Pakistani girl with mature Hindu man

Sana was an 18 year old Pakistani American girl who was born and raised in the USA. She lived in Texas all her life. She was part of a semi-conservative Muslim home. She was an only child. Her parents were rich. Their family lived in a 200 thousand dollar home. Her father was a contractor always at work and her mother was in Pakistan most of the year. And she got whatever she wanted.

After her senior year Sana was ready to go to college. She was nearing the peak of her beauty. She was 5’7″, 120 pounds, nice curvy body. Small tight ass and golden brown skin. She had a beautiful pink Paki pussy with small curls of black pubic hair. It was the dream of many guys at her school to fuck her. Her father needed a lawn care specialist to mow their lawn and do their landscaping every week during the summer. The guy was a 38 year old indian hindu migrant named Amit .

Sana was always at home inside with a/c and fan on while Amit was working 9 to 2 and 5 to 8 her lawn. Sana always wore skimpy clothes at home when on her own sometimes even walking around the house naked. On his first day at 2pm when it was time for his 3 hour heat break he knocked on the door to tell Sana that he was leaving until and would be back at 5pm. Sana was wearing a pair of short cheer shorts with the words Cutie on the butt side. She was wearing no undies and only a black half t-shirt of Stone Cold Steve Austin that only covered her boobs. Her abs and all her delicious legs were bare. Its been a while almost 3 weeks since Amit has had sex , when Sana opened the door his penis was finally erect under his denim shorts after many years. He didn’t need viagra, he realized. She was the best stimulation for any man.

Every day he worked on their lawn he savored the moment he would tell Sana he was leaving just to get a glimpse of the exotic Paki girl. She was 18 and had such golden skin. She reminded him of sajal Ali. paki actress

One day he asked Sana if he could have a glass of water because he wanted to see her wealth and reluctantly she let him inside the house. Man was she rich. They had 4 big screen TV’s and 3 bathrooms. She also had an Xbox and a PS2. They had 5 bedrooms and a lot of Persian carpets. All she did at home while he worked on her rich daddy’s yard was talk on the phone, surf the net and watch girlie shows on TV.

Sana had never had a boyfriend even though she was a horny little teen. She got good grades at school but also played soccer and volleyball. She didn’t like laborers like Amit cause they were perverted men who goggled at her whenever doing work on the house. But she felt sorry for the sweaty old man. She handed him some cold purina water and said she could set a cool pitcher outside with ice if he wanted it. He agreed.

One day she came outside to watch Mike work and asked him if he wanted to eat lunch with her instead of going home for 3 hours. She had sandwiches and burgers and drinks. He agreed. He followed her into the house. She was wearing a short t shirt over some short cheerleader shorts that said BABE over her but. She was a tease. He wanted to fuck her so bad.

One day while he was working in the heat, Sana came outside and said “even though we pay you, I will help you with the lawn”. She started doing Hispanic people’s work alongside Amit. Amit was loving the fact that this rich muslim bitch was finally doing some work. She was wearing a pink tank top and a small white skirt. She decided to trim the weeds and cut the hedges on her lawn. When it was time for lunch she invited Amit to come inside and eat with her.

Inside, she exclaimed that she was sweaty and needed a shower. She had never done physical toil in her life. While Sana showered, Amit snuck into the laundry room looking for something. He went to the dirty clothes basket. Since her parents were gone, only Sana’s dirty clothes were sitting there. Amit snatched up two thongs that he knew belonged to the 18 year old muslim. One thong he especially liked. It was a thong of the Pakistani flag. The whole thong was green and white. He smelled the inside for vaginal fluids and ass smell. What he found was part disgusting and part stimulating. Small shit crusts of her ass left marks on the inside of the thong and he smelled the crusts and the pussy juice. The thong even had one or two curls of muslim pussy hair. He was keeping these thongs!!! (the other thong was pink and said “Cute Baby” on it. Amit wondered that she was like a cute baby all right. Cute baby when he would tear her hymen with his hindu cock!!!

A few days later Sana invited Amit to lunch after his yard work and asked him coldly” Have you been stealing my under garments?” Amit’s response was no. Sana knew he was lying. He’d been the only one in her house besides her. She told Amit that she would get him fired and tell her father if he didn’t tell her the truth. Reluctantly Amit said” they’re just thongs!!! do you want them back?” Sana knew that Amit probably knew what her pussy smelled like by now so she said to keep them. Amit told Sana that she must look pretty in her native Pakistani thong. Sana blushed and Amit scooted over and held her hand. Sana did not resist. Sana guided Amit to her bedroom and they closed the door.

Amit was gonna fuck her finally.

Sana said” you are too old for me, my muslim faith doesn’t allow this to happen”. Amit smiled The dark fat 48 year old man gently picked Sana up and placed her on her bed. He took off his work jeans, boxers, and shirt to reveal pot belly and a 8 inch uncut Black hindu . He gently took off Sana’s short skirt.Sana took off her tank top to reveal medium sized tits with chocolate nipples. Amit settled on the bed above Sana.

“Relax baby,” He whispered “Relax.”

He thrust gently, the tip of his penis just lodging in the wet mouth of her womanhood.

Sana’s eyes were wide with fright. Beads of sweat burst out on her forehead as he thrust hard into her. Tears began to fill her eyes as a terrible fear took hold of her. He was so big and wide. She had never had anything more then a thin fingertip where he now had his burning hot manhood.

It was hot so very hot.

He kissed her on her forehead whispering “Don’t be scared. It will be great.”

He then lifted himself a little more and pressed his hips downwards entering her with a forceful thrust of his hips. In a two rapid jerks, he tore her hymen and sank into her painfully tight pussy.

Her scream of pain was muffled by his hand but seemed to fill her ears as tears rolled from her eyes and she squeezed her eyelids closed, .and gasped for air……

“She heard him soothing her; kissing her neck and ears as he held perfectly still for a few moments.

She felt his manhood fill her until she felt she would burst. Her legs relaxed and she felt her now deflowered pussy adjust slowly and painfully to his massive intruding manhood.

Seeing that she was calmer, he removed his hand from her mouth and as she took deep breaths, he kissed her face and stroked her buttocks. He adjusted his position slightly causing a sudden sharp pain to race through her body. It soon subsided.

His attention was now on her breasts. He kept massaging and sucking her nipples which relaxed her and she started to enjoy the feel of his body on her, his lips his hands and his penis in her. He moved his hips slightly she bit her lips until the pain went and instinctively she now began to move her hips.

Her legs moved up, around his waist helped by his hands as he started in and out movements with his hips. His bottom moving up and down as his tool thrust backwards and forwards in her pussy.

She began to feel the pleasure of it; the pain dulled replaced by a feeling of completion.

Her young pussy was so tight that she felt every thrust as if it the first. Each inward thrust eased her open a little more and a little wider.

He was giving her real pleasure, the kind that her fingers only hinted at.

Amit kept his pace slow and steady; he was not new to this as she was.

Men were sometimes Very quick and very rough. She had not understood then but now she could imagine.

As his pace slowly increased, she felt a pressure build up inside her. Suddenly her body wanted to move faster and more urgently, her chest contracted and her heart felt like it would explode as she gasped for breath and squeezed him hard between her thighs, her head tilted back, and she came.

Amit had also sped up and just a split second after her, his own orgasm erupted and he shot his seed into her.

The feel of his boiling hot liquid inside her was so unexpected so unbelievable. It increased her own pleasure and at the same time seemed to sooth her torn, ruptured pussy. The sperm permeated through her pussy crevices and was fertilizing her young egg. She moaned with delight and exclaimed that he should have used a condom.

They pressed their groins hard against each other as he filled her. And then both relaxed; and he fell on her body and became still.

To be continued….

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