Maleeha’s sexual encounter with hindu part 1

Damn! The little whore next door was at it again. What was her game? Why did she put on a performance every night? It was dark outside, her light was on, his bedroom was located on the other side of the driveway. She had to know that he was watching her.

Amit Mishra’s cock stood to attention as she slipped out of her bra, revealing big tits, firm with the benefit of youth. Next she slipped out of her panties. Her curly, chestnut triangle pointed straight at the hot cave where his cock was aching to be buried. She lay down on her bed and started fingering her pussy. With one hand tugging at her beautiful pink nipple, the other hand started rubbing her young pussy. Soon she was finger fucking herself and he started stroking his cock.

Maleeha khan was a 18 year old girl who is in the final year of her highschool, living in New york city. She was an NRI, her parents arrived to us when she was 10 years old. Both her parents do jobs as both of them are engineers, leaving Maleeha at home alone most of the time.  Maleeha by looks represented indian actress Ayesha takia a lot with stats measured byheight 5ft 6 inch. 36D– 26 – 38. Weight 60 kg.

Next to her house lives the principle of her school, Mr  Amit Chittaranjan Mishra Mohapattra. A man of 36 years old with a wife. Mr Mohappatra became a teacher at Maleeha’s  highschool when Maleeha was starting and soon became a principle, being an indian who become a principle at an american school was a matter of immense pride for Mr Mishra. However his physcial state was not of something to be proud of. As he was now a man with a belly and balding head, but nonetheless he still lusts after yong girls like he used to when he was a young man. He was espacially attracted to one of his indian students, Maleeha by the name. By being the principle of her school he has very good relationship with her parents who her very friendly with him. However he sometimes wonder what he will have to do to bang maleeha, a burqa wearing hijabi girl who always masterbates and acts as an exibitionist when alone in her room, frustrating his lustfull cock ! what he wont do to plung in her tight hole!

From here onwards the story is written from Maleeh’s prespective:

One day after school I was in my bedroom, getting changed out of my school clothes. My bedroom overlooked the backyard and since there was nothing on the other side of the fence I never bothered about the window. I took off my  bra and massaged my young and firm tits. I had small, pink nipples that turned hard as pebbles when they were exposed to the cool air. I could feel the moisture between my legs and I was walking around my room naked… maybe i will masterbate while
Then I heard the doorbell. I quickly pulled a t-shirt over my naked upper body and a pair of shorts to cover my panties. I ran downstairs, my tits bouncing as I ran, and opened the door. It was Mr Mishra.

“Hi Maleeha!” he said, his eyes fixed on my nipples which were poking through the t-shirt material.

“Hi Mr Mishra,” I replied, wondering what he wanted. This is the first time i was in the presense of a man without hijab, so i was feeling really shy.

“I need to talk with you, can I come in?” he said.

I knew that I’d been falling behind in school lately, but graduation was less than a month away so I was sure I wasn’t going to fail anything. I let him in and we went to the kitchen.

“I was watching you,” he said.

“Watching me doing what?” I asked, unsure about what he was saying.

“Watching you playing with those fine, young tits,” he said. “I was wondering if you’d let me play with them.”

I stared at Mr Mishra, not believing a word I was hearing. This was my principal, my neighbour, a married man with children who were older than me.

“What’s the matter, Maliha?” he asked with a smile. “Did you think that old guys like me don’t get horny?”

“Please don’t tell my parents ,” These words just came out of my mouth.

“I’ve seen you run around in your hijab and burqa, but underneath it all you are just a little slut common baby i see you every night, its about time i see you in the flesh…”

“But my parents.…”

“Your parents are never home before 6 and neither is my wife. We have 2 hours before they get home. Unless you don’t want to…in which case i have everything recorded in a camera …”

A little voice in my head told me to tell him to take a hike, but a larger voice knew what would happen if my parents saw the videos the dirty old man made

“I don’t want to fuck you,” I told him.

“That’s OK. I just want to play with your titties. Wont you let uncle misra do that, let me play with your beautifull boobs and i will give you the videos ok baby ?”

Slowly I pulled off my shirt and he stared at my tits. For several minutes we just stood there, his eyes taking in every inch of my firm tits.

“Let’s go up to your bedroom,” he suggested – still not touching me.

I turned around and walked before him up the stairs. When we got to my room he pulled me in his arms and kissed me. “Why don’t you get naked?” he suggested.

“You were only going to play with my tits,” I replied.

“I’ll only play with your tits, but I’d love to see all of you.”

I was dying to step out of my clothes, so I stripped for him.

“You have a beautiful ass and pussy too,” he smiled. “You should think about shaving that pussy smooth, it will make it even more beautiful.”

I’d seen pictures of smooth pussies and I filed his comment in my head. I went and lay down on my bed and he came and lay next to me. His one hand cupped one of my breasts and his mouth descended on the other one. He slowly started sucking on my nipple and I nearly shrieked with pleasure. This was better than anything I could have done to myself. He sucked and bit and sucked on my breast while his hand kneaded the other one. Then he changed and started sucking the other one. I could feel the moisture trickling down from my naked slit to my butt crack and I knew that I was going to cum soon. Without warning, under the skilful hands and mouth of mishra uncle my body arched and I had a small orgasm, my first orgasm at someone else’s hands.

Mishra uncle smiled at me. “You like having your tits sucked, don’t you.” He kissed me.

“Yes, I did,” I smiled shyly and got aware of the hard bulge in his pants.

“Part your legs,” he said, and I did.

He started caressing the insides of my thighs, sending tingles through my whole body. Then he ran his hand lightly up and down my slit. All my senses were focusing on my clit, but he never parted my pussy lips to feel more. He put his hand up to his nose and smelled it.

“I can feel that you’re getting wet,” he smiled. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

“I’m loving it ,uncle” I admitted. “Do you want to feel more?” It was a blatant invitation for him to finger me.

“Maybe another day,” he said. “It’s after five already and if I start fingering your young cunt I’ll get hungry. And I don’t like hair in my teeth.”

With those words he stood up and adjusted the erection in his pants. “Play with your tits for me again,” he asked and I cupped them and started kneading them, smiling at him.

“Damn, you’re hot when you do that,” he said with a crooked smile. He leaned forward and kissed each of my nipples and then he kissed me. “Thanks for today, Maliha”

With those words he left, leaving me naked on my bed, hornier than I’d ever been before. This time my fingers simply couldn’t satisfy me. I wanted a cock, but not just any cock. For the first time there was a distinct face in my fantasies and that face belonged to Mishra uncle, i didn’t care that he was a much older hindu man and that i literally invited him to explore me more, i just wanted his cock now. I knew then that I would have to fuck him. That night I shaved my pussy for the first time.

A couple of days later I was in school. It was the fifth period, English, when I was handed a note to go to the principal’s office. Everybody in my class thought I was in big trouble. I didn’t know what to think. When I got to Mr Mishra’s office his secretary told me to go right in. I did and closed the door behind me.

Mr Mishra looked up from his papers and smiled. “Hello Maliha!”

“Hi Sir! Why did you want to see me?”

“Come here,” he said and I walked up to him. He pulled me down on his lap and kissed me hard. His hand found its way inside my shirt and pulled my tit out of the bra and his thumb rubbed my stiffening nipple. Once again I could feel myself getting wet.

“I’ve missed you,” he panted against my mouth. “I can’t stop thinking about your luscious tits.”

“I can’t stop thinking about you either,” I admitted. No point in lying. We both knew that we wanted each other.

“Can you go straight home from school today?” he asked me. “Leave the door unlocked and get naked. I’ll come for you as quickly as I can.”

I agreed and he kissed me one more time and squeezed the tit in his hand. He helped me get straightened up and I went back to my English class. I couldn’t concentrate on anything else that afternoon. Mr Mishra was coming to see me again. This time I wasn’t going to tell him that he couldn’t fuck me. I knew now that my main goal was to feel his dark cock in my hungry cunt.

My friends asked me if I wanted to go to the mall with them after school. No, I was going to spend quality time with Mr Mishra instead. I told my friends that I had a bit of a headache coming on, so I was going to go straight home. I rushed home as fast as I dared. I quickly showered and shaved off the last stubble on my body. As I came out of the shower I could hear Mr Mishra pulling into his driveway. I lay down and waited for him.

I didn’t have to wait long. I soon heard the door opening and steps up the stairs. Mishra uncle opened my door and came smiling towards me. I ran up to meet him and he took me in his arms. He kissed me deeply, his tongue exploring my mouth. Then he pulled away and took my tits in his hands, sucking on each nipple in turn.

“You’ve shaved your pussy, Maliha” he said with a smile. “Does that mean you want to get eaten?”

“Yes it does, uncle”

“Where you disappointed last time when I didn’t eat you?”


“Good girl for shaving your pussy,” he said and kissed me again, pressing my body hard against his.

He made me lie down on my bed and then moved to lie next to me. “Hang on,” I stopped him.

“What is it, sweetie?” he asked.

“I’m naked, but you’re wearing clothes.”

“Do you want to see me naked, honey?” he had a big smile on his face.


He pulled off his shirt and his shoes. He took his pants off and his socks. Then he slowly pulled down his shorts, showing his semi-erect penis to me. I’d seen pictures of hard cocks, but nothing prepared me for the real thing. It was huge, uncut and black. I knew it was going to get bigger by the time it was completely hard. He smiled and lay next to me. He rested his cock against my thigh and started kissing me and kneading my tits.

“You’re so wonderful, Maliha” he whispered. “Your body is perfect and you’re so ready for me. I can smell that you’re getting wet.”

His mouth once again descended on my tits and he started sucking and pulling. I writhed in his arms, unable to stop myself from moaning with pleasure at what he was doing with me. Every bite and tug at my nipples made me wetter and wetter.

He could sense my feelings. “Let it go, baby. Cum for me and we’ll move on.”

I let go and shivered in his arms. Yet another orgasm from his touching my tits.

He kissed me and caressed my tits. “You’re a delight. Now that you’ve cum once you’ll be able to last longer for what’s next.”

He moved down the bed and parted my legs. His hand touched me lightly and I shivered, I was just as horny as before I came. With his hands on my thighs he reached for my pussy lips with his thumbs and pulled them apart. I gasped at the feeling of the cool air on my wet snatch.

“Oh, you’re so beautiful!” he exclaimed. “Tell me, are you still a virgin.”


“A delicious tight virgin,” he mused and stroked his hard cock. I looked at it. It was glistening with precum and it was monstrous. It was a good eight inches long and massive in girth. It was thicker than my wrist. I knew from the feeling of my fingers in my cunt how tight I was.

“Are you going to fuck me, uncle?” I asked, feeling a bit worried.

“Maybe I will. But I won’t do it unless you want me to.”

With those words he ended the conversation and buried his head in my dripping snatch. His tongue was lapping up the juices from my butt crack to my clit. I loved the feeling of his wet tongue against my most intimate area. I started kneading my tits as I felt him licking me. When I thought it couldn’t get any better his lips closed in on my clit and he sucked it hard with his tongue flicking across it. I started moaning, louder and louder. Then he let go, but the reprieve was only temporary as his tongue then started slipping inside my tight hole. With his nose against my clit he started fucking me with his tongue. It slid in and out and an incredible pace. I panted and moaned. I writhed in his arms but he held my hips in a firm grip. I pulled my tits hard. His tongue tirelessly fucked me more and more. My pussy was on fire. I wrapped my legs around him. Then I couldn’t take it anymore and I screamed out as I came. My whole body was convulsing but Mishra uncle didn’t stop tongue fucking me until I’d stopped cumming. Then he lapped up my juices and crawled up, placing his full weight on me as he kissed me and shared my pussy juices.

“Did you enjoy that baby?” he asked.

“I loved it. Are you going to fuck me now?” I said with anticipation.

“No, there’s not enough time. Your parents will be home soon and you need a shower.”

I was very disappointed and he could see it.

“I’ll let you get a taste of cock though,” he smiled.

He made me sit up and he took my head in his hands and kissed me. Then he stood up in front of me, his precum covered cock head just inches from my nose. I looked up at him and he smiled and nodded. I opened my mouth wide and he placed the thick head of his cock on my tongue. I closed my lips and sucked.

He soon pulled out. “Oh baby,” he panted. “We’ll have to do this when we have more time.”

With those words he quickly got dressed, kissed me, and once again he was gone. My orgasm had made me feel wonderful, but now I missed him more than ever. When were we ever going to have time for me to suck his cock and for him to fuck me if we only had these short afternoon visits together? I cried out in despair and went to have a shower.

Monday afternoon I finally got an email from him. It was quite brief. “Friday at noon , my wife will not be home, come . Maliha told her parents that she was going to the birthday party of one of her friends from school and that she was staying the night. After a lot of protest from her dad, Maliha with help of her mother got free from home. At 11.30, she went to the door and knocked. Mishra uncle opened and smiled.

“Come in, sweetheart,” he said and pulled her into his arms. He kissed her deeply as he pushed the door shut behind her. She could feel him stiffening against her belly. He finally let go and they both panted. Mr Mishra took her hand and went into the bedroom, which was softly lit. She could see two tripods, one with a camera and the other with a video camera.

“Do you mind the cameras, baby?” he asked softly and kissed her neck as he caressed her tits through her t-shirt.

“Do you share the photos with anyone?”

“Only the woman I’m fucking. If she then wants to share them with anyone else, that’s her prerogative, but I never give them away. Although sometimes they get stolen.” He pinched her nipples  through her burqa as he said the last comment and she giggled.

“I’m sorry.”

“No, you’re not,” his hand found its way between her thighs and massaged her pussy through her burqa . “You’re a horny little girl who’ll do whatever it takes to fuck the man she wants to fuck. Even when that man is married and a hindu wont you maliha ?”

“You’re right,” she turned around in his arms and let him kiss her again. ” I would done anything to have you fuck me.”

” get naked.”

They stripped in front of each other. Mr Mishra lifted his eyebrows in appreciation when he saw Maliha’s nude pussy. His cock was semi-erect and he walked up to her with it in his hand. He let go and cupped her tits, kissing each and gently biting each nipple.

“Feel my cock, baby,” he urged her. “Take it in your hand and make me hard.”

“I’m not sure what to do,” she said, feeling shy all of a sudden.

“Now, now. You’ve been very sure of yourself so far. Last time you begged me for my cock remember ?  You can’t go all innocent now. I was turned on by you acting slutty so just keep on doing that. You swallowed my cock last time. You’ll figure out what to do .

She wrapped her hand around his shaft and started stroking it. That seemed to do the trick. He was a thick 7 inches in her hand in no time and his head was glistening. He took her hand and led her to the bed. He sat down on the edge and motioned for her to kneel in front of him. When she did, he pushed her head against his cock. She opened her mouth and felt a stir in her pussy at her first taste of cock. He was so big. She didn’t know how to get more of him into her mouth so she used her hands to help her. Soon she heard Mr Mishra’s breathing getting laboured and she knew she must be doing something right. She wondered whether he’d cum in her mouth and what it would feel like, taste like, but she didn’t find out. Soon he pulled her face off his shaft and lifted her into his arms to kiss her deeply and fondle her tits.

“You’re a beautiful little cock sucker, Maliha” he said and kissed her again. Only then did she realise that he had a remote clicker for his camera in his hand. He must have been taking photos of her blowjob. It turned her on even more. “Now let me taste your sweet virgin pussy. I’m going to video this, baby.”

Maliha got on her back and parted her legs. Mr Mishra adjusted the video camera and then got between her legs, which he parted wide. Maliha’s first feel of the tongue against her pussy was a long stroke, lapping up her juice. Then he got to work on the details. He sucked on her clit. He bit her clit. He sucked on it again and whipped it with his tongue. Then he tongue fucked her, followed by one and then two fingers up her tight cunt. They both moaned. Maliha moaned with pleasure and kneaded her tits as he performed his oral magic. Mr Mishra moaned in anticipation of feeling his cock in that tight virgin cunt.

He ate her more urgently. He tongue fucked her and then licked her again. He finger fucked her. Soon she couldn’t take it anymore and came with violence. Her body shook and she cried out loud as her orgasm possessed her. He started kissing his way up her body as she recovered from the intense pleasure.

“Was that as good as you expected, baby?” he asked her and kissed her lips.

“Much better,” she answered truthfully.

“Are you ready to be fucked?”

“Please fuck me, uncle. I want nothing but your cock in my cunt right now.”

“It turns me on to hear you talk dirty, Maliha. But call me amit janu ”

“OK. Please fuck me,  Amit. I don’t want to be a virgin any more. Fuck me now!”

He raised his hips and manoeuvred his cock to her wet opening. She wrapped her legs around him and then he pushed through her barrier. She cried out in pain, but then she was hit by a wave of pleasure. He raised his upper body and made her look down.

“What do you think?”

“Your cock looks like it belongs in my cunt, Amit. Why don’t you get in deeper?”

He laughed softly. “Easy does it, baby. I will possess every inch of your cunt, but I’m taking it slowly. I want you to enjoy it and get used to my size. Fucking is about sharing pleasure, not pain.”

He slowly started rocking in and out of her, making sure she got time to enjoy the feeling of being full of cock as he gently pressed his pubic bone against her clit and also giving her time to recover by almost pulling out completely. As her cunt relaxed around him he started pushing a bit harder. She soon joined his rhythm and her hips rocked against his in hungry anticipation of each thrust. He looked down and enjoyed the view of his cock possessing her naked young pussy and rejoiced in the sight of her full teenage paki muslim tits bouncing in tune with his fucking. Perhaps it was to be expected that his young virgin would cum quite quickly and he buried his cock deep inside her shivering cunt as she was possessed by her first cock induced orgasm.

He then pulled out of her and made her get on her hands and knees in front of the video camera. He switched it on again and pushed his cock into her slippery wet cunt. He reached for her tits and pulled her up by them. He pulled her hand down to her clit and showed her how to massage it while he fucked her from behind. Soon they were joined in a new rhythm. His hands squeezed and squished and pinched her wonderful tits as he fucked her in hard thrusts from behind. They both panted out loud.

“I think I’m gonna cum again,” she panted to him.

“Then do it, baby. I love to feel you cumming around me.”

“But am I doing it right? You haven’t cum yet!”

“All in good time, my baby. I’m building up to shoot one hell of a load.”

She bit her lip and moaned with pleasure as she came once more. He pulled out of her again and lay on his back. He guided her on top and then he guided his cock inside her as she straddled him. This was his favourite position and this was how he was going to cum inside her for the first time. He placed his hands on her hips and showed her how to ride him. She was a fast learner and soon he could watch her cunt sliding up and down his hard shaft and play with her engorged clit. He licked his finger and smiled. She tasted so sweet. She rode him hard. She’d loved everything he’d done to her, but some instinct inside her told her why he’d taught her to fuck in this position. It made her even more horny, if possible, to feel in control of their mutual pleasure.

Then he reached up and played with her tits. He pulled her upper body a little closer so that he could suck her tits and bite them, and suck them again. His balls started tightening. He moved his hips and urged Maliha to move faster, which she did. She worked hard and his hips met her half way, producing a powerful collision.

“Cum baby,” he urged her. “Cum for me again so that I can fill you with my load.”

He reached down and massaged her clit as he sucked her tits hard. She was exhausted by now. He soon tipped her over the edge again and she slammed down hard and cried out loud as she reached yet another orgasm. Her cunt clinched his cock hard and that was all he need. He squeezed her tits hard and groaned out loud as he shot his cum up her inexperienced cunt. He came in several waves and wouldn’t let her off him until he’d emptied himself completely. Then he pulled her close and kissed her deeply as his cock started shrinking inside her.

Then he pulled her into his arms and shared their nectar with her. They fell asleep in that embrace.

Two hours later Maliha woke up by the wonderful feeling of her tits being sucked and her pussy played with.

“Wake up, paki raandi ” he said with a bright smile. “We have plenty more fucking to do. How do you feel, baby?”

“I feel great.”

“Fancy a shower?”

“I don’t know. Do we want to waste our time on that?”

“Showering is not a waste of time. It’s another way to fuck.”

With those words he led her into the double size shower and fucked her against the tiles. Then he let her get into her sexy underwear and hijab while he went out and got some Chinese food. She modelled her outfit and he took photos of her after they’d eaten. Then he let her suck his cock until he came in her mouth. He loved watching her in red underwear and black hijab and took a lot of photos of her sucking him. They then went on the internet and he ordered some more hijabs and burqas for her as a gift, but he said she’d have to earn each outfit. She started earning them by stripping for him and then being fucked from behind against the wall. They hardly stopped all night. They fucked, had a nap, and fucked even more. When Saturday lunchtime came around he saved all their photos and videos to her memory stick and promised he’d be back in touch to arrange a new date.

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