Conservative Muslima finally realises the truth

There was a muslima hottie in my college named Zareen. She is my good friend so she shared all her life problems with me. Once she was little frustrated with life and problems and was just talking to me about all that. I tried to solve her problems using Chanakya niti and other intelligent logics of Hindu thinkers. She felt good and smiled and thanked me.

I held her hand and said, I am always there to help you dear. She said, she want to confess that I was so caring, understanding and funny. Guys from her community are generally lacking these things and end up into shit.

I told her to focus only on good things. Holding her hands I said, I wish I could give her all the happiness and pleasure of life. She hugged me lightly, remained silent for a while and said, she can’t be with me but she wants to allow me to do anything with her for one night as a friend’s gesture. I was happy but asked her if she was okay because it was a huge thing. She said, she really wants it, only then the circle of our friendship will end on a happy note.

We booked a hotel room for one night. We entered the room and she hugged me real tight. She whispered in my ear, don’t hold back, do whatever you feel like doing. I grabbed her ass by my nails and lifted her in my arms. She gasped ‘ aaaaaaaah’. I threw her on bed. She threw her head back and her hair were on her shoulders. She said she has brought another set of clothes to wear.

I got the signal and tore the abaya and hijab with the sound ‘krrrrrrrrr’. Meanwhile she whispered ‘liberate me, take me to different place, ummhhhhh’. I spread her legs by grabbing her inner thighs and kissed her pussy lips gently. She grabbed my head and said, ‘ be rough’. I chewed her pussy lips and pulled them. She sounded ‘ssshhhhhhh aaahhhhhhh’.  I put tongue on her clitoris and take the clitoris grain in my mouth and suck it vigorously. She pushed my head more into her pussy. I grabbed her waist by my nails and slapped her pussy ‘chataaaaaak. She said ‘punish me dear’. I inserted two fingers in her pussy and flicked my fingers inside her pussy up and down. She was going crazy and rocking her head side by side. I held her ass to my side and took my belt and whipped her ass by my belt ‘chataaak’. She was holding the bed sheet and taking all the punishment. I slammed her ass by my belt again and again. She was feeling the pain now. I went to her and asked her ‘are you alright?’. She said ‘yes dear, don’t worry, I’ll tell if there is any problem’. I kissed lips by hearing those words. I chewed her red soft juicy lips. She put her tongue inside my mouth to suck.

Then she went down to my pants and grabbed my throbbing uncut cock and took her tongue out and licked the entire length of my cock by looking upwards. She encircled the head of my cock by her red lips and sucked it for long. She licked my precum and said ‘love me dear, make me yours tonight. I grabbed her head from her hair and rammed my full cock in her innocent mouth till it choked her throat. She closed her eyes and took my whole cock inside her mouth and sucked every inch of it. I asked her in that position, ‘will you be my bride for tonight?’ She took out my cock from her mouth and said ‘make me your rakhail tonight’. I just kissed those lips which said that. I slapped her face firmly. She took the slaps gracefully by closing her eyes.

Then I tied her hands with my belt by one of the corner of the bed and mounted over her. She wrapped her legs around my waist. I finally drilled my cock in her juicy tight pussy. Tears rolled out of her eyes. I kissed her and asked ‘is it okay?’. She said ‘tonight, for the first I realised what I really wanted, you made me alive, otherwise I was trapped in my own insecurity. Just be yourself dear’. I drilled her pussy harder. And sound of our body being collapsed were in the room ‘chhap chhap Chhap chhap’.

Her boobs were pressed against my chest which I felt when her nipples were pinching into my chest. She grabbed my back by her nails and left nail marks. She also grabbed my butt to push my cock more inside her pussy. I crushed her thighs by my hands while fucking her. She felt the pain and whispered ‘i love you’.

I tried many Kamasutra positions with her. she was exhausted but satisfied. Holding her hair and pulling her head back, I rammed her pussy like a doll and she just said ‘aaahhh aaaaahhh aaahhh’. That night she realised new realism of life and I was happy to have such a friend by my side.

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