Muslim cuckold husband and hot wife

Hi Friends, I am based out of HYDERABAD age 24 , height 170 cm, weight 70 kgs and stay alone here. I have had many sexual encounters with my neighbours and girls of my age. This story revolves around a couple and me where the guy asks me to seduce her wife and has a fantasy of being a cuckold.

So, this couple recently moved in next to my apartment. I discovered that they were married just a year ago and AHMED (the guy) was working for a tech company whose shift was from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. (odd working hours but that is what helped me seducing his wife into having sex with her). So it was a saturday when most of the offices are shut.

It was around 11 in the morning and I was watching porn on my PC when I heard the doorbell ring, I reluctantly went to answer only to find shabana ( Ahmed wife) standing there with a smile on her face and a bowl in her hand. Yes, it was a classic pretext to build rapport with a neighbour by asking for Sugar. I greeted her and she introduced herself to me. In white skimpy sleeveless t-shirt and track pants, she looked exactly like the actress in the porn movie I was just watching. Her nipples were clearly visible over the T-shirt (it was later only that I discovered that she hated wearing bra while at home).

I was standing there in a boxer with nothing on top. I immediately rushed and wore a T-Shirt and got back to the door. She asked whether I have some Sugar as they were cooking sweet dish and they were out of Sugar. She briefly had a look at my tent and looked back at me and smiled.

I went and got her full can of Sugar and asked her to use and return after she has had how much ever she wanted. She told she shall return it soon and departed. Wow !! what an ass. I just felt like spanking it from behind.

She returned in the afternoon and returned the container. Out of courtesy, i asked her to come-in to which she readily obliged. I got her some snacks from the kitchen. We had brief introduction. She told me about her marriage and asked me about my job, hobbies etc. She asked me whether I don’t have tea as I didnt serve it to her. I confessed I didnt know how to prepare one and that it was always my maid that used to give me. She giggled and offered to help me. both of us went to kitchen and she made a tea for me and herself, All this while, I kept on complimenting her on how beautiful and pretty she was.

This used to be normal affair and gradually, she used to visit me every evening and we used to have tea together. As I saw things were going in the right direction, I flirted with her a little. Told her she has got the body to die for and that her husband is too lucky to have a wife like her. She would just giggle and gave me all the signals to go ahead. One day, I told her I would like to have tea with human milk and not cows milk.

She laughed that off as well and exclaimed I am becoming naughty. That gave me even more courage to proceed but she never stayed back beyond half-an-hour, guess that was her way to keep me hooked to her. One fine day, while she was preparing tea, I went behind her and kissed on the back of her neck. She didnt resist. This gave me courage and I placed my hand on her navel and started caressing her there. She leaned towards me and soon we were locked in a steamy lip-lock session. We kissed for almost 10 minutes and all this while she explored each bit of my mouth with her tongue.

I soon figured out she had been sex-starved for long despite being married. I took off her saree and now she was only in her maroon blouse and petticoat. I began caressing her left boob and began kissing her on lips again. I told her I understand that since Ahmed was coming late in night, I understand she would not be having active sex life. She started smooching me even passionately and told me that Ahmed is useless and that he has never penetrated her since he was never able to get fully erect. She told she only used Ahmed to lick her pussy and once done, she would sleep leaving Ahmed all to herself. She told me she wanted to have sex badly and had the intention ever since the first day she saw me.

We fucked almost for an hour and slept in my bedroom till 1 am. She got up and started rushing to her house since it was time for Ahmed to come home. I begged her to stay back. She licked my lower lip and promised to involve Ahmed soon in our sessions.

Next day, Shabana returned in a sexy green saree with sleeveless blouse and without bra. She told me she roughed up Ahmed the earlier night when he again failed to fully erect her dick and even kicked him on his stomach. She fingered herself while he writhed in pain. She came in no time and inserted her finger inside Ahmed mouth and told him to lick it. He then licked clean her pussy and she slept alone in the bed asking Ahmed to leave her alone.

Ahmed : Where will I sleep baby?

Shabana : Don’t you call me baby. You are nobody . Good for nothing. We are married for a year and I still crave for a sex session. I cant spend my entire life fingering myself. I shall have to look out for other options.

Ahmed : Baby, please don’t leave me. You know how much I love you. I cant stay without you.

Shabana : But baby, what about my sexual needs? All my friends tell me about their sessions and I just have to manufacture one out of thin air and lie it to them. There is no fun. I have to look for other options to please myself.

Ahmed : what you have in mind?

Shabana : Our neighbour lives all alone, may be you can ask him to help us.

Ahmed : Ok baby, as you say.

I was jubilant that now onwards I can enjoy shabana without having any fear of us being caught by ahmed. Shabana begun staying back in my apartment till 9-10 in the morning after our fucking sessions.

Sometimes, ahmed himself came with teapot knocking at my door as early as 7 in the morning. I felt sorry for the poor guy but had more lust on his sexy wife. Shabana would sometimes come back in just bra and panty for the tea infront of us and other times completely naked. We used to kiss infront of him and she used to give me handjob looking at ahmed. Ahmed would try his best to avoid eye contact with both of us.

One day, Ahmed disturbed us quite early in the morning around 5 am only. Shweta got too pissed off from him since we were yet not done with foreplay and were far from being fucked. I had finger-fucked her twice and tongue-fucked her once but we were still to fuck. She asked me to keep the session as long as possible.

Shabana : You mother-fucker, cant you stay away from my cunt for one night. I am yet not done and you are here to fuck my pleasure.

She grabbed him with his hair and brought near me.

Shabana : You ass-hole, lick his dick, come-on do it. You are no good yourselves. Atleast make yourself useful here.

Ahmed, as if waiting for this opportunity, grab hold of my cock and took it in my mouth. Shabana turned jealous.

Shabana : Bhosdike, poora chaat lega toh mere liye kya bachega (Asshole, If you lick it full then what will I have). chal neeche angoor chaat, lund mere liye hai (work yourselves on his balls< i shall take care of his cock). Shabana hinted me and I spat on Ahmed face. he was still concentrating on licking my balls.

I ordered ahmed to lick clean Shabana pussy as i wanted to fuck her. He licked her clean and I soon penetrated her. Ahmed was asked by to lick Shabana feet. I fucked Shabana for 5 minutes in missionary position and then asked her to come to doggy position. I inserted her from behind and Shabana asked Ahmed to meanwhile lick my balls while I was fucking shabana.

Soon, I felt I was about to cum and told the same to shabana. Shabana asked me to fuck vigorously and she reached orgasm before me. Both of us lied down on our back in the bed tired from the session.

I ordered ahmed to lick clean my cock of the cum. he pleasantly obliged while I played with shabana boobs. Once done, shabana ordered ahmed to clean her pussy. Ahmed savoured all the cum that was left on Shabana pussy and made both of our private parts as good as new.

Pleased with ahmed, I asked Shabana to always involve rishabh in our love making sessions to which both of them happily agreed. Ahmed had become a cuckold for us now.

We played many dirty games in following days like shabana and me swapping spit and spitting in on Ahmed Shabana even pissed on ahmed face first. It was soon turning out as if I am the husband and ahmed our slave. on the days I was too tired, shabana pleasured herself from ahmed tongue.

We continued this for one year till they got transferred to another city. Still, when I talk to shabana over phone, I order ahmed to lick her pussy and shabana regularly send me his picture in the act !!!

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