Note: Apologies in advance for my poor English as it’s not my first language. But, I have tried my best.

Hi! friends Sehnaaz here from Odisha. Little about me before I begin my story. I am 27 years old…very sexy as per compliments I have collected from my husband and secret admirers who were stupid enough to leak their intentions to our common friends. I am 5.4 59kgs 35C-30-37 with an hourglass figure. The best feature on my body are my boobs- heavy and firm. I am brought up in a conservative family still still managed to learn a lot about sex from friends and Internet. Despite developing an insatiable appetite for sex I remained a virgin until the coffin was nailed by my husband thus I spend my college life masturbating. But, my disappointment began that night only..all coz of my husband’s half existing excuse for penis. Days passed and I remained hungry but never dared to step out as I cared for my family a lot, Until, one day life turned upside down.

It was a Saturday, I was accompanying my husband to his company’s party. When we reached their first thing that striked me was very few number of women and those who were present, were either too old or too young (teens). I was starting to feel bored when one of his colleagues Harshad introduced himself. Upon learning my loneliness he introduced me to his wife. I still can’t fathom that moment…it was for the first time I couldn’t take my eyes off a women. I don’t remember ever having lesbian tendencies. She was my height…extremely fair with huge boobs (as good as me) and physically very well matched to me. Almost like my reflection minus my face. For a moment I started comparing our breasts. She broke my spell with a firm handshake and introduced herself as Megha. We started chatting about usual stuff and soon became very good friends. I don’t remember how and when exactly we exchanged numbers. Within three months we became good friends who knew each others family issues, period problems, in-laws issues.

It was in August last year when I visited her home for the first time. Basically, her husband is very fond of Biryani and she wanted to learn how to make perfect Biryani. As it was afternoon her husband was in the office and like us they too don’t have any kids. We went to kitchen after a cup of coffee and I taught her how to make Biryani. After that we were sitting in her bedroom and started gossiping and topic moved to sex life. Suddenly, my eyes caught a glimpse of her revealing cleavage and I felt an electric shock run through my body. It was huge and deep. She was wearing a saree and obviously was too careless to carry it properly considering she was in the company of a women. But I stared getting jitters all over my body. At the same time I kept listening to her…making sure I don’t create an embarrassing situation. In between our conversation she dropped a bomb by asking me about having sex to a circumcised penis. I had no choice but to reveal my ordeal.

After listening to me she sympathised and started talking about her own ups and downs. In between she said something that really ticked me ON. She recounted her almost lesbian encounter with her roomate.  I asked her if she ever had any lesbian fantasy…she nodded her head in affirmative but also confessed about her doubts regarding such action. I took a chance and started laughing and hugged her pretending to be mocking her. The moment I hugged her I felt the firmness of her boobs. Our huge boobs crushed and flattened each other…and I could feel the adrenaline rush in my body. Suddenly she made an ‘Ouchch’ reaction and I teased her for her boobs being soft. She wasn’t the spoilsport I was expecting her to be and hugged me back with all her might. This whole process started a playful wrestling match between us…where we rolled over each other, pulled each others clothes. The moment we realised our goals first thing we did was got rid of her saree and my salwar.

We stood naked infornt of each other for few seconds and almost in the same time jumped into each other. Our tongues explored every bit of each others body. We kissed like animals, sucked each others heavy breasts, ate pussies. After 20 mins…we were laying side by side hugging and our body lined up against each other. We adjusted our legs and jammed our pussies. Placed breasts against breasts and started rubbing body to body. Meanwhile our tounges were busy exploring each other. Our long silky hairs got tangled badly while fair thick thighs wrestled for domination. From a third person point of view…we were having violent sex. We might have cummed twice or thrice and slept of peacefully.

Conclusion: Everything I wrote here about my sex with Megha is true ofcourse it wasn’t that quick though. But as someone who love rough and competitive sex it was only a women who showed me the way.

That’s all…I wanted to share this story…coz After having lesbian sex with a Hindu women I looked for more such stories but couldn’t find. So, if a Muslim women find men from other faiths sexy we call her luswom, but what about women like me who are attracted to women of other faiths sexually?

Besides, if their are others with such experiences please do post.

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