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Hello friends!

This is part two of me and my friends’ series on Pakistani girl soldiers and Hindu men. Those of you who read part one will know that in this post we will share our various chats we had online with members of various forums and communities. Those of you who have not read part one, please read part one on this site first. It will allow you to better understand what we are doing and who we are. We hope everyone enjoys.

As you know, in the last part of this post, we gave a brief introduction about who we are, what our fantasy is and what we are doing. You were given a quick glance at the comments of Indian males on our Pakistani female soldiers. Now we are going to share our interviews with you in as much detail as we can. Please note that names have been kept hidden to protect the privacy of the responders as per their request. All the questions were asked by Sarah Pakistani. We floated various questions on many social media sites, blogs, and sex blogs, as well as forums. Here are the best and most detailed answers we received. We had much fun in this exercise, and we hope you would also have much fun reading our report.

Response of an Indian Colonel

This conversation happened on an Indian sex forum. I uploaded a picture of a Pakistani female soldier and asked everyone’s opinion. The Question was:
How to fuck this Pakistan Army Lady Officer?

You may see the results of the poll below. The number of voters was exceptionally high. It is clearly visible what most of the Hindu responders wanted, just as we had earlier predicted. At this point we were extremely excited. My friends and myself were shaking with excitement and anticipation. I would now like to share pictures of the various comments before going to detail with the one on one chat.

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Here was the picture attached to the question:

pakistani chudai


kafir lund pakistani chut

pakistani girl fuck

dirty comments

Later, Sarah Pakistani got in touch with some members who made the most elaborate and vulgar comments to get their opinion. One of them claimed to be a colonel from the Indian Army. This is his view in gmail chat:

Sarah Pakistani: Thank you for agreeing to talk to me sir. What do you think about our Pakistani lady soldier?

Indian Colonel: Good sexy bitch. Indian men would enjoy her very much. And no problem. I enjoy talking to Pakistani whores like you.

Sarah Pakistani: Sir you said that you were from the Indian army. What rank?

Indian Colonel: Colonel. Retired.

Sarah Pakistani:  You also said that you had banged a Pakistani lady before so I was interested…

Indian Colonel: Yes I’m sure you were. Randi’s like you don’t take long to get wet. Lund dekh mera jis se ma chodunga tujhe.

Sarah Pakistani: maybe later, right now I want to ask you about the comment you made… you said…

Indian Colonel: 

hindu lund

Sarah Pakistani: ….. ummmm…. Uh… you said in your comment…..



Fuck that is HUGE!

Indian Colonel: Chup kyun ho gaye hai randi? Bol. Puch kya puch ri thi?

Sarah Pakistani: Sorry, I’m just worried about the girl who had to take that. LOL.

Indian Colonel: And you should be. There were many who took this deep and hard.

Sarah Pakistani: Any Pakistani girls?

Indian Colonel: Yes I said so in my comment bitch. Can you read or has my cock gone to your head???

Sarah Pakistani: Srry….. srry…   so tell me about her.

Indian Colonel: I fucked one of your sexy army girls in 71. I was a colonel then. Let me tell you, she was one of the best bitches I’ve ever fucked. And I have fucked a LOT of bitchs.

Sarah Pakistani: I’m sure you have.. so tell me how you fucked her.

Indian Colonel: Oh she saw my cock nd was wet like you. I banged her with no trouble. Bitches like you enjoy fat Hindu dicks.

Sarah Pakistani: Please be truthful with me Colonel Sahib. What really happened? No need to sugar coat anything.  We both know that a Pakistani female soldier would never submit to you willingly.

Indian Colonel: What do youwant me to say slut?? Kya sunna chahti hai???

Sarah Pakistani:  The truth. Howdid you fuck her?

Indian Colonel: Don’t you dare to lecture me on morality slut, you should know whatyour own army was doing to Bengali girls.

Sarah Pakistani:  I know ver well sir and I’m not lecturing u on moralz, I just want to know the story..

Indian Colonel: Phir sun.. kuttiya bana ke choda use ma ne. I raped that bitch like a whore. Chod chod ke us ka bura haal har diya. Saali kuttya Paki foji randi. Itni sunder ladki thi ke lund thanda ho gaya. Ab kush?? Randi sawal puchti hai. You should know that in the army there is no fun without force. We are you can say jungle billi’s. And do you think your army bitch would have any mercy on us if she had gun on our head? NO! She wuld shoot without moments notice..

Sarah Pakistani: Yes she would. I don’t argue that.

Indian Colonel: Then why would we have any mercy when we have our cock to her pussy????Bata!!

Sarah Pakistani: I don’t think you should. It was war and she was your war booty.

Indian Colonel: Yesssss I like ur thinking bitch.

Sarah Pakistani: So tell me about how you raped the Pakistani female soldier.

Indian Colonel: After we captured Bangladesh we tool many prsonerz. Many women too. Fighting took long to subside. One position we took was a hospital. Many nurses from your Pakistan were hiding there. We thought it was empty so we entred but there was this one Paki army whore inside it who began firing.

Sarah Pakistani:  The Pakistani female soldier?

Indian Colonel:  Yes. Bitch injured 4 of my men before she ran out of bullets. If she had more bullets we would have seen heavy losses. But we took her down without firing any shots.

Sarah Pakistani:  Yes, I expect no less from our lioness.

Indian Colonel: Then my men put her to the wall and wanted to shoot her to rake revenge.  And dnt get too happy we too are lions we know how to mount your  lionesses.

Sarah Pakistani: What then?

Indian Colonel: I stopped them. I tell my men, there r better ways to take revenge from a woman

Sarah Pakistani: An expert I see.

Indian Colonel: LOL yes you can say so… Ma ne kaha :”daikho isay, kitni sunder hai Sali, iss ko jaya na karo, khoob badla lenge is se ham.”

Sarah Pakistani: And how did your soldiers respond?

Indian Colonel: When they saw how cute and fair she was they agreed instantly. We tied her army behind her back and took her with us as we captured the nurses from the hospital. More war booty. After we took all the bitches 18 nurses and 1 army whore, we gathered them in the hospital hall. My soldiers were full of rage and lust. But we had been ordered to bring all the females to out camp in a hotel in Dhaka. But my men were too angry at the female soldier. I knew they wanted to see her suffer or they would begin raping all the nurses and maybe even killing them. So I decided to act.

Sarah Pakistani:  What did you do?

Indian Colonel: I spat on the mouth of the army girl and took her by the hair. And squeezed her boobs over her uniform. Then I unzipped my trousers and took out my cock.

Sarah Pakistani: That is too big sir.

Indian Colonel: I know and your randi thought the same. She gasped when saw it. I took her by the hair and forced her to walk with me to a room and took her inside. I told my soldiers not to and closed the door.

Sarah Pakistani: Why not?

Indian Colonel: munh band kar aur sun ab. I bent your lioness forward on a hospital bed and began opening her trousers.Asyou said she did not submit willingly and struggled greatly.

Sarah Pakistani: I m sure you had no trouble controlling her.

Indian Colonel: Hahaha yes u r right. I held her forward with one arm and pulled her army uniform trousers down to her knees with the other. She wore red panties. I remember. Hahhhh

Sarah Pakistani: I’m sure she was not planning to take a Hindu cock when she put them on

Indian Colonel: Hahahhhh right I pulled them down half way to reveal her soft pink pussy. It was clean shaven and very pleasant to look at. I remember her ass. Thick nd white. I was thinking that itni gori gand pehle kabhi nae mari. I slapped it very hard. Left a red mark. I put my entire weight on her lower back so she had to bend it in and stick her thick ass out. It was a lovely sight. Best I’ve seen.

Sarah Pakistani: I’m sure… then what?

Indian Colonel: Her legs were strong. I like that about your Pakistani female soldiers. Any normal girl would have collapsed. I put my weight on her. She was struggling and moaning. Then I rammed my thick cock up her pussy. I underestimated how tight it was. This was my first time fucking your Pakistani female soldiers. She was very tight. I rammed her with force but only my cock head what we call topa got in. I was very surprised and excited. Then I pushed my cock in further. It was hard to go in her pussy. I had to open her legs more and gape her ass to make sure that I had not drilled her anus instead.

Sarah Pakistani: Ufff. Then what?

Indian Colonel: Then I kept pushing. My cock was clearly too big for her and her chut too tight but I kept pushing. Mt soldiers could hear her screaming from outside the door. The female nurses they had captured were very afraid and my men were getting excited and happy to hear the bitch suffer.

Sarah Pakistani: Oh my goodness, so much hatred!

Indian Colonel: What you expect whore??? W flower first? So sir. I kept pushing until I was all the way in her. She was breathing heavily her ass felt lovely on my crotch and my balls were touching her soft cool skin. Then I started pumping. First a little bit then more then faster then harder and deeper. Within a minute I was fucking she like a wolf fucks a bitch. I had to use all my stamina not to shoot my load in the first minute. But I had to go hard and fast to let her know that she was being mounted by a lion

Sarah Pakistani: Oh goodness..

Indian Colonel:  I fucked her harder than I’ve fucked anyone in my life. And she took it all like a professional randi. Do you train your lady soldiers to take cock hahahhh

Sarah Pakistani: No. continue then what..

Indian Colonel: Then when I felt that her pussy was open wide enough I made her lie down the bed on her back. I opened her legs jumped onto the bed on her and mounted her again she screamed like a whore when I penetrated her.  I remember her face was flushed red and she was extremely beautiful. As you know your army girls are exceptionally sexy.

Sarah Pakistani: Yes the 6th most beautiful in the world, we’re very proud of them

Indian Colonel: I would rate them higher than 6 but as u say they r very beautiful. Si I began enjoying even more!!!  I went harder and faster she screamed and I moaned loudly as she was too tight and I could no longer control myself. The bed shook violently with my thrusts my soldiers could hear the screams and moans of pain and pleasure and the bed creaking from outside.
Sarah Pakistani: Your pleasure, her pain..
Indian Colonel: han tau ab wo muje rape tau kar nae sakti thin na? ur army bitches put on uniforms, learn to fight and think they can take cock. Not so simple my dear. No mater how good they are, they will always be under us by the end of the day.

Sarah Pakistani: I can’t argue with your logic. Our Pakistani female soldiers are very well trained and very good fighters, but they are females. And so will always be targeted by your cocks.
Indian Colonel:  Yessss. Gud The poor nurses couldn’t believe their ears though hahahahhhh!!! All that screming. Some of them pissed in their shalwars. Made my soldiers laugh.

Sarah Pakistani: You saved their lives. Only the poor army girl had to pay heavy price.

Indian Colonel: yes but she was not poor. She was soldier. She knew what would happen if captured. It was a risk she took.

Sarah Pakistani: That is commendable don’t you think?

Indian Colonel: Yes it is, and I respected her very much. But I had to rape her, commendable or not.

Sarah Pakistani:  If the nurses were not in danger and she had not wounded your men, would you still have raped her?

Indian Colonel: Yes. The bitch was my booty. Do u expect me to let her thick gori gand walk out un-molested??

Sarah Pakistani:  No sir, I suppose I don’t.

Indian Colonel: The bitch was in uniform that is enough reason to fuck her until she can’t walk!! Kuttiya randi Paki foji ghashti.

Sarah Pakistani: I see you still feel very passionately about her. Then what happened?

Indian Colonel: Then I kept fucking her until until I came. I came so mightly that the bed we were fucking on broke and fell down. My cock hit her pussy so hard when we landed that her scream got caught in her throat.  All my weight came on her pussy she almost fainted and I came in her. So fiercely that my cum filled her chut and began pouring out of her I did not stop


Indian Colonel: Hahahaha! I kept fucking her as I came my cum spilled all over her legs she no longer protested

Sarah Pakistani: Well what do you expect?? You could have killed her!!

Indian Colonel: I did not care I just had to fuck

Sarah Pakistani: Uffff! Sir aap ne had hi kar di!

Indian Colonel: I remember when I finished I kissed her lips and said “Maja aya saali?” She did not answer hahaha

Sarah Pakistani: Well obviously.

Indian Colonel: When I came out I was pulling her by the hair forcing her to walk in front of me. Her arms tied, her legs naked and sour dripping with my cum and my cock hanging out limp and completely satisfied my soldiers watched in awe as I dumped her on the floor in front of the nurses she was breathing heavily and so was I. My soldiers began to roar and chant loudly. JAI HIND! JAI HIND!

Sarah Pakistani: Wait she could still walk after that???!!

Indian Colonel: Hahaha that’s what I like about your Pakistani female soldiers.

Sarah Pakistani: Then what happened??

Indian Colonel: Then abhi, pants utar. I need to cum and I want yor pussy we’ll continue this later.

Sarah Pakistani: But I need to know…

Indian Colonel: Chup kar randi! I’m too much horny munh khol apna! Teri ijajat nae mang ra kuttya. Teri sherniyan chod di ma ne tu kya cheez hai. Ungl dal apni chut me!!

Sarah Pakistani: Oh my goodness… sir…. Ummmhhhh….. please…… it’s too big…… Uhh…

Booze Hound and I watched excitedly as Sarah had this conversation and we jerked off strongly to it. Now we were even more excited and watched with great pleasure as the Hindu colonel cyber fucked our sexy Pakistani girlfriend after he had raped our Pakistani female soldier. We will continue the story and bring you more in part three. Stay tuned! Until next time, randiyan chudao, lund hilao!

Jay Hind! Pakistan Zindabad!!

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