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Hiba on the left of your screen and Zara on the right, both were patriotic pakistani girls who grew up to be Pak muslim female soldiers in the army, both unaware of their future yet very positive but soon something happened which they never imagined even in their wildest of dreams.

This incident took place during the initial stages when the war had not started. What happened initially was that the hindu army did not start with frontal assault on the pak army instead they launched a covert operation of sending its troops across, infiltrating and hiding behind the enemy lines.  The plan was that when the frontal assault takes place and their army marches from the font then the hindu army soldiers hiding behind in the jungle get active and assault from behind the enemy lines.
Once a significant number of soldiers where successfully deployed across they waited for the assault to begin. The indian tanks and army moved it and in a matter of few hours they were able to seize the bordering town because of the great strategy.

This is where all this happened now the hindu soldiers who were hiding behind the enemy lines divided themselves into 10 groups of  5 soldiers. Because of the assault the pak soldiers were retreating. One such group of 5 hindu soldiers were ambushing some retreating soldiers and here they saw these two paki Muslim soldiers hiba and zara pulling back. They shot the men but didn’t shoot these two girls, the girls were surrounded. A soldier commanded them to drop their weapons, with no option left first they refused and pointed their sub machine gun’s towards their heads ready to commit suicide as they knew what happens to girls especially the beautiful ones when they are captured in the war.  The soldiers were not happy to see this and one of the hindu solider convinced and persuaded  them that if they drop their weapons they would let them go without any harm. Somehow those two paki female soldiers agreed and dropped their weapons, then walked ahead a few meters thinking that they are fee to go when these hindu soldiers ran and grabbed them.
Soldier 1: We told you we would let you go. But where ? That was not decided.
Zara: you bastards.

Soldier 1: kya maal haat laga hai yaro.
Soldier 2: They smell really good, I can’t wait to taste them.

The hungry soldiers who probably did had sex for so many weeks lifted them up and ran into the jungle where they found a good spot.

Zara was a more intense character who was constantly trying to fight and break free while Hiba was more polite with a sweet voice.

The hindu soldiers started fondling them.
Zara: you hindu dogs, she shouted.

Soldier 5: Looks like she has a lot of heat inside her, lets give her a special treatment first.
Soldier 3: I have heard that these pakimuslim bitches have warm and tight pussies, lets loosen them today.
They forcefully removed Zara’s army uniform and her sports bra and panty while she resists but could do very little. Two of the soldiers were fondling Hiba’s fair body from outside. They were slow and patient  with Hiba but Zara was boiling their blood because of her intense and patriotic character which she was not able to control.
Hiba saw them taking off Zara’s uniform and when one of the hinduSoldier started removing his pants then Hiba urged “Please stop this.”
Soldier 4: What a sweet voice it has made my cock ever harder.
Soldier 1: removed his pants and unveiled his big 9 inch uncut kufr cock.
Hiba saw his  big cock and knew right away that her fate is going to be the same and sooner or later these kafir cocks are going to enter her pussy unless some miracle happens.
One soldier held Zara’s both the arms against the ground as she was constantly trying to fight and break free and hindu soldier opened her legs and shoved his cock straight away into Zara’s tight pussy. Moved his cock in, started jerking his cock in and out. Zara’s mouth opens as she takes a deep breath in with an open mouth. As he was fucking her pussy moving his kufr cock in and out of her holy pussy Zara started becoming loose. The soldier who had held her arms against the ground freed her and there was no sign of struggle. Now she was completely passive as the kufr cock was inside her cunt and  her enemy was taking all the pleasure from her pussy.

Two of the soldiers were playing with Hiba’s body watching all this with joy. One had his fingers inside Hiba’s army pants. He said, “Looks like hindu cock has completely neutralized your patriotic friend, no sign of struggle she is in the heaven now”
Soldier 4: Yea all the heat and belligerence that was inside her has vanished completely.
Then pointing towards Hiba he said, “this seems to be a nice submissive paki girl we would fuck her but with care.

Hiba had to watch all this, she was not allowed to turn her face. Now she realized even more that there is no use of resisting, these kufrs will ultimately get what they want.
She clearly saw the power of their cocks, “when it can make such a fierce girl like Zara so passive then what would her reaction be like when these big cocks enter her pussy”, she thinks.

One by one taking turns they fucked her with full force. She was an army girl who had  gone through rough training and hardships so she was able to bear all these savage men using her pussy any normal girl would have exhausted completely.

One of the soldier turned his lust filled eyes towards Hiba and said, “looks like  you are ready, wet and warm .”
He removed her army uniform forcefully and saw her sexy milky body.
Hiba:”Please stop this in the name allah”.
Soldier 4: Your voice makes my cock tickle, now no allah or god is gonna stop my cock.
The kufr soldier sucked her lips and boobs, then she moved his cock inside her pussy. Hiba was a different case she moaned as his warm cock went inside her pussy. Seeing her moan the other hindu soldier kneeled down and shoved his cock inside her mouth. He made her suck his cock, chocked her mouth and made her swallow his cock juice. Taking turns they fucked hiba and ride her on their big cocks. Zara was surprised to hear her moan while those kufr soldiers were ravaging her pussy with their mighty cocks. After using them fully they took them into their camp where there were other kufr soldiers too. Most of them saw both the pakimuslim female soldiers as prize of war.
Many soldiers grouped together and took them into the tent were they drank and used both these girls as whores. Now Zara learned to remain passive. These hindu soldiers mounted both these girls on their uncut kufr cocks. Hiba was more pretty because of which she was getting more attention. They filled her tight pussy with their cock juice and fucked both these girls all night long and after few weeks they found out that they were pregnant with bastards of war in their wombs but both of them were blown away by the power of their cocks and started craving for it.