. They were closing in to Islamabad Aiza was stuck inside pakistan she couldn’t leave the country.  Passenger and Public planes were not allowed to operate. Only military air planes were allowed to fly. She had so somehow survive in Pakistan.
Aiza was optimistic but totally unaware of what those ferocious hot-blooded kafir non-muslim studs would do if they see such a pretty paki girl.

When the fighting entered the city where Aiza and Rabia lived they had to empty their homes and move back into the camps. They were in the same camp. Behind the camp there was a small jungle wild bushes and trees.
The hindu indian army outfoxed the pakistanis as they also came from behind and paki army fighting in the frontline was now surrounded. They moved into the camps and started checking. Many people started panicking, they were afraid and started running. Aiza and Rabia where anxious they moved out and escaped into the woods. They tried to hide in the jungle but the enemy soldiers were also inside the jungle as they were coming from behind. A Squad leader with 6 soldiers patrolling there caught Aiza and Rabia.
Squard Leader – who are you ?
Aiza-  (in fearful tone) we are from camp hiding here, we ran away for safety.
Soldier- No they are spies, kis ki jasusi kar rahe ho.
Rabia- No we are not spies.
Squard Leader- Say the truth or should we tear off your clothes we know how to make anyone spit out the truth.
Soldier – Nanga karo in dono ko.
Aiza- Please believe us we are common citizens, hum jasus nahi hai.
Rabia- Please let us go to the camp our family is also there.
Squad leader- No, now you have to come with us and you will only be allowed to leave after the inquiry.
Ab to tumhre jism ka ek ek hissa check hoga puri inquiry hogi achi tarah se.
Aiza and Rabia became very distressed on hearing this.
The Squard leader got a voice call on his satellite phone that they have occupied the city. Now they were in no hurry it was a time for celebration.

After walking a few yards Rabia said “please sir I need to go to toilet.”
Soldier – (in a joyful tone) Do it here come on.
Rabia- please.
Squard leader- go behind the bushes and do it quickly.

It was a plan, Rabia was trying to deceive the soldiers and escape. She went behind the bushes and then started running. They saw her trying to escape.
The squard leader sent a soldier to bring her back. Rabia was no match for the soldier. The hindu soldier in just a few minutes chased down and caught Rabia. He brought her back to the squard leader who was very angry.
Soldier- sali bhagti hai ab chudne k liye tayar ho ja.
Squad leader: Do you know how I treat runaways and treacherous people. This time it is a girl so I have a special treatment for you in my mind, I wont kill you wont worry.

No doubt, some thought of fucking this pakimuslim bitch would have come into his mind and now he had a reason to fuck her.
Squad leader grabbed Rabia. He looked very strong with thick muscles. Rabia was breathing heavily as she was very nervous.
Squad leader- Kapde khud utaregi kya mai utaru. Should i remove your clothes or you are going to remove them yourself ?
Rabia remained silent. She was feeling guilty.
Squard leader- I got the answer.
He unbuttoned Rabia’s jeans and then removed her panty. He started touching her tight pussy.
With nervousness Rabia was feeling sensual as he was touching her pussy.
After that he removed her top and made her fully naked. Rabia’s legs where shaking a bit.
That fierce hindu squard leader started sucking her boobs and licking her sexy body parts.
He pulled down his army pant and then his underwear. His big 8 inch muscular dick popped out which was hard like a rod.

Aiza was seeing all this and from behind and she helplessly said – “Please sir forgive her”.
Squad leader- I will make you join her if you utter one more word.
This is not a punishment this is a gift. She will soon realize when it will go inside her and  she would be thankful to me for giving her an uncut dick. Ek aur musalmani ladki ko uncut hindu lund milega aaj.
Rabia had never encountered such thick and big cock in real life. The Squad leader made her suck his lund. He made her bend like a bitch and fucked her from behind like dogs. In doggy style he was pushing and pulling his dick in and out of her tight pussy again and again without stopping. Rabia was struggling to maintain position.
Then he laid her down straight and opened her legs. He forced his lund inside her pussy.
Bahot bhagne ka shok hai aj teri sari garmi nikalunga.

Aiza also started feeling the heat of the situation seeing that kafir man fucking her muslim friend. With a bit of nervousness Aiza was feeling a little erotic seeing all this.

Kafir squard leader was banging sweet Rabia with full force. Rabia was breathing heavily and she even started moaning.
He was sucking her lips while banging her. He was enjoying her pakimuslim chut so much. Rabia had no choice but to let that kafir beast use her body for pleasure.
He kept banging her until all his load came out rushing out of his penis. He got so much relief after fucking her. He cleaned his cock by making her lick all the left over semen on his cock with her tongue. Other soldiers seeing all this were also feeling aroused but they were highly disciplined.

After that the squad leader told her to get dressed and get going.
Squad leader- Agar ab bhagne bhi ki koshish kari to pure squad se chudwaunga. If you even think about running away again I will make my whole squad fuck you.
Now Aiza was feeling tense, she was thinking if these kafir hindu beasts could fuck Rabia like a bitch than what is stopping them from fucking her, its just a matter of time before they start using her body for sexual pleasure. How long could they control their Lust.

The squad moved forward with both the girls. They reached the army camp. Some kafir soldiers while smoking cigarette were gazing at both these girls as if they are going to burst out anytime and fuck the enemy girls and seed their wombs.
The Squad leader took these girls to the Major who was in charge of 1000 soldiers stationed there.
They were waiting outside Aiza came close to Rabia and said “why the fuck did you try to run away”
Rabia- I had no other choice.
Aiza- Now are you happy getting yourself raped.
Rabia- It wasn’t so bad. I thought he would beat me up or shoot me but he didn’t.
Aiza- His cock was so damn big and you handled it well.
Rabia- I hope they let us go after all this.
Soldier- Stop murmuring.
They went inside the Major’s room.
Squad leader- we caught these two girls hiding in the jungle, they looked like spies.
Major- ahhh spies. I know how to deal with them. Good job you may go now. I am going to inquire and learn the truth.
The captain was also in the room with the major. That army captain was looking like a sex maniac.
Major- Do you know what happens to enemy spies when they get caught especially if they are Girls and that too pretty girls ?
Rabia and Aiza- Remained silent they were very nervous and hopeless.
Captain (replied)- They are made naked and used like sluts for sexual pleasure.
Major- But which one of these 2 bitches should be undressed first ?

Aiza- please sir we are normal citizens. We were not spying. Let us go our family is in the camp.
Major was clearly beginning to think about satisfying his lust by fucking these pretty pakimuslim bitches. Major was looking at Aiza very lustfully and the captain sitting beside him smoking cigarette gazing at Rabia.

Major (in a playful mood) – Ok I believe, you are not spies But how can a Lion let his prey go free if the prey enters the Lion’s cave, especially if the lion is hungry.
Now the desperate lion is eager to quench his sexual hunger with such ripe and soft prey.

Rabia – sir we are like you sisters please let us go.
Kafir Major-  Sister !!! I heard in your religion brothers are allowed to fuck and marry cousin sisters sharing the same blood. So even if you make me your brother I will still be allowed to fuck you.

Rabia (in an annoyed and irritated tone) – you bloody kafir invaders. You are worse than dogs.
Captain- There is a lot of heat inside her. Bahot garmi hai sali mai.
Major (to the captain)-  Take care of her, give her a taste of kafir hindu lund. Iski sari garami nikalo.

The captain went near Rabia and started undressing her. She protested and shouted but he didn’t pay any attention. He overpowered her removed her clothes until she was completely naked.
The kafir hindu major grabbed Aiza, she protested a bit, she had no other choice but to obey.
The major sat on the chair and made her sit on his lap. While sitting he opened his legs a bit and made her sit on his cock.
Meanwhile the captain was enjoying playing with Rabia’s sexy body parts. He made Rabia go down on her knees and suck his big fat cock. At first she refused to suck his lund but he took out his pistol and at gun point made her do it.

Aiza sitting on Major’s lap was made to see all this. Major from behind was trash talking saying dirty and erotic things in her ears.
Majors cock was clearly on the peak. His dick was hard as a rod and wanting to tear the pant and come out.
Aiza could feel his hard cock against her ass. Major was clearly enjoying his hard dick pressing against Aiza’s soft ass.
Major- Look how your muslim friend is sucking a kafir lund. Do you see that cock. Let me tell you my cock even bigger than that.
Aiza was feeling a bit sexually harassed but it was also a titillating feeling for her.

She was helplessly watching all this.
The captain made Rabia stand facing the wall with her palms resting on the wall. He entered his dick into her pussy and started banging her from behind.
Rabia- ahhhh
Captain- Kya hua kutiya garmi nikal rahi hai ab.

The major was now touching Aiza’s thighs.
Aiza had a feeling that, it is just a matter of time when the sexual deviant beast inside him is going to erupt.
Major was fondling Aiza’s body and she could do nothing. His cock was rock hard and it was clear it would remain that way forever unless it tastes and satisfies itself with Aiza’s pink pussy. The lion had tasted the blood. Aiza ko andaza nahi tha ki wo kis had tak uski hawas ka shikar banne wali hai.

The captain was treating Rabia like his concubine. He used her for sex as he pleased.

Major (in Aiza’s ears)- Do you not feel like doing it, kya tumhara man nahi kar raha karne ka apni dost ko dekh kar.
Kabhi uncut kafir lund nahi liya tumne ?
Aiza-  please stop this.
Major- It is just a start.

Captain blew his load on Rabia’s face and he felt so relieved after that.
Ab nikal gayi sali ki garami.

Major (to the captain)- Take her with you and use her as you wish. Achi tarah se istemal karna.
Aiza – please hame jane do.
Major – aaj ki raat to hamare saath bitao. Mera lund tune khada kiya hai usko thanda kon kargea ?
Aiza (in despair)- Nooooo please…..

Captain took Rabia to his bed and he continued using her all night, kept dominating her in bed.
Aiza was stuck in the clutches of the mighty kafir Major. His cock was going crazy for her.

Major- Now you should start serving your master no one is going to come and rescue you and only I have the authority here to free you.
Aiza (begging)-  please let me go.
The major was enjoying seeing Aiza pleading in front of him.

Major- I would think about freeing you if you obey. Show me your body. Undress yourself, get naked first.
Aiza- no.. please have some mercy.
Major- ok I shall do it myself then.

Major took hold of her aggressively and unbuttoned her jeans. He was so strong that Aiza was trying her best to free herself from his grasp but completely failed to do so. Then he pulled down her panty. Aiza’s pussy was unveiled for the first time in front of a kafir and a stranger. While staring at her pious pussy he touched it gently, moved his fingers on the pussy lips and said- So Ripe ready to be eaten.
Aiza closed her eyes in despair as the mighty kafir Major fondled her vagina with his fingers.
Then he removed her top and with great zeal unhooked her bra. Aiza closed her eyes and inhaled as he started sucking and licking her boobs.

Major- I give you a second chance obey me do as I say and I  would think about freeing you.
Aiza (in a low voice)- what..
Major- Pull down my pants and take out my cock. You don’t have a choice do it or I will do it myself and you would regret it.
Aiza had no other option and she unwillingly pulled down Major’s army pant. The shape of his big cock was visible from outside his underwear. She looked at Major’s face who was eagerly waiting for her to unveil his cock and with great hesitation Aiza finally pulled down his underwear, a big and thick 9 inch cock popped out in front of her. She was clearly astonished to see such a big cock, it bigger than she imagined.

Major- Do you want to go home ?
Aiza- Yes… please…
Major- Then hold my dick and start playing with it.
Aiza (pleading)- No please no.
Major (ruthless)- Do it or get ready to be fucked like your friend.

Aiza reluctantly grabbed Majors heavy cock with her hand. She was jerking and fapping his enormous dick very slowly. His cock was much harder than it looked, Aiza could feel the hardness of his Lund. She was feeling the heat and warmth of his cock on her soft palms. His cock had thick veins and more blood was rushing constantly into his penis keeping it hard as a rock.

The Major full of lust was looking at her pretty face. He was dying to see his cock inside her mouth and those delicious lips on his dick head but he was in no hurry.
Aiza felt like a submissive sex slave, the kafir enemies were using them as they wished and there was nothing she could do.
The major then started moving his cock close to Aiza’s lips. She resisted and moved her face away.
Aiza- No I beg you, please don’t…
Major (wicked) – I would allow you to go home Aiza if you pass this challenge. I give you 10 minutes, suck my cock like a bitch and if within 10 minutes you are able to make my cock ejaculate, you win and I would let you and your friend go home.
Aiza- In distress and despair looked at the Major’s face as if he would feel pity but the Major was ruthless.
Major- It is your only chance, you wont get a better opportunity to earn your freedom Aiza.

Aiza reluctantly moved her lips closer to his cock. The Major was craving for this moment. Aiza could smell strong intoxicating aroma coming from his giant cock. Her lips finally touched the dick head. She began kissing and moving her lips over his cock head making the kafir hindu Major thrilled with pleasure.

Aiza was a slow eater, while eating she took small pieces of food at a time into her mouth, swallowed it and continued like that.  Major’s cock was  thick and big, at first she struggled to open her mouth wide enough to accommodate his cock but at the end she did it. His cock was inside her mouth and now she was moving her tongue and licking his cock. She had to make Major (cum) ejaculate. She was desperately shaking his cock with her hand and sucking and licking it to blow the load but it was not happening. Major had so much experience he was able to control the ejaculation. He had so much control over his cock and his senses. That smart, ferocious and dominating hindu Major was using innocent Aiza as he wanted and she was fool enough to think she could outsmart him.
The clock is ticking, Aiza was running out of time. She was aware of it and so she started sucking and licking his Lund ever faster but he had tremendous control.
The major was calling her muslim slut sucking kafir lund. He was ridiculing Aiza using vile language as she was sucking his cock.

Major- Time up.
Ten minutes were over Major did not ejaculate, he was successful in controlling himself. Aiza was very disappointed thinking what would happen next.

Major- I should give you an award for sucking dicks Aiza. Maza aa gaya muslimah ko kafir lund chusa k.
Aiza- You Rascal, kaminey bastard.
Major- Seems like you want to get fucked like a wild bitch now. I am going to turn you into submissive slut who knows how to please kafir masters.

The major got hold of  Aiza and lifted her over his shoulder and carried her to his bed. Aiza was screaming, trying to free herself, telling him to leave her alone but the Major was determined to ride her on his cock tonight.
He laid her down on the bed, she was completely naked. The Major undressed himself and became completely naked. He looked strong and muscular.
He himself on Aiza and started sucking her juicy lips. His hard and tough body was rubbing against Aiza’s soft body, her boobs were crushing against his chest. Years of training and hardships had made his body hard and muscular.
Aiza was like a War Booty for him and he was receiving immense pleasure by fucking this pious enemy girl.
The major was very passionate he was sucking and licking Aiza’s lustrous body. Aiza’s conscience her inner voice tells her that this is wrong and she tries to free herself from the Major’s grasp but the mighty kufar Major now held both her arms against the bed and started licking and kissing her neck with great lust.
His hard cock was constantly rubbing against her thighs reminding Aiza that the worse is about to come when the Major starts fucking her tight hole with his big cock.
Soon the crazy Major turned his lustful eyes on her pussy. He gripped both her Arms against the bed making her unable to move and keeping her straight. His cock was straight and hard and without touching it he started moving his heavy dick on Aiza’s pussy.
Now the Major grabbed his cock which one had and started rubbing it on Aiza’s Vaginal entrance. She tried to move but couldn’t, she was overwhelmed by the feeling of his thick cock head in her cunt.
Aiza’s pussy was tight and young. It had never experienced such a big cock and never been fucked to the fullest.
The Major started pushing his deeper inside Aiza’s sweet pussy.
Aiza (overwhelmed by the feeling) – Ahhhh!!!
He laid himself over Aiza, his hard chest was crushing against her soft boobs and his giant cock was
inside Aiza’s tight pussy. Aiza was lost in a different world. The kafir Major started jerking in and out his cock. While fucking her, he was constantly sucking and licking Aiza’s juicy lips and her neck with great passion.
Aiza was not in control of herself, Sounds were coming out from her mouth as the kafir Major was thrusting his big cock deep inside Aiza’s pussy. Her Vaginal walls could feel each and every inch of his warm hard cock rubbing inside her cunt.
The Major started saying dirty and vile things, while continuing to push his cock in and out of her pussy he starts Humiliating her saying things like; thats how a muslimGirl reacts when she gets a uncut kafir Lund. Ab zindagi bhar iski chut gair-muslim kafir lund he mangegi.
Aiza was hearing every word coming from Major’s vile mouth but she was not in a position to reply back, she was feeling so submissive.

Aiza was a girl who maintained her figure, her body very well. She spent a lot of money on beauty products, creams, shampoos etc.. Her skin was glossy. She didn’t allow any hair on her body keeping her body smooth and sexy. But now all her sexy body was being used by kafir enemies to satisfy their enormous sexual hunger and lust.

Even in her wildest dreams she never thought that one day her lovely body which she took care of so well would be used by kafir invaders for sexual pleasure and gratification.

Now the mighty Major lifted Aiza up in his arms and started riding her on his cock like a horse. He was so strong, with every thrust of his cock Aiza was moving up and down. His big cock had stretched her pussy and reached deep inside, touched the parts which remained isolated till now.
While the major was riding her on his mighty cock Aiza’s hands were on his back

Her thoughts were conquered by his big kafir Lund inside her vagina. Aiza was holding him tight and scratching his back with her finger nails but the strong Major hardly had any effect.

Aiza was breathing with an open mouth, the major saw an opportunity and moved his tongue inside her mouth and started sucking her lips.
Aiza – ummm!!!
At the same time the major started riding and jerking his cock in her pussy even Harder. He was beginning to ejaculate. He pushed the entire length of his 9 inch cock inside Aiza’s pussy and his semen came rushing out of his cock and got injected deep inside her vagina.The major seeded her pious womb which kafir sperm. He started erotically humiliating her again telling her how she was enjoying being used and getting pumped by a kafirHindu lund.

Aiza quietly dressed herself thinking that it was over but after taking a break the powerful kafir Major with ‘never ending’ Lust again jumped in and ripped off her clothes. He fucked her again and again all night long. Having enormous sexual appetite and stamina he used her like his sex slave . Aisa uski hawas ka shikar ban chuki thi.

All this also continued the next day. Captain continued fucking Rabia and Aiza became a victim of Major’s lust.
When Aiza and Rabia met the next day Rabia said “They are such beasts why don’t they get tired. How much more are they going to fuck us.”
Aiza- Insan nahi janwar hai, wo Major mujhe puri raat chodta raha aur soya bhi nahi pata nahi kya khate hai ye log. (They are animals not humans, that Major kept fucking me whole night and didn’t even sleep).
Rabia- Kitna bada hai uska ?
Aiza- Tere wale se bhi bada.

Major called both Rabia and Aiza to his room and ripped off their clothes. He made both these girls grab and suck his cock.
Aiza and Rabia simultaneously licked and sucked his giant cock like dirty sluts. After making them swallow his cock the Major fucked both these pakimuslim girls with full force and humiliated them using foul language. Rabia and Aiza seemed to be more obedient and passive today which pleased the kafir Major even more.

The third day Major had to go somewhere out of the camp. It was night time, some lustful foot soldiers had an eye on both the girls. A group of 10 soldiers approached Aiza and Rabia and forcefully abducted them against their wish. Both the girls screamed the captain saw it but he allowed the soldiers to have fun with the girls.
They took them inside their tent. They were drunk. Aiza and Rabia were horrified seeing so many hot-headed hungry kafir men lusting at them. The soldiers removed their clothes and started cuddling and kissing the girls. They were drinking, smoking Weed and misusing Morphine for intoxication. They all got naked and all of them had their cocks hard. Aiza and Rabia in between so many erect dicks were feeling like whores and they had no choice but to obey the soldiers and act passive. The girls didn’t want to make these hot-headed kafir hindu men under the influence of alcohol, drugs and weed angry.
The soldiers were doing illicit sex with these girls. They were making them smoke and drink. Kafir soldiers fucked these two pretty pakimuslim bitches whole night. They filled their pussy hole with kafir cock juice. In Dono muslim ladkiyo ko in kafirHinduo ne puri raat apni hawas ka shikar banaya aur achi tarah se ragad ragad kar istemal kiya.

The next day Major came back and again started fucking Aiza. Few days later the army Brigadier visited the camp. There he saw Aiza, his lustful mind got filled with erotic thoughts about her. The Brigadier was 41 year old and 6 feet tall muscular stud. After learning that she is a pakistani muslim girl he took her with him.
The major took Rabia who served him as his personal pleasure girl, she was fascinated by his big kafir cock and his enormous sexual stamina.
Brigadier’s cock was already hard in his pants thinking about fucking Aiza. Sure he had used and thrown many pakimuslim girls since the war started but this one was special.
Aiza was feeling anxious not knowing what would happen next. She was sitting with the Brigadier on the back seat of his car. The fearless kafir Brigadier put his hand on her thighs, Aiza saw a wicked smile on his face. She got an idea about his erotic intentions. Aiza knew from his behavior that he is also a sex hungry beast who craves to fuck helpless pakimuslim girls.
Aiza ko pata chal gaya ki ye bhi sex ka habsi harami kafir hindu mard hai to pakistani musalmani ladkiyo ko pakad pakad k chodte hai or apne kafir lund ka swad chakha te hain.

Brigadier with his hand on Aiza’s thighs said – kya hua hindu ka lund nahi mila kya abhi tak.
Aiza looked down and remained quiet.
Then he touched her neck there was a mark of love bite which the Major had given her while kissing her neck.
Brigadier- So you have already been used.
Aiza- Please sir let me go.
Brigadier- Once i ride you on my cock you would never think about going home.
While you were polishing and furnishing yourself getting prettier we were toiling hard doing tough work and now here is our reward.
The Brigadier told her that he fucked so many pakimuslim girls and all got fancied his cock. He said when they were searching houses many muslim girls willingly opened their legs for them as they wanted  to taste kafir cocks. He revealed that muslim girls act very innocent but once they get kafir Lund they become crazy for their dicks.
Brigadier’s mind was full or illicit and erotic things. Aiza thought in what manner a person with such a dirty mind is going to fuck her in bed.
Soon the car reached his room. He took her to his bed.

The Brigadier removed his army uniform in front of Aiza. His cock was already hard, it was as big as the Major’s cock but looked more muscular.
He came close to Aiza and ordered her to undress. Aiza couldn’t dare say no to him, she got naked like a submissive slut. He made her suck his kafir cock from top to bottom and chocked her mouth with his big lund.
Aiza was like a sex doll for him. He mounted her on his cock like a bull and completely dominated her.

Brigadier’s large cock breeding Aiza’s tight pink pussy. Aiza lost in a completely different world.
Kafir Brigadier fucked her day and night whenever he got time. He fucked her so much that she finally accepted his supremacy and started living under his cock like a submissive slut.
She got addicted to his big kafir dick. Aiza became his paramour who loved when the kafirhindu Brigadier used her body like a bull to satisfy his endless sexual hunger and lust.
Kisi ne theek he kaha hai ek baar musalman ladki ko kafir ka bada lund mil jaye uske baad wo unke lund ki gulam tak banNe ko tayar rehti hai. Aiza ki chut ko kafiro k lund kya mile uski chut to unke lund ki deewani ho gayi ab koi bhi musalman Aiza ko chod de usko uska  lund feeka he lagega.