Hello everyone… firstly i would like to thank females who came to bhopal from delhi, mumbai and pune for real meets…. i have successfully breeded my married girlfriend and 5 other muslima after ramzan so been very busy lately… thanks for trusting me girls and ladies, i hope we meet again… rest assured ur identity will be kept private as i promised… i deleted numbers of females as promised who asked me to do it after meeting, they are welcome to call me again if they want to hook up again if they ever need me… i have not taken any pics of them during our meetings as i dont want it to get public… i like to protect my muslima partners not just use and throw them…

thanks for so many thousands of emails and love… i will try to answer everyone of u one at a time… muslimah who are alone and emailing me continuously for real meets please have patience… i know its fun but i am quite busy… i am lining up every muslima woman in my schedule one at a time… please dont expect me to come to dubai or any where middle east even if u are ready to pay… i simply dont have time for that… also most muslimah woman and cuckold sissy muslim lusmin shit husbands, boyfriends, brothers, sons of gorgeous muslimah females asking me how much i charge for one night… well i am not a playboy guys and girls, i dont charge anything, but u are free to give me or send me gifts after our real hook ups…

Recently, i found a muslim girl from kashmir, she is very hot, fair and slim in looks with great boobs and tight ass for spanking…. i am very much into her and if things go right i will marry her too… yes my girlfriend knows about her and she supports it… she knows this muslim girl and I have lust for each other which is converting to love very fast… the liberal well educated family of this muslim girl also knows and supports this marriage as long as their daughter is happy… i am so greatful and respect her family so much for this.. i know there are plenty of muslims not just in India but in other awesome countries like pakistan saudi or egypt, who wants their daughter’s happiness even if they marry, Hindu, Sikh or Christian brothers of mine… I need blessings of all my fans and supporters of this great site to pray for me and her… i wont tell u her name like rest of muslima females who met me, i want privacy and security for all muslimah females around the globe….

Once again, i am telling u all, these pics i upload, are already on internet, i never share pics of any girl or woman who secretly contact me as i respect their privacy…now i am on twitter and tumblr as well.. sometimes i post glimps upcoming hot pics on muslimchicks there… so follow me on both..



yahoo:- [email protected]

As always thank u so much for all ur support… Breeding toon captions are the most appreciated of all and i will continue it soon enough… i hope u like and enjoy these captions i made on spare time…

One more thing, many cuckold muslim lusmin sissy bitches and hot muslimah sexy females asking me to write hottest sexiest stories for them, about Hindu man fucking or breeding muslimah horny woman, like i did in past breeding toon captions posts…. well it takes time, hard work and passion to write sexy horny lustful incidents which match not only males but females also, so i would definitely charge money for that…. prices are not negotiable if u appreciate all the work i do… i will take money before hand and write awesome story for ur fantasies… so contact me on my given yahoo id… if u are a film producer i would be happy to get paid to write sexy scripts for ur movie, but it will be only on the theme of Hindu man fucking Muslimah woman…. it will be copyrighted so if u dont show it on screen, u better lawyer up as my brother is also a lawyer in court and he knows my activities and about this site…

I have also received a very few threat calls on my phone and emails by pervert muslims jealous scum douchebags from outside India… which, by the way, makes me laugh, as they can not stop or satisfy their own muslimah females so they think they can scare me and stop my posts… well news flash bitches, i am from good high class family with lots of high end contacts in police, politics and HRS… i am not scared of scum sissy muslim bitch ass impotent bastards like u who first wank on my pics and stories then talk shit on emails.. keep ur 1 inch cut muslim sissy cocks rubbing, while i fuck ur muslimah horny moms, sisters and wives as they coming to me for more…. no, i am not member of RSS yet, but i am in contact with them and they appreciate my work…. they support me and promised to defend me at all time…. thanks for that.. I love my India and all the Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians within this great country so u better get used to wanking ur tiny cocks u impotent lusmin jealous sissy muslim bastards overseas… ur shit threats not going to work on me… Kindly fuck u and fuck off….

Rest of u guys enjoy my latest updates… going to upload muslima breeding toons next series… 🙂

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