Married muslima left her impotant husband and ran away with hindu male

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A new sensational report from Lucknow city in India. A hot muslima married housewife left her impotant bastard muslim husband and married a hindu man to breed his babies. Kamar Jahan (32 aged) muslima married woman who had no baby, as her sissy retard impotant muslim bitch husband can not make her mom, ran away with a hindu man, married him privately.

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When her husband found out, he tried to make fake and wrong FIR reports about kidnapping and rape against that hindu man Ramdev Gautam (24 aged) and his 4 friends to get his beautiful muslima ex wife back. But Kamar Jahan clarified that she intentionally married her hindu lover as his impotent muslim husband ramjan ali (45 aged) used to beat her in house…

It is clear that many case like this happens daily in India. Muslima married females either ran away or fuck around with hindu males behind their scum impotent muslim sissy husbands when it comes to sex.

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Moreover brave muslima woman like Kamar Jahan dont wait for anyone and ran away to live with hindu males for rest of their happy life…

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Why a muslima female should marry a hindu male???

The most reasons i came across with many woman here in muslimchicks who contacted me and chat on yahoo messenger gave me the following main big reasons :-

1> Uncut Hindu big black cocks feels great inside their muslima womb.
2> Hindu man are sane people, they are very romantic outside in public, yet totally animal in bed.
3> They dont marry more than 1 woman, that means they love any muslima girl for rest of her life.
4> Muslima woman love hindu traditions and festivals, they wish to enjoy it with hindu husbands.
5> Inter religious sex against Islam most of the time gets a muslima female very horny for hindu man.
6> Muslima woman have freedom to do jobs, go to parties, enjoy life without any boundations.
7> We never do love jihad to muslim females, we always love our muslima gf or wife only.

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There are many more reasons like this. Muslima females are completely attracted to hindu males. These muslima females like Kamar Jahan knows what big black hindu cock does to their muslima wombs in bed. With all the rough and abusive sex pleasures they get with those cock.

We hindu man can understand that it is very hard for muslima females to change their religion and leave all of their family behind. Thats why we love our muslima wife even more. We try to give them all the happiness they can get.

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