Great site you’ve got going!

First of all, a big thumbs up for setting up this site.  When I first came across it, I went, “Wow! There’s actually a site dealing with a subject like this?”  It’s just great to have a platform where Muslim women and Hindu men in particular can freely express their views.  I would be honored if I could be granted the opportunity to say a word or two as well.

You see, the happiest moments in my life have not come when I was praying or carrying out other religious duties.  They have not come when I was getting married.  They have not come when I was hanging out with friends and cousins, or when I was holidaying with family or with friends.  Rather, the most joyous moments in my life have come when I’ve had a Hindu man’s penis buried inside me.  That moment has always beaten any other joys I’ve experienced by a thousandfold.

Now, I’m not a slut by any means, but I’ve gone through college with Hindus as my classmates, and I’ve, likewise, gone to work with Hindus as my colleagues.  Along the way, I’ve had affairs with a number of Hindu men.  Neither of these affairs have been “emotional” connections, but more of “friends with benefits” or a simple “physical” form of affair.  Each of my boyfriends had ruled out anything serious, particularly marriage, owing to the fact that I was Muslim and he couldn’t, on account of that, introduce me to his parents and/or spend the rest of his life with me.  However, each was open to and eager to have sexual relations with me.  But did it affect me in any way?  No, it absolutely didn’t.

You see, even when I’ve known my Hindu boyfriend’s sole focus and intention is sex, I’ve never shied away from sexual relations with him.  Because, though I wasn’t going to be a wife or girlfriend (in the actual sense) to my boyfriend, as a purely sexual partner, I still had the opportunity to experience that guaranteed sexual ecstasy, which, face it, I wasn’t going to get from a Muslim man.

The thing is, Hindu men are poles apart from Muslim men.  A Hindu man, unlike a Muslim man, is endowed with a good-sized penis.  That feeling when a Hindu man “opens me up” with the thickness of his penis is an experience out of this world.  There are the naysayers, of course – Muslims in particular – who keep on insisting otherwise, but the fact of the matter is that the abundance of foreskin on a Hindu man’s penis makes for a world of difference in pleasure.  A Hindu man, additionally, is strong and possesses a seemingly endless amount of energy.  The amount of power each of my Hindu boyfriends has been able to put behind his thrusts has never been short of amazing, and once each has started “slamming” his penis inside me (yes, that’s how I’d literally describe it!), he’s seemingly slammed on for an eternity.  There are times I’ve been worn down, yet my Hindu boyfriend has gone on.

Everything considered, sex with Hindu men is nothing short of amazing.  Yes, I haven’t been able to become a wife or actual girlfriend to any of my Hindu boyfriends, but I haven’t regretted, the slightest bit either, being a simple sex partner to either one of them.  Because the pleasure a Hindu man provides is simply out of this world.  And you can never go wrong with the guys that invented the Kamasutra!

PS:  To all my Muslim sisters, if you haven’t had sex with a Hindu man as of yet, I suggest you lose any and all inhibitions you might be having and go ahead and try it.  Trust me, you’ll realize just how immensely pleasurable sex can be, and you’ll never want or desire a Muslim man again.

Once again, a thumbs up for this site!

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