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I still remembered that October’s fine day when I fucked a beautiful bridal. It was an amazing fuck that still haunt me yet….The day was pleasent and there was no more heat in the season . I enjoyed the beautiful evening at the roof of our home suddenly I heard the voice of my mom “krishna come down” to hear that voice I reached to mom and then I saw mom sitiing with neighbour’s aunt. Mom looked at me and said ,as u know that marriage of Rubina’s daughter Zeenat is ready now a days and they need our room for some days for their guests and your helped for house hold works so u may empty your room for Rubina’s guests.

Your assistance is also required by aunty as u know she had no boy and only uncle could not work alone. Ok mom I replied and went to my room for necessary arrangements after 2/3 hours aunty came with two ladies who have to stay in my room. The mother was old about 60 but her daughter was gorgeous her named was Shenaz she was about 23 I think she was un married(that information i came to know latter) They both went to my room and I went to marriage home for necessary arrangements etc. Suddenly I remember that a porno magazine was right under my pillow,as soon as I remembered I felt uneasy and afraid if the ladies saw that pornography​ mag.The situation is very bad, so i finished my work immediately and went to my house to remove the mag from pillow.

As I entered my house I saw old lady was going some where else. I rushed my room , and the room was empty so I immediately put pillow.but . The mag was not there …ooooh man …where has the mag gone? I thought and searched mag here and there but in vain. Now I was too worried and tearful , suddenly I saw Shenaz the guest ladies’s daughter, she asked me Mr. What are you doing here? For a few seconds I said nothing…she again asked with a harsh tone ” kia kar rahae thay aap? I replied actually..woh bat ye hay . Ke i lost my purse woh dhoondh raha thaa .Purse? Really?? Are you sure ke aap ka purse he ghum ho giya hay? But Iam sure that you are searching this one..she said and waved that mag in her hand from her back. That time i felt toooo much ashamed ..and i said i am sorry . Then she replied with a harsh tone again Aap ko sharam naheen atee? Aisee chizain dakhtay ho? May i asked your mother about this mag….?? No no please please i said with a weeping tone please do not tell my mom she will kill me …I swear i never . Do this again and then i heared a big loughter of shehnaz and wondered. She said “dar gaiy na” kiasaa dantaa hay tum ko? And then she smiled misteriously and said its ok dear take it easy i liked u mag.. Wha. Waht a good pic in there aur be koe hay aap ke pass? And i was surprised what is she talking about???? For a few second i realised the situtationed and now i understand the hole game and …then a hot wave of lust came in my whole body. But i said nothing we gazed each others for sometime and then she said what do u do after watching that erotic mag? With some hesitation i said that i masturbating myself and it gives me a strange pleasure. I noticed that she was expecting the same answer.she said shah g would u please do me a favour? I am very fond of watching a masturbating would u do this for me,she wanted to see a hindu mans penis ..she said it looks too cute.. Why not i said and she came forward and sat in front of me .I unzipped my trousers my dick was already waiting to set free.

She looked at my cock with great excitement . Without waiting time i begin to rub my dick after some strokes she bent forward and curiously request me doing same for me when she touched my dick she astonished to feel the hardness and praised my dick and said wah kia sakhat lund hay…..” I love this type of complete lund , MUSLIM men have loose and cutt dicks,,she again said it is too hard and hot . I said to Shenaz would u do this ? She said ok and hold my dick her soft and white hand I Was in the seventh heaven to felt the softness of her hand it is too dry should i wet it? And she forward her hand upto my mouth and asked for some saliva i through out some saliva on her palm . She also added hers and placed on my dick it gave me too much pleasure when she begin to back and forward her hand.After some strokes i felt that she is too hot then i stopped her and put my dick in her mouth after some a hesitation she put her lips on the cap of my dick I pushed forward my dick in her mouth and begin to put in and out slowly.

She matched the every Strock and sucked my cock from top to bottom like a cock hungry bitch my room filled with my screeming of pleasure…… Coming out of my mouth after some time i felt that a hot jets s of thick semen coming out of my dick she take her mouth away next stroke through on her face I came in her mouth like a hydro dam bursting out of it walls. She enjoyed my cum in her face and swallowed every drop of cum after finishing her work she said “Toba Toba itnee cum ?” I thinked that u have not a sex with any one since long long time and smiled. Next day was barat day,and she has to prepare the bride. She was busy with her work and to avoid the rush she got all woman out who were sitting in the room and locked the door to avoided​ the disturbance .I was sitting in the adjacent room and waiting for barat. Suddenly she came out of the bridal’s room and asked me to buy some cosmetics from bazar I rushed to bazar and got the same. When i reached their room i knocked at the door after some time she unlocked the door and asked me to come in . When i entered the room zeenat(the bride) was sitting before the dressing table she was looking very cute and beautiful in the bridal dress.she had very very fair skin…

Large breasts maybe 36 inches and large hips about 39 inches The shehnaz maked up her almost completely and riches her beauty very much I could not control my self .What are u looking zeenat asked me naughtily . She said mr shah “tum .baray chupay rustom niklay ” mr sexy!!!!! Shehnaz told me every thing !!!! I looked at shehnaz as i was complaint her “its all ok shah g” Zeenat be apna he banda hay she also want to have an experience of a hard dick.ooooh shah ji Shenaz has praised the hardness of u dick is it true? I said after hesitation yes its all true then Shenaz said let the zeenat see the hardness of u dick but yahaan? U know every body knows that i’m here i said, he is right zeenat said shahg u may go out and come from the window hurrily i said ok then i go back and came from the Window.

The window was opened by Shenaz, when i came in she locked the window carefully. As I entered the room,Zeenat said come on hero and show me ur tool i’m waiting for that as i was also in hurry so i unzipped my pant right before her.My cock was already hard so she took it in her hand and said yessss really its too hard like a iron rod and kissed that from the top.”Yes shehnaz u r right darling it’s like a huge pink mushroom head!!!! And u know i love thick hindu cock and she first lick my cock from top to bottom and then she sucked, I held her head firmly . I fucked her mouth, now my cock was in n out her wet n hot mouth and i enjoyed that beautiful bridal’s mouth she also enjoyed and sucked my cock like a cone ice cream ummm it was amazing after some time she looked at me and said ” shah g mairay mummy dabaoo naa” I hold her mummy( large firm breast) and they were tooooo hard i took her nipples and …

.she screemed with joy alllaaahh…don’t cry zeenat u know every one is listening….oooh sorry yar plz turn on the music system cause i like to cry.Zeenat said and she told me to fuck her, she laid on her back with her legs in the air under her bridal lehngaa she was wearing panties and she took off that quickly.. I come down near to her pussy and there i saw a beautiful clean shaved pink pussy. Her pussy lips were red it was wet enough by then. I said i dint had condom, but she was moaning ahhh uuuffff ooooh and said “BUSSSS AB ANDAR KAROO” she said apne lund pe thook be laga lay na ke aisy aram say jayay ga…..Her pussy is perfectly primed for fucking! Hot, juicy, and tight! I slowly started to put my cock in her pussy inch by inch,when I finally got it all the way in she was moaning with joy and cum again, I started to slowly fuck her and she was screaming to fuck her harder and said shah g plzzz fuckkkk meeee hardarrrrr so I did I was ramming her pussy and she was loving it shouting THAT’S IT…It last very long about 25 miniutes.. She came 4 times when iwere just to cum i sprayed about 8 to 10 thick jets of my sprems in zeenat puss her womb was filled by my semen… Cute muslim bride … Some semen flowed out on the bed …i had impregnate her.. She said she will use condoms for 1 week for her husband as she mey get pregnant by ny sprems.. And get my child..and we were moaning loudly there began the sound of crackers and some loud voices as the BARAT had arrived in that street… she and shehnaz had me many times even after marriage … Both had my chlid as their 1 baby….. Hangouts… [email protected]

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