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hi, this is Krishna(virtual name) here with my first ever sex story. First of all, I am around 5.8 feet and an average body. I am studying Engineering. Any girl or unsatisfied ladies can mail me via [email protected] Your privacy will be my first priority and u can trust me on that.

Coming to the sex story this happened very recently when I was coming back home from a movie at around 9 pm. It was during the end of my first year and I came back home for holidays. I was on my way and then I saw two girls(Sabrina and Simran) dressing up in their burkha. Simran was already done and was just adjusting it. Sabrina whose face wasn’t covered yet was looking at me. I too started staring at her. This lasted only for a few seconds until I got past her. She looked the same age as me. She is really hot with a perfect figure and a fair skin tone. Her face was really cute.

After that, I went at the turn of the road and waited for them to move so that I could follow them.

But to my surprise, they came towards my direction and were heading to a share auto. I guessed that they were heading towards my home since there was a mosque near mine and got into the auto (in the front seat )a little ahead of them. And yes they lived two streets next to mine.

Throughout the journey, I was staring at them through the side mirror and managed not to get caught. From their conversation, I heard that Simran is going out of station tomorrow night and so Sabrina is staying with her tonight.

Finally, my stop arrived and I got down. Both of them also got down along with me. I was on my way and suddenly heard a voice calling for me. When I turned back it was Sabrina and Simran was whispering something to her. I went close and she told to follow them for a moment in a cute voice. I did so and ended up in a deserted street. There Sabrina voice became louder and started yelling at me “How dare you to stare at us that way in the auto.

Did u think I didn’t notice? Simran was trying to stop her but she wasn’t listening. Suddenly a cool wind came and the cloth covering her face blew upper and I could see her rosy lips with a naughty smile on them. I got that she was teasing me. So I dared and made the first move. I caught her hand and pulled her closer and looked into her eyes filled with lust. I told her to remove her burkha over the face as I already seen her. She did it and kept her naughty smile. I tried to kiss her but she moved back placing her hand on my mouth. I didn’t stop and kissed her hand and licked it. She slapped me gently saying naughty. We had our introductions then

Me: Hello, I am Krishna.
Sabrina: I am Sabrina and this is Simran
Saying that she revealed her face and it was kinda cute but not as fair as Simran.
Me: I am asking u directly what next?(usually, I am little shy but don’t know what happened to that movement)
Simran:(laughs)ok Sabrina say what is on your mind.
Sabrina: Simran’s parents are going out for shopping as they are going to admit Simran in a college tomorrow night. So I want to you as her gift.
Me:ok sure no need to tell any more. I’ll be there tomorrow morning and discuss everything on the bed.

Saying this I turned to Simran and signaled to come close. Then I dragged both of them and hugged them with my both hands and kissed both of them passionately. After that, I left immediately as I was afraid that anyone would see us.

Next day at around 9:30 I left my house for Simran’s and knocked their door. Sabrina opened the door and said waiting for you and thanks for coming. As soon as I entered Sabrina locked the door and immediately I hugged her from behind. I was kissing her neck. She was enjoying it suddenly Simran came running from inside and hugged me from behind. I was really being turned on.

I couldn’t control as Simran was rubbing her boobs against my back and in the temptation, I started squeezing Sabrina’s boobs. This went on for some time and I turned Sabrina back and gave her a long smooch. Simran then pulled her back and started kissing me. Finally, we broke the kiss and took a deep breath.

After some gap, Simran said let’s do it in the bedroom. Immediately I lifted Sabrina up, went inside and threw her on the bed. Simran followed me and I caught her hand dragged and pushed her over the bed. Then I jumped in the gap between them and put both my hands on their boobs. Then all of us started laughing due to my action.

All of us became silent at once and I broke the silence by saying “Let’s get into the action”. Both had a naughty smile. Soon I removed the night dress both were wearing. Soon they were in their black bikini and they are really hot in them. I couldn’t control seeing their navels and licked both of their tummies randomly. It felt like heaven. Both were moaning like crazy which made even crazier.

Then I undressed them completely revealing me their boobs and unshaven pussy. Sabrina boobs were average sizes perfect for her figure and were stiff. On the other hand, Simran’s body is kinda loose. She had huge boobs and hanging loosely. I couldn’t wait and play and crushed and squeezed both their boobs to my heart’s content and both of them really enjoyed.

Simran came near me and said that it was my turn first removed all my clothes and caught my 6-inch tool with excitement. Sabrina yelled wow that’s huge. And both of them started a blowjob. They are into this together and didn’t hold back. They are such sluts. Soon I couldn’t hold anymore due to both their soft tongues and came most of it over Simran’s face. Simran was licking all that cum without wasting with the help of her hand.

Meanwhile, Sabrina finished the load on her face and started licking Simran. They were literally fighting and it was happy seeing those sluts fight for my cum. And I continued my foreplay on them once again and even had some deep kisses. I was hard again and this time both of them together gave me a tit job and were licking the top of my dick with their tongues. I came in no time with their soft boobs and they didn’t even waste a single drop.

I then signaled them that it was my turn. First I took Simran to the edge of the bed and spread her legs giving me a clear view of her pussy. It’s super wet and I started licking it immediately. She was in seventh heaven moaning by my tongue fucking. She came a lot. I swallowed most of it and kissed her with the remaining in my mouth to show her hoe great her pussy tastes. Then I went to Sabrina and started finger fucking her.

Soon my dick was hard again and I wanted to my load first into Simran as it was her day. They gave me a condom and I put it on. Then I slowly put it in, it was easy in the beginning but then stopped. I tried a little harder and then I realized Simran was a virgin. She is shouting in pain. I kissed her in order to lower her voice. I never taught they both were virgins(even Sabrina I found it later) and I was their first. It eas the best pussy for me.

She calmed a little after some time and soon I came while her(of course I had a condom). I slept on her like that until Sabrina pulled me and kissed. After another 40min I was ready for some action and this time it was Sabrina’s pussy. It was really tight and I had a difficult time on top of which she is a virgin. She was screaming like hell. But as we continued she enjoyed it and we both came at the same time.

I was really tired. I found some dairy milk chocolates on the table. Took them, they were soft. I applied over both their bodies mainly on their navel and licked them clean. It was so tasty with their sweat. Time passed and it was nearly 12 pm. I don’t have much time left as their parents would be coming by 1 pm. I said I can eject one more time and asked what and who will it be. Simran excitingly said, “You two can do even after I am gone so let me have it”. Sabrina was convinced and so I got up positioning for her anal as I wanted to try it. Simran stopped me saying that she can’t travel tonight if it was anal.

I understood her problem and so went in missionary style. I was kissing her while fucking and she let moans in my mouth. Suddenly my head was lifted up and I could smell Sabrina’s pussy. I immediately licked her like a hungry dog. Soon all three of us came. I was inside Simran when this happened. Due to my jerking, some of Sabrina’s cum fell on Simran’s face and I even licked her face as not waste such precious juice. We had a bath together. Did all sorts of things while bathing. It was really wonderful sandwiched between two hot girls. I licked all over their bodies during our bath, came out and dressed up.

We had our final kisses and I left the place and headed to my house. I was really happy as they were thanking me for the best day of their life with me. I am dreaming of the next time encounter with Sabrina. She is such a hot figure. I will write you soon on my next story and until then bye.

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