Humiliating Musim Cuckold Husband

Hello ladies. This is Krishna from hyderabad back with yet another sex story.

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Shameem and Feroz were in their early 40’s and they both were from upper rich family. Shameem was looking beautiful at this age also. She had a nice tight body with curves and semi-huge boobs. Shameem asked me to make her horny by just talking first. It was a bit difficult for me to make a women horny by words but I still thought of giving it a chance.

Me- Shameem so what makes you turn on in bed?

Shameem – working lips wrapped in my pussy.

Me- so how many lips have made you go wild baby?

Shameem – my husband knows the answer for this.

Me- how come

Shameem – this bastard use to send me to his clients to get business.

Me – so you have been a type of so called whore pimped by his own husband.

Shameem – yes you can say so.

Me- which was your worst day on bed till date.

Shameem – I was used by the boss of a company and then he made me get fucked by his entire staff maybe around 15 more guys but all were 1 by 1 in a single day.

Me- what is your fantasy for today

Shameem – I want to take revenge on my husband by abusing him for making me a randi.

Me – so you want him to be a cuckold today?

Shameem – yes a humiliating cuckold.

Me – Shameem can we talk in hindi baby. It will be more humiliating for your bhadwa.

Shameem – sure.

Me – Shameem kya tujhe lund lena pasand hai?

Shameem – haa par agar mujhe meri marzi se lena pade tabhi. Koi bhadwe ko kaam dilane ke liye lena padta tha toh taklif aur gheen mehsus hoti thi.

Me – Shameem mein sex ke time par jaanwar bann jata hu kya jhel payegi tu mujhe.

Shameem – haa. Use my body like hell and abuse me. Iss bhadwe ko apni biwi ki buri halat dekh kar rona aana chahiye ajit.

Me – so Feroz are you ready to see your wife getting screwed by a 31 year old guy.

Feroz – no. But I have options left because it’s a deal between me and Shameem so can’t help it. Please you will finish it fast.

Me – hahaha now it’s gonna be fun seeing a pimp like you suffer.

Shameem also started laughing.

Me – Shameem make sure he and you both obey everything.

Shameem – yes he will obey it for sure don’t worry and I have already submitted so I am your slave for the day basss sirf aaj mera badla pura hona chahiye ajit iska dhyan rakhna baki tum jo chaho karo mere sharir ke saath.Me- toh yeh bata Shameem kabhi gaand marwayi hai.

Shameem – never.

Me- your favorite position baby?

Shameem – doggy and riding

Me – Shameem remove all your clothes now and wipe your pussy clean with your panty and stuff it in Feroz’s mouth.

Shameem – can I wipe your ass too with it before stuffing my panties in his mouth.

Me – sure baby love to see that.

Shameem stripped her clothes and did as said and then came near me removed my pants and turned me and asked me to bent and lowered my undies and wipes my ass with panties and then spat on her panties 2-3 times and stuffed it in Feroz’s mouth and slapped him hard. Poor guy.

Then Shameem said ajit now please start it I am dying to for sex now.

I asked Feroz to lie down on the floor and made Shameem sit on his face and asked Shameem to play with my lund over my underwear. Shameem did as said and started rubbing my gotis and lund above my underwear and said ajit now pls give me the taste of your lund baby I am dying for it.Shameem removed my underwear and took my lund in her mouth and started sucking and was massaging my gotis at the same time.

I caught hold of her hairs and slapped her face and made her deep throat my lund and she started gagging it and then removed my lund from her mouth and went near Feroz and removed her panties from his mouth and spat in Ferozs mouths and said taste his lund you bastard.

Shameem was getting wild and said to Feroz dekh bhadwe isko kehte hai asli lund mast mota aur ekdum kadak hai tere jaise chutiye ka lund lene se acha hai ki mein ajit ki randi ban jau puri zindagi ke liye.

Then I pulled Shameem and made her sit on sofa with her legs spread and started eating her pussy. I Then put my tongue in her pussy as deep as I could and started rolling it inside her vagina which started sending current in her body and she was moaning heavily uffff mm yeahh I am loving it wowww what a pleasure ohhhh yessss love lick it yeaahh aahh baby lick it more its making me wetttt uffff.

After giving her pleasure for around 10 minutes I started to feast on her shaggy boobs and I started massaging her one boob while chewing nipples of the other one. The babe was now getting all of her excitement together and was moaning in high volume and I knew now she had lost all her control and would go wild if unleashed due to all the current given by me by touching her right spots and my plan worked on her body as I thought and I lie down and asked her to ride me.

She had become wild and hungry by now I knew that and she pounced on me and took my dick in her pussy and started bouncing on me. She was screaming yessss what a lund baby aahhh ouchh its huge yeah its fitted in my open pussy tightly yesssss wowwww and I started thumping her from bottom and she was on her wildest part shouting loud marrrr gayi aajjjjj toh maja aa gaya yess ahhhh dekh Feroz kutte dekh and she started rubbing her pussy on my dick hardly and then after rubbing for around 2 minutes she got up and said ajit now make me your bitch. I caught hold of her hairs and dragged her to the bedroom and asked Feroz to follow us I Then bend on the bed in doggy style and asked Shameem to clean my ass by her tongue.

Shameem started licking my asshole and I asked Feroz to get some vaseline and oil and apply it on Shameem ’s asshole and finger it so that it opens and I can take her assholes virginity. To which Shameem got shocked and said no please mujhe darr lagta hai.

Me – shut up you wanted to be my bitch then just obey my commands.

Shameem – please do whatever you like but no anal pls ajit pls.

Me – just shut the fuck up and lick my ass you whore.

Shameem started licking my asshole and she there Feroz applied oil and vaseline on Shameem ’s ass crack and started to insert his fingers in Shameem and she was licking my ass while in pain.
It went for some time until Shameem ’s hole had Feroz’s 3 fingers in it.

Then I made Shameem go on her fours in doggy style and slowly inserted my dick I her ass it was still very tight but I pushed myself as hard as I could and the tip of my lund went in her gaand and she yelled like helll stop it you bastard my ass is getting torn its paining but I put my full lund inside her ignoring her cries in one go and she shouted aaahhh mom I am dead aahh its burning ajit pls but I started pounding her slowly and now her pain was subsiding and she was moaning ummm baby I am feeling good aahhh give it a little hard pounding pls ohhhh my ass is getting stretched ufffff yaar superb. I pulled her hairs and started giving her hard shots and she was enjoying it.

Now I wanted to humiliate the couple so I asked Shameem to chew Feroz’s gotis and she took Feroz’s gotis between her teeth and I gave her a very hard push and she bit Ferozs goti in pain and Feroz also shouted in hell lot of pain and started to tremble aur phir mein Shameem ki gaand marta raha mercilessly until she started to cry ki bass karo ajit plsss leave me. Then I asked Shameem to kneel down and made her taste her own ass by licking my lund and I pushed my full dick I her mouth till her throat and asked Feroz to hold her both hands from back and pissed in her mouth and she was choked and had no options but to swallow my entire piss and Then I removed my lund from her mouth and she gasped for air and then shouted angrily on me.

Shameem – ajit yeh kya tune madarchhodh.

Me- kaisa laga mutt yeh bol saali randi tujhe humiliate karne mein mujhe toh bada maja aagaya.

Shameem – you dirty dog.

Me – now do you want to humiliate your husband?

Shameem – yes

Me – toh uska lund khada kar

Shameem – ok and she went to Feroz and smooched him and made him taste my urine and started shaking his dick and in no time the perverts dick raised. Then I asked Feroz to bent down as he bent I asked Shameem to hold his dick from back and pull it as much as she can and as she pulled his dick he started to scream and I asked Shameem to punch his gotis and she punched it hardly and now Feroz was in a hard pain and was screaming for mercy but Shameem gave another punch on his gotis and now he started crying in pain and in no time Shameem pushed her two fingers in Feroz’s raw ass and fucked him and then removed her fingers and made him taste his own ass by licking Shameem ’s fingers.

Then I kicked Feroz and he fell on the ground. I took Shameem in my arms and started to lick her neck passionately and she hugged me tight in front of her husband and started pleading me ajit fuck me now my choot is itching baby pls finish it.

I made her sit on the sofa and spread her legs and pushed my dick in her choot and she arched her back and moaned yessss baby bang me give me the hardest fuck you can with your thick lavda ufffff and I started to bang her very hard and she was moaning and shouting wildly ohhh yes baby mast superb ahhhhh dekh Feroz apni randi biwi ko chudate bhadave dekh aaahhhhhh bahot lade liye hai tere fayde ke liye iss bhosde mein but aaj satisfy hui hu aaahhhhh wow ajit harder baby I am cumming aahhhh and she squirted heavily and went on her knees and shooted cum in my mouth, ajit give it to me I am thirsty and she grabbed my lund and started to blow me and in no time even I sprayed all my cum in her mouth which she drank and started to suck the remaining cum of dick in her mouth. She was now completely satisfied and she Then ordered Feroz to shake his cock and remove his sperms which Feroz did.

Then we sat and chatted for few minutes and she said that she loved the roughness and humiliation of both husband and wife and she was looking forward for next session passionately.

So guys, that’s the end of this weird couples story. Hope you all liked it.

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