Muslim ladkiyon ki pyaaas

Hey readers its Rahul….This story us for those who want to know how hot Muslim girls in bed…This story is real…I’m 25 year old boy living in Allahabad…This happen 5 years back….My gf was Nazia she also doing her graduation but from. Different city….As we were in Rltnsp since 3 years but we loved each other only in parks cinema hall and internet cafe….First will tell about her n me…I’m 5’11” tall n having average athlete body…She is 5’5″ tall not very fair but dusky in color her lips r suck able n juicy…She wears usually salwar suit or jeans with kurti…Now coming to story we planned trip to Agra as she also living in hostel she easily prepared fr it….We planned our trip from Delhi…As she was living in Noida…It was winter afternoon bus journey…I was waiting fr her…As it was 6 month to see her…She entered i was lyk oh my god she is looking damn hot….

She was wearing white color suit with churidar n dupatta covering her beautiful boobs…It was body hugging suit…Her boobs wr bouncing when she was walking….She has nice boobs of 36 size…N her waist is flat n with deep navel….Her hips bcm wide n of 36 size…In spite of being v large boobs her boobs r v tight even when she use to wear loose bra…Her deep cleavage which was visible from neck smtym can make ur saliva dripping….Her broad n huge hips will prompt u to grab her hips….We boards in bus as it was 7 hr journey after smtym every1 started taking nap…As she took shawl she covered herself n started sleeping on. My shoulder….I couldn’t control i put my hand under her shawl n touched her waist from above of suit she took deep breath as it was 6 month tym she felt me…She was also scared as she knew i lv to explore her in public place …I started touching her full kamar I got hard…Now she also bcm hot…She kept her hand on my thighs….I slowly started touching her thighs…She started breathing heavily…Then i put my hand under her suit. I started touching her kamar slowly she was moaning v softly…I played with her navel…N slowly goes toward her boobs it was tough to explore them but i tried n removed her bra..Omg her boobs wr v tight i felt her nipples they r erected n like cherry…I started crushing them…Her boobs r so big so i can’t take in my one hand…I was crushing her boobs in aggression she can’t moan heavily her full body got goose bumps…

She started crushing my penis from above of my jeans….It was awesome feeling as she is v shy…I removed my zip my penis was covered by shawl she pulled my penis her hand was shivering n she held it…It was v hard…She took a look of it…N hugged me tightly…She started playing with it by removing its skin…Now i loses knot of her salwar…She was resisting as we wr in bus…But i insist lot n she surrendered i touched her pussy from above her panty…I felt she was clean shaved i slide my hand under her panty n started rubbing her clitoris she jumped little bit first then her body started moving v slowly in a rhythm…She was playing with my penis…I started feeling inner part of her pussy lips…Put one finger inside but not fully as it was tough to adjust in bus….I can feel her love juice dripping on my finger i tasted it. It was salty n tastiest thing i ever had….I fingered her fr 15 min she orgasm fr 3 tyms…As journey was going to end we adjusted our cloth…I was still hard cz no. Place was thr to cum…We reached Agra nd left bus to go to hotel…We arrived in hotel…

As soon as we went in room i locked d door from inside….N pulled her toward me i can see her boobs moving up n down…She was breathing heavily…I put my lips on her neck n started licking it…I removed her dupatta n kissed her cleavage in d at winter she was sweating n. That sweat was going through her cleavage which was looking sexier…She cud not talk bcz of excitement but was just moaning…I pulled her suit from her waist n. Kissed her navel i wanna see her expression but i cud see only her large boobs moving heavily up n down…I kept pulling her suit above n kissing her sexy waist…I put my tongue in her navel n licked it nicely now she was moaning aaaaahhh mmmmmm swtu ohhhh…Her body moving in rhythm…I make her to sit n pulled her suit…She was wearing now sameez; her whole neck n shoulder open she closed her eye…N i kissed her shoulder n neck. I slowly licked her shoulder nd neck n made it fully wet…Her cleavage was look long v sexy in btw her huge tight melons…I pulled her sameez…Till last meeting she nvr wear other bra then white…But my god she was wearing black color bra…She was hiding herself as her boobs r popping up from bra…I put my lips on her half visible boobs n started eating it by my lips…N my hand was loosening her knots of salwar….I pulled strip of her bra from shoulder n slowly opens her boobs…She has really sexy boobs…I opened her bra n salwar n pinned her in bed…She closed her eye…I saw her breast with brown color areola n dark brown nipples…Nipples r really big n v hard in excitement i pulled my shirt…N placed my tinny nipple on her n started crushing her boobs by my chest while licking her neck…As i pulled my jeans also she cud feel my hardness over her thighs slowly she opens her leg n grabbed my waist…I was crushing her boobs vigorously as it was first tym fr both of us.. She started licking my neck..

N rubbing her pussy on my penis…Still we wr in underwear n panty….We both wr sweating…She started losing her shyness first tym…She put me down on bed n started crushing my body she was licking my shoulder n chest n rubbing my penis…I pulled my underwear down n asked her to suck my penis she never sucked it…But she kissed it n kisses around whole the girth.. She kissed full length of it…I made her to cm in 69 position n pulled her panty…I started crushing her large hips n kissed on her pussy she literally jumped i pulled her back n buried my tongue in her Muslim cunt…I was licking her pussy slowly she took my penis in mouth she didn’t lyk it v much but kept licking it as i was nt leaving her pussy…Her love juice was dripping on my lips n I kept eating it….It is v tasty.. I pulled her in missionary style…N started rubbing my penis on her pussy ….I will continue the next part after response of u.. It wl tell u how i took virginity of Nazia….

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