Hot muslimah woman fucked by hindu men

The muslimah woman was walking by and some hindu kufr men where in the river they saw the muslimah their dicks started to get hard inside their wet underwear.
One of them passed dirty comment that she craves for a kufr dick, the other was just gazing her ass.
The third guy was a man of action he started to follow her as she walked down the beach. The other two hindu men also followed him.

One of them passed a comment “she is showing her ass in hijab it means she wants to be fucked as a muslimah by kufr men.”

The third hindu guy approached her asked the muslimah her name. She didn’t reply which very much angered the kufr male.
There was no one there, he caught her hand and made her stop.

Muslimah cried “please let me go.”
The kufr male said tell me your name first.

The muslimah said Areeba is her name.

The second hindu kufr male said first let us feel your lovely ass then we might let you go. He then tried to grasp her ass with his hand obviously it was too big for his palm. He touched her ass hole the muslimah pleaded no please no.
The third hindu kufr male took out his cock it was getting too hot. The first hindu guy also did the same.
Areeba saw her big uncut cocks and she now knew that they are not going to stop before fucking her.

They removed her her skirt and underwear. Areeba’s hot pussy was exposed right in front of 3 uncut kufr hindu cocks. They undressed her remove everything except her hijab.
All of them now placed their cocks in front of her face. Areeba also wanted to have a bit of fun as her husband was out on a business trip.
She sucked and licked 3 uncut kufr dicks wearing the hijab. After sucking for a while all of them blew the semen from their kufr dicks on her face. Now her face was covered with kufr semen and she used her hijab to clean it off.

Now she lay down on the sand the kufr men opened her legs and one by one fucked her tight pussy. They took turns to ride her on their dick. The musalimah was moaning real hard as the kufr dicks were fucking her with full strength. After fucking for an hour Areeba felt the force of hot cum inside her pussy. She was very much satisfied by this sexual encounter with the kufrs.

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