Mom fucked by my Hindu boss

Hi friends the story i am about to tell you is real. when i was 23 i got a job in Dubai for an accountant the pay was a year i managed to bring my parents to Dubai so we could all live together. i am the only child of my parents, my mom is 41 years old a nice sexy looking Muslim milf that’s because she got married at the age of 18.

at the end of the year there was an office event for all the employees and their family. so my mom dad was there too. my boss was a Hindu Rajeev a big 6 Ft. tall & healthy guy when he met my parents he couldn’t took his eyes off from my mom she was wearing a white fitted shalwar kamiz her body was exposing in that dress quit well. After meeting my parents my boss called me to talk. I went with him.

Boss: Shazeb I need to tell you about something our company is going in loss because of that we need to lay off some of our employees

Me: oh that’s not good.

Boss: I know and your name is in the hit list too but you’re a hard working employee I don’t want to lay you off.

Me: ohh please sir I would be thankful if you would keep me.

Boss: but you know it’s a difficult decision to keep you but if I can’t you can find another job

Me: oh no sir a good paying job like this is hard to find plus I live with my parents now they rely on me. My dad’s job is not enough to pay all our expenses. If I lose my job, I have to go back to my country.

Boss: what, no I don’t believe it.

Me: yes, sir it’s the truth.

Boss: you know what, I will ask your mom about it, bring her to the office this Sunday afternoon.

Me: on Sunday…? but sir our office is off on Sundays.

Boss: yes, I know but I will be there & I want to talked to her in private that’s why.

Hearing this from my boss was making me feel something is not right I was sure that he wanted my mom & the job issue he was telling me was a lie …but I had no choice so I took a long breath and told my boss that I will bring my mom. Rajeev smiled and left.

Every Sunday my mom goes out for grocery shopping when she was leaving I said mom I am coming too with you I need to buy somethings too. She said ok. We went to the marketing bought all the things we need then I got a text from Rajeev (my boss) saying are you coming or not I am waiting in the office if you don’t show up with your mom I will terminate you tomorrow I said yes sir I am on the way. I put all the grocery in the car got in the car & started driving. While driving I told my mom about my job and told her that my boss Rajeev don’t believe me that I pay all the expenses. He said he will believe me if you (my mom Asma) told him that I take care of you or he will fire me.

My mom got worried and said of course I can tell him that it’s the truth. I told her that my boss is waiting for us in the office right now if we don’t go to him he will fire me my mom said then let’s go I will talk to him. So we went to the office the door was open all the lights were off but my bosses room. I Knocked on the door and went in with my mom. My boss Rajeev give me a file and said it’s a urgent task start working on it now while I talked to your mother & he said to my mom come Asma lets go talk in the conference room. I took the file but I didn’t go to my cube I was worried that what will happened so I started to spy on them from a bit distance. Or conference room walls was all glass so I could see them well and Rajeeve forgot to closed the door that’s why I heard what they were saying. They started to talk

Rajeev: as Shazeb might already told you about the company is going in loss we have to lay off some of our employees and your son is one of them. But he is a good kid I don’t want to fire him he told me he pays all the bills & if I fire him your husband salary won’t be enough to keep you here is that true.

Mom: yes, Rajeev sir please don’t fire him we don’t even have a home in our country anymore when we were coming here we sold it. So we will have no place to go back. Please don’t fire him I beg you.

Rajeev: YES I mean I could save him from getting fired but it’s really hard now board has made its decision.

Mom: please Raajev ji I will be very thankful to you please save my son’s job

Rajeev: hmm ohk but that will be a very big favor from my side…. i mean what will I get if I saved his job…. What favor can you give me in return…?

Mom: i will clean your house and make you lunch every day for the rest of my life.

Rajeev: oh no I don’t want that I want you.

When my boss said that my mom got shocked and so was I my heart beats started to raise.

Mom: what are you saying Rajeev sir I am not that kind of a women, I am married and a Muslim & a mother & you’re a Hindu. I can never do such a Taboo.

Rajeev: well it’s your choice if not I will have to fire him tomorrow.

I was proud of my mother saying such a thing not giving herself to an infidel. But then my mom said ok I will do it …… I will do whatever you want. I could not believe my ears what am I hearing. My boss smiled and said ohk let’s get started then

Mom: here ..?

Rajeev: yes, don’t worry your son is working & there is no one here but us.

My boss got up from the chair pulled his zip down & took his massive fat uncircumcised Hindu cock out..went in front of my mom and said start sucking it Asma. Mom looked at his cock and got shocked. She was looking to his cock and then his eyes and again his cock. My boss smiled and said whats the matter never seen a man’s cock before ?. mom didn’t repllied to him. Boss said I know Muslim cocks are weak small and circumcised. Today I will show you how the real cock feels like now start sucking it before your son come. My mom is 5 feet tall she took his massive cock into her tiny hands and put the tip in her mouth and stared to suck. The cock was so huge it was not even going half way in her mouth. Then my boss grabbed my mom’s neck and pushed his cock all the way in. mom started to chock. Boss said come on you want to save your sons job then suck it good you Muslim whore. After my mom sucked his cock for 10-15 min my boss said ok get up and remove your burka. Mom got up and started to remove her burka she was wearing red fitted shalwar kamiz inside of it. I can see the shame in my mom’s eyes but I could not do anything & she had no other choice. Then my boss turned her around grabbed her from back and started to press her boobs. As a Muslim it was very humiliating for me but I don’t know why I got hard I was not linking it what I was seeing. Then my boss puts his one hand into my moms shalwar & said ohh no panties you muslim women are always ready to fuck huh. My mom said no its not true please don’t say that. My boss laugh and started to fingering her. I can see that my mom was feeling the pleasure. Then my boss grabbed her shalwars zarban (nara) and pulled it. My mom’s shalwar felled down. It was a very taboo scene my devil infidel boss was rubbing his giant uncircumcised cock on my innocent sweet moms but. Mom was wearing a kamiz that have a zip on her back my boss upsized her kamiz & pulled it down a bit to the boos and took both of my mom’s boobs out from her black bra. So my mom was half naked and my horny hindu boss was playing with her boobs. Then he pushed her agains the table my mom bend over both hands were on the table half naked no shalwar and kamiz that were pulled down half way from the top but she was still wearing her hijab.

Then my boss put the tip on my mom’s pussy and pressed in my mom shouted ahhhhhh….. easy Rajeev ji it’s too big. Then from a another pushed his dick was half way in inside my sweet mom. My boss started to hump hardhe was fucking my mom so hard the table was shacking his massive uncut dick was tearing up my mothers pussy. After fucking her 20-25 min my boss pushed his cock real hard inside her and started to cum inside my mom & lay on top of her. My mom’s pussy lips were red and sour. Then my boss pulled out his dick all covered in cum & and told my mom to clean it up. My mom took some tissues nearby but my boss said what are you doing clean it with your mouth suck it and swallow all my cum. I saw the look into my mom’s eyes that she didn’t want to but she had no choice Rajeev was the boss so she started to suck his dick and cleaned all his cum. Then boss pulled his dick inside her pants and tell mom to get dressed. She got up wear her shalwar fixed her kamiz n hijab then wear her burka. Then my boss came out from the conference room I ran back to my desk. Boss came to me and said come Shazeb she took me to mom & said ok your mom has convinced me I will try not to fire you now go I have work todo. I said ok thanks boss and left with mom. While dring back to home I was acting normal like nothing happened and asked mom how did you convinced Rajeev sir..? mom said oh I just told him what was truth and he believed.

When we reached home mom got out from the car and please take the grocery home I have back pain I cant carry the bages I said ok mom.

I saw the fron seat where my mom was sitting it was wet I smelled it …it was cum coming out from her I was wondering much cum my boss has unloaded in my mom it was coming out. I saw my mom walking to home her ass was wet too. Mom whent in home took a shower and took a nap. After a week I saw a medical report in our mail I looked at it …it says Asma (my mom) was pregnant. Mom might have had sex after day or two with my dad to cover this up. Now I have a baby brother that just looked like my boss.

Hope you like my story give your feedback.

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