Just a little story about an Afghan refugee girl

Hey guys I’m a 26 German guy, so obviously white and I’m not religious.I’m atheist and was horny for muslim pussy since puberty.
Enougth about me. It’s my first story, so don’t expect to much, but I hope you guys will like it.

Zara is sitting on the bed thinking about the past and about what might happen in the future.
It’s the middle of the night and the other 7 women she shares a room in the refugee shelter with are sleeping, but there is no way she could find sleep this night. There are millions of thoughts rushing through her head. Thoughts about her childhood in Kunduz and the time later on, when her family had to leave their home and move to Kabul, because of growing insurgency after ISAF countries started to reduce their troops. Being born in 1998 she was used to western troops being around and since her father worked as a translator for them, she got a western style education and was comfortable to live and think it would stay this way forever. She never knew the life in Afghanistan before 2001. She also thought about the fact that the chance to get asylum for Pashtun people was not really high, since they are not considered a threatened minority. Tomorrow in the morning she would learn if she would be granted asylum, but she had little hope.

Her appointment was supposed to be at 9:30 but it’s 9:33 as Zara is standing in front of the office. She has been unable to find the courage to enter for the past five minutes as she knew that there might have been a future waiting behind this door, that she might not like.
Just as she grabbed the door handle the door was opened from the other side. It was Tom the clerk working on her case. He was a very tall blond haired guy with very deep brown eyes as she has realized on their previous appointments. His height was at least 1.90 probably even 1.95 meters, so definitely something she would not encounter in her home country.
Usually she would have taken some time to enjoy the view, but this time it was just to serious and after a forced “guten Morgen” she ran into the office taking a seat at Tom’s desk.
Tom realized that she was panicking, but there was no nice way to tell such news.
Zara listened to Tom’s words just with an apathetic empty stare as she realized that she would have to go back to Afghanistan and all the pictures came back to her mind forcing her to fight the tears. She had lost any hope as she heard Tom say the word “but”.
A sudden spark of hope. He started for a second time saying “but….if you married a German citizen…” and stopped at this point.
Zara was confused. How was she supposed to marry a German citizen when she had to leave the country within 3 months and had been staying in the refugee’s shelter for all the time here.
Just as she wanted to ask him what he means bye that he went ahead stating, “you know I’m in my early thirties now uuhm it’s a good age to settle down and start a family. I mean I have a solid job and I’m not to ugly am I?”
She was shocked hearing that. After all that happened to her she could not help but think that this sounded way to good. Tom proceeded to say, “obviously I can’t just marry you without the two of us…. first…. uhmm… you know?” as he was saying it he moved his chair away from the desk and started pointed at his lap ,”I mean you would not buy a car without making a little test ride right?”

She knew that this was the last chance to get a more or less happy end out of this.
She was still a virgin which was very important in her culture so she was disgusted that he would use her situation to make her perform sexual acts, but there was no other chance. She gave him a fake smile went around the table and started to unzip his pants. Zara sank on her knees as she pulled down his pants. She couldn’t help but stare at the bulge in his boxers as she went ahead pulling down his underwear freeing his giant dick. It was the first time this 19 year old girl saw a real cock. It was light thick and she could see thick purple veins.
As she slowly moved her hand towards it toaching it carefully, she could feel the veins pumping and the big balls were jumping up and down as the cock went on growing in her hand. Being a virgin she obviously had never done this before, but since there were few alternatives for what she could do at this point and after looking into his eyes, she was aware that he expected her to suck his cock.
She started to carefully stroke his cock with her right hand as she slowly moved her mouth in its direction just to give it a kiss on the tip of the head.
Tom could not help but grasp for air after the shiver she sent through his body.
At this point Zara realized that she was not being humiliated.
She was sitting on her knees in front of a Kafir using her mouth to please him, but it was still her who was in charge. She realized that if she just sucked him until the point he wouldn’t be able to resist and unloaded in her mouth, he would be the defeated one. He would be like wax in her hands. She was the dominant one while he at this point was nothing but a moaning piece of meat, that is fully at her mercy.
With this in mind she forgot all her shame, opened her mouth wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and started sucking as hard as she could, like she was trying to drink out a long drink through a drinking straw as fast as she could.

With her left hand she started playing with his balls as she took them in her hand and made light pushing movements, like she tried to squeeze something out of them.
Tom could not help but throw his head from one side to the other as all these intensive impressions just rained down on him.

Zara was delighted to see what her actions did to this devil.
“HA German boys no match for proud lioness from Afghanistan! I show you!” she heard her own voice saying, but it was like a different, way more confident version of herself was saying this. It was so unlike her to talk this way.
But it was true. She was ready to defeat this arrogant Kafir, break his spirit and put him in his place once and for all. She started to move her head back and forth adding more friction on the head of the dick to put him over the edge.
Tom started making weird grunting noises which she has never heard a human being do, so she was sure that his ability to hold his erection along with his ego was close to being shattered, but suddenly he pulled back.
Zara looked at him sitting in the chair heavily breathing and couldn’t help but ask herself what he was up to.
As he caught his breath he said, “that’s enough. you did great hun” and stood up all of a sudden. Something in Zara’s mind told her to stand up FAST. The two of them were standing in front of each other as Tom went ahead to say, “now I want to…”.
It took a few seconds to sink into her mind what he wanted from her, but as soon as she fully grasped it there was a feeling of emptiness growing inside her stomach.
This was it. The point of no return. Life in Afghanistan was hard enough, but if she let this man take her virginity and had to go back to Afghanistan afterwards, there would hardly be a man who would be ready to marry her.
There would hardly be a man who would marry her if she lost her virginity especially if he was aware, that it was a Kafir who stretched her out.
As she was thinking about this truth she could not help but stumble backwards around the table saying ,”no no not that please. not had sex yet”,
Tom followed her as Zara slowly went backwards and started to go down further with any step, until she ended up sitting on her knees at the other side of the room, with her hands on her lap and with her face looking to the ground.
Tom was standing in front of her reached out to gently touch her cheek.
This gentle gesture made Zara look up into his face as it gave her a little hope that he would not expect her to sleep with him.

However this hope was let down as Tom went on saying in a quiet timid voice, that marriage is forever and he had to sleep with her first if he was to stay with her for the rest of his life.
These words were to much for Zara as they killed the last bit of hope in her to avoid this.
She could not help it. It was just to much to handle. A big stream of tears started rolling over her cheeks as she was sitting there timidly crying.
Tom who until this point was only interested in dominating her and bully her into doing anything his perverted mind wanted, felt a sudden spark of sympathy for Zohra and laid his left arm around Zara while still stroking her cheek with his right.

Zara was thinking about her perspectives if she had to go back to Afghanistan if she just left the office now and what other choices she had.
It appeared like time was frozen when the two of them were quietly sitting on the ground like this for 5 minutes until Zara broke the silence, “alright”.
Tom was surprised bye this sudden answer and had to ask her if he understood her right.
“I’m nineteen now. There no way I’m going back, not matter what” she responded and she sounded like she was determined.
Tom asked her if she was sure.
“It’s aright. Make what you want already” she almost yelled at him since she started to get annoyed and wanted to get it over with.
Zara ran into the office so fast when she entered that she didn’t realize there was this couch that was mostly used when refugee families were in the office and there was a need for more space. Tom was mesmerized as he watched her slowly lifting her Kamiz over her knees with both hands while she was moving backwards towards the couch.
Zara stood there offering herself to him and with her head laid on the side like she was trying to challenge him.
Tom was just standing there. He could not believe that this 19 year old virgin muslimah was such a teaser. She had him feeling like he was the virgin.
His erection was gone over the time Zara was crying, but now seeing her so ready made him hard. Really hard. His erection actually caused him pain as he felt like there’s to much blood in this region of his body and it could burst out anytime.

Despite the fact that she has never been with a man she could obviously see his “reaction” and it sure had her feeling proud and beautiful, but she also ran out of patience cause she was not experienced enough to understand why he would not come closer and touch her.
She decided to go all the way, stripped down her underwear and laid down on the couch.
Tom was standing there looking at her. She was laying on her left side, her left hand under her chin to support her head and with her legs open, just waiting for him.
He had been trying to move his body and go touch her for a couple of minutes now, but his body would not move. Just now he felt how one leg was moving after the other step bye step, he was closing in on her.
As he arrived at the couch he looked down and saw there was a condom on his cock.
He could not remember putting it on but, he didn’t care now anyways.
All he could think about now was to fuck. He wanted relieve. It was like he was thinking with his balls as he started to lay down behind Zara in the spoon position.

Zara was looking down between her legs like she wanted to be sure what he was doing there as he directed his cock against her entrance. She knew the time has come for her to be made a woman. She turned over her shoulder to find some encouragement in his eyes and moved on for a passionate kiss. Zara felt how her heart was beating faster and faster and there were shivers all over her body. She never felt such intimacy with another person and just started to grow more and more comfortable as a sudden sharp pain drove through her body.
She broke up the kiss and wanted to move away, but there was no way when Tom’s muscles arms were wrapped around her, pushing her against his body.
She looked down and could see a tiny stream of blood coming out of her and flowing down her leg towards the couch. The sudden pain caused her entire body to shake.

Tom’s cock was buried all the way inside her as he was waiting for her to get used to the pain and calm down, before he released his strong grip and turned it into a sensual hug, while slowly starting to move in and out.
Despite the first pain gone Zara still felt like she was being proper stretched out and had a hard time relaxing although she was not aware weather this still was because of the pain or because of the size of his dick. She had nothing to compare it with but she still felt, like it was bigger then would have appeared necessary.
Zara realized that Tom had been caressing her throat and back for quiet some time now, which sure helped her to relax. She felt like this guy could read her mind.
As she was just lying there enjoying herself she felt like this person was inside her head knowing exactly what she needed. Just as this thought went through her mind a sudden pain woke her up from her nirvana.
Tom tried to be as sensual as possible with her for as long as he could, but now it was almost there . He felt his orgasm building. He felt how his body tensed up more and more and could not fully control his movements. The hard uncontrolled thrusts let him intrude even deeper until he felt a resistance he was pushing against.
He heard Zara’s whining voice in his head,
“awww baby no to deep awwww babyyyyy to deeeeeeeeeep”.
But there was no going back for him now. He needed to relieve himself now.
As Tom’s movements became faster and faster Zara’s whining turned into a high pitched incomprehensible gibberish.

Zara wanted to make Tom stop as she felt every of his strokes pushing against her cervix, but there was no need to. With one last hard thrust Tom forced himself all the way in her
and started groaning like a wild animal. She could feel his cock pulsing inside her.
She did not know why that was, but it was something that gave her a feeling which she could only describe as a mix of relaxation exhaustion and security.
I could write a part 2 if you guys like it

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