Pakistani Female Soldiers and Indian Hindu Men Part 1

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Dosto, aap sab ko kush-aamdeed! This brief post is a joint effort between me, Paki Lusmin, Booze Hound (Jameel), my Lumsin friend, and our Luswom girlfriend: Sarah Pakistani. We are a group of Pakistani students, and we have recently formed a new group called Pakistani Female Soldiers Lovers. It is an erotic group dedicated to the beautiful lionesses of Pakistan, and any fantasy regarding these ladies is welcome. However being Lusmins and a Luswom, we mostly are focusing on Pakistani female soldiers and Indian Hindu men. All three of us share this fantasy and it is what brought us together. We really enjoy talking about it face to face, making pictures and videos, and writing stories on this erotic fantasy. We love thinking about what will happen when Indian Hindu men will encounter Pakistani Female Soldiers. We also role-play with Sarah in this regard. Booze Hound and I pretend to be Indian soldiers, and together we bang Sarah in a Pakistan army uniform. She pretends to be a Pakistani lady soldier. So this is our brief intro, we hope you enjoy our stuff, and we look forward to making more posts about it. We also hope to see more posts about it from our Lusmin/Luswom friends on this website, as well as from our Hindu friends from India. We would also like to thank Shabana Naaz, an Indian Luswom and a good friend of mine. Sadly I have fallen out of touch with Shabana and I hope she reads this becz I know that she follows your blog.

Please enjoy. Lund utha ke, chut khulwa ke geo!

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Pakistani Female Soldiers & Indian Men.

My friends and me recently came across a research conducted by that compared the beauty of all the female soldiers across the world and picked the top ten most beautiful military women. We were very happy to see that Pakistan’s brave daughters stood SIXTH MOST BEAUTIFUL IN THE WORLD!! Here is the link to the study:

Jameel and my cocks were instantly hard. We had the same thought, “Bhai Indians ke mazay hongay ab”. As Sarah put on her uniform and jerked us off, we decided to share our views with you.

Dekho dosto, Pakistani army girls are the 6th most beautiful in the world, and India’s army is the 4th most powerful. Pakistan is increasing the size of our army and more and more ladies are availing the opportunity to join and serve their country. It is very noble and good thing. But don’t forget that in war, many times troops get surrounded and must surrender. It is a reality and not a matter of cowardice. It has happened many times in the past. So our thinking is about what will happen when Pakistani Female Soldiers will surrender to Indian Hindu men. In this regard we spoke to many people online and asked their opinion on various blogs and forums, including some Indian military personnel. Our questions included:

  • What do you think about Pakistani Female Soldiers?
  • What do you think about PAF’s lady pilots?
  • What will Indian men do if Pakistani lady soldiers/PAF girl pilots are captured?
  • Pakistani Female soldiers are very well disciplined and highly dedicated and motivated. How will Indian men handle them?
  • Pakistan’s daughters in arms are ready to fight any war. Do you think they can win against Indian males?
  • PAF’s lady pilots are some of the best trained in the world. How will Indian males manage to catch up to them?
  • What are the chances that these ladies will be caught?
  • Pakistani lady soldiers consider Indian male soldiers the enemy. They think that Hindus are impure and kafirs. They are ready and willing to kill you. What is your view on the Pakistani female soldiers?
  • And finally, what is your position on rape? Will Pakistani females in uniform be raped? If yes, then how can you justify this? If no, then how will Indian Hindu men manage to control themselves in the face of the 6th most beautiful military girls in the world? We all know that our lionesses will never willingly submit to Indian Hindu sexual advances, and that Indian Hindu male soldiers have massive sexual hunger.

Over time we received many answers. In our next post we will cover them in detail and after that my team will share our opinion on this topic. However, as a preview, here are some of the best answers we received:

You can read our analysis and the comments of the interviewees.

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In conclusion we would like to sum up our findings. Surrendering to the Indian soldiers or being captured by them will have a price. And our brave lionesses are willing to pay it. They are also willing to pay the price of their dedication to defending their motherland against all aggressors, no matter how powerful.

All of the people interviewed agreed that Paki lady soldiers will never willingly submit. Yet at the same time, 90% of them also agreed that if captured, these beautiful girls will be banged against their will. Indian army has an extensive record of heightened sex demand (as is usual for males in combat zones and particularly so for lustful Hindu men) and so they will target the females when they are captured. As I raise my cock at this thought, I also raise my hand in salute to our brave and beautiful lady soldiers, who are standing tall and proud under these circumstances. I have nothing but respect for these ladies, and I believe that their beauty should be celebrated. They have made Pakistan proud, and we should be proud of the fact that our Hindu neighbors are eager to enjoy them. I have no doubt that Indian men would be completely satisfied after drilling our females in army. I can guarantee that these will be the tightest pussies, most firm asses, and most lustrous bodies that your Indian Hindu men will have enjoyed. I also guarantee that your men will become addicted to our Pakistani female soldiers. They will never forget the experience, and their thick cocks will be totally contented. I look forward to reading your comments, and I look forward to jerking off as your firm dicks forcefully penetrate and demolish the tight pussies of our Pakistani female soldiers in our fantasy.

Until next time.

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Author: Paki Lusmin. Pictures by: Booze Hound & Sarah Pakistani. Interviewer: Sarah Pakistani.
Special thanks to Shabana Naaz

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