Pakistani husband cuckolded by Indian Bull

The below is a repost, it’s about a fair skinned Pakistani wife, her little dick pakistani husband and an indian stud. I love this story, it is perfect. So many of us Pakistani dream of something like this.


She was too busy at work, and at the same some family issues cropped up that required her attention. Nothing serious, just the kind of extended family matters that only a desi person would face and understand.
Finally, Samina got all the stuff taken care of and had time again to get back to her life. She started dating again. This time, it was guy named Amitabh. He was a graduate student in business administration at the university where Samina was taking an evening course in advanced risk management that her employer had asked her to take. Amitabh was in that course too. They had started out being part of the same study group, and then had hit it off.
Amitabh for his part had told Samina that he had a fiancee’ in his home town, back in India, and had plans of getting married to her, as soon as he cleared his PhD qualifying exam in 2 years time. But, until then he intended to have fun. He knew that Samina was married, but did not care and hit on her often. He was actually quite blunt and told her, that she was without a doubt the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes one, but more than that he had held a long time fantasy of fucking a Pakistani women. Also, before his engagement he had loved fucking married women back in India.
The fact that Samina was both married, and a Pakistani, made it that much more exciting for him. Samina found Amitabhs attitude refreshing, and even though he was not a very good looking guy by any stretch of imagination, she was willing to give him a shot. What she found most likable about him was the fact that while he was clearly interested in her, he did not come across as being one who would beg, or whine about fucking her. He made his desires clear, but left it up to her if she wanted to do it. So, one day Samina told him all about our lifestyle, and agreed to go out with him, even be his girlfriend for a while, if he still wanted to date her. Amitabh of course jumped at the opportunity.

Finally, that Friday night, I arrived home from work, to see Samina getting ready for her date. She had been preparing all afternoon. Had spent over an hour in the tub, done her hair, and applied several layers of moisturizer, and body glitter to herself. I helped Samina with her nails and painted them, a bright red color. Samina told me that Amitabh loved seeing them painted a bright red. I saw the dress laying on the bed. It was pink! It was a thin cotton material and had buttons along the front. My guess would be so it wouldn’t be hard getting undressed when she met her lover later that night.
I wondered if she would come home that night? Would she screw him in our bed? Maybe she wouldn’t come home at all weekend! I tried to imagine what Amitabh looked like? She wouldn’t tell me! Samina said it was a surprise and I could wait to meet him. Alls he told me was that he was a very average looking grad student from India, not even his home city.
Samina loves to tease me, playing with my balls and rubbing her thumb on the head of my dick! Yes, she laughs’ at it but loves to tease it! Samina loves to tease the head of it. She can’t touch the rest! At least until she takes it out of its prison. She loves the look on my face as I try to, and usually fail, stop getting erect.
Yes. I’m embarrassed to talk about the tube! Samina bought it for my last birthday. It’s made from stainless steel and has a curve keeping me from getting an erection. It has a steel loop that locks around my balls. She loves teasing me about my inability to control it. When I had finished painting her nails, she played with my balls for a few minutes. I felt like exploding but all I could do was watch the tension building up in my balls and watch my dick drip clear fluid from its head. It was all so humiliating, and frustrating.
As she twiddled my dickhead between her thumb and forefinger, I could smell the sweet scent of Samina’s perfume and it aroused me even more. The orbs and needle dug in and did their job, as my inflating cock deflated almost immediately, despite Samina’s ministrations. She laughed and let got, sitting down at the edge of the bed, putting on her strappy, five inch heels.

Samina had already put her pink dress on and I noticed how short and revealing it was on her. There were about fifteen buttons along the front holding it together. The cleavage was very low and I could see more than half of her breasts exposed. Samina finished buckling the little heel straps and stood up in front of the bed fluffing out her hair and asked me how she looked. As always, I told her how beautiful she looked and told her how much I loved her new dress.
She was wearing a very bright red lipstick and kissed me on the cheek before picking up her purse and walked out of the bedroom. She told me she might be home that night but not to worry if she wasn’t back until the next afternoon, as Amitabh had not told her his final plans for their date.
I watched, as she walked out the front door and watched her car until she turned the corner and disappeared from view. This was the toughed part about Samina dating other men. Waiting and wondering if she was going to come home that night. I have to admit that I was not only worried about Samina, but I was also very excited wondering what might be going on at that moment. My penis ached in its cruel, plastic prison, and despite my best attempts, would not go down.
I ate dinner and waited, it was all I could do and before long it was dark and getting late. I watched some TV, did some reading and then prepared for bed.

I was ready to go to bed when I saw headlights pull into the driveway. I hurried to the front window and saw that it was Samina’s car. I heard the door shut, then another door shut. My heart began beating much faster as I realized that Samina had brought Amitabh home with her. Yes, I would finally meet him! See the man she was so keen on dating and had happily gone out with. The man in whom she had confided the secret of our relationship. I wondered if she had told him he tell him I wore a chastity tube? What would he think of me?
Samina had told me that whenever she decided to bring a guy home that she wanted me to move to the guests’ bedroom unless she called me out to meet her date. I quickly went into the guestroom, and waited. I could hear them talking and laughing. He had a very deep voice and heard him talking to my wife as if she were his girlfriend. Well, she was! She had told him so herself.
I was laying on the bed waiting for more than an hour when the door opened and Samina walked into the bedroom. A few of the buttons had been undone on her dress leaving her breasts, mostly exposed as she leaned down and kissed me on the lips. She asked me to come into the master bedroom and watch but I had to be naked and she wanted me to stand along the edge of the bed.

My heart was racing as I got up out of the bed and followed Samina into our room. She lay on the bed and scooted into the center and leaned on one arm while she waited for Amitabh to return from the bathroom.
The door opened and my heart sank as a huge, dark man walked into the bedroom. His face was pock marked with acne dimples, and his lips appeared misshapen. Only on a good day could he be called even average looking. He extended his arm out to me to shake his hand. His hand was twice the size as mine. I must have appeared very pathetic standing naked wearing the plastic tube on my dick. I saw him glance at the tube but only cracked a smile as he turned toward Samnina, and got into the bed next to her. They began kissing and I watched as he spread open the dress and pulled it off her shoulders as they continued kissing.

Samina was fumbling with his pants and got it loose and helped him pull them down his massive legs. She gave them to me so I laid them across the arm of a chair and watched as she slept his shirt off. He was a very dark brown in color and built solid and dwarfed Samina in size.
Amitabh had taken the last buttons apart and was slipping the dress off completely leaving Samina naked. She wasn’t wearing any panties or bra so I watched as Amitabh stoked Samina’s bare pussy with his large hand using his finger to probe her pussy lips apart. Samina was moaning as Amitabh played with her pussy and I could see her rocking her hips back and forth along his thick finger.

Amitabh was still wearing silk boxer shorts but I could see his massive, uncut cock (it certainly matched his physique!) sticking out of the thin material. Samina pulled the boxer shorts off his legs and I saw his thick cock spring free. No matter how many times I see Samina set free a huge cock, it will still be as erotic a sight as it was the first time I saw her do it. It was thick and maybe nine inches long, I’m not sure other than the fact it looked huge. Samina wrapped her dainty little fingers around the thick shaft and bent down and kissed the head.
Amitabh leaned back on the pillow as Samina began sucking him. He turned his head toward me and motioned for me to stand closer to the bed so I moved. Samina was working her mouth lovingly around the shaft as she held hands with Amitabh and adjusted her legs so she could lay on her side facing me.
Samina’s mouth was making wet sounds as she sucked on the huge black cock. I put my own hand on my balls feeling them tense up from the pressure. I hadn’t been milked in over two-weeks so the pressure was great! The shaft was feeling the pricks, and my balls the pressure of the strap, still it would not go down.
The contrast between my wife’s pale light natural tan skin against Amitabh’s dark brown skin was unbelievable! Samina had her left hand wrapped around the massive shaft with her wedding ring glistening in the light of the room. It just looked so exciting seeing her diamond ring and her dainty fingers wrapped around Amitabhs monster cock!
Samina sucked, licked, and kissed the cock lovingly for almost thirty minutes. She kept opening her eyes and looking straight into mine in different positions. Sometimes her mouth would be full and sometimes she would be licking the huge head of his cock.

It was so erotic watching Samina making love to that huge cock! Samina turned one more time and smiled at me as she climbed on top of his legs and straddled the big man and took the huge cock into her little hand and helped Amitabh guide it into her tight pussy.
She was wet and excited and I saw how her pussy lips stretched out over the huge head. Samina rocked herself back and forth sending a larger fraction of the large cock into her pussy each time she moved. Why is it that sights like this never seem to get old?

Amitabh arched his hips up to meet her strokes and I stood on the edge of the bed and watched that massive cock disappear inside my wife’s pussy, as she took it in all the way and rode it. The view of her stretched pussy was incredible, as the cock, covered by her cream went in and out of her repeatedly.
Samina took hold of both of Amitabhs hands, and held them in her own as she rocked her hips above the huge man below her. Her eyes were closed as Amitabh began arching his hips up further sending more of his cock inside.
Samina rotated her hips as she rode his huge cock. I could hear the wet sucking sounds coming from her pussy as she continued to ride that huge cock. I watched as Samina leaned forward allowing her breasts, to hang out in front of Amitabh’s face and saw him begin licking the nipples. He looked like a little kid licking a lollipop. He bit each of her nipples causing her to shiver and moan. I saw her ass cheeks begin to quiver and I knew that Samina was having her first orgasm.

Amitabh held onto Samina’s ass while she experienced her first orgasm keeping her from dislodging his cock from her tight pussy. She was screaming and I hoped the neighbors didn’t hear her, as I watched Amitabh continue driving his huge cock deep inside!
Samina reached out and played with my balls as she rode Amitabh’s cock and leaned over to kiss me. It felt so strange kissing my wife as I could feel her body moving around above this huge man. All the pain in my imprisoned cock and balls was forgotten, as Samina probed her tongue into my mouth, and I could feel each thrust that Amitabh made into her with my mouth locked to her mouth.
Samina stopped kissing me as she rolled over onto her back and motioned to Amitabh to mount her. Amitabh plunged his massive cock back into her, and began screwing her hard sending her ass deep into the mattress. The bed shook, as Amitabh began screwing her harder. Samina locked her ankles around Amitabh and that’s when I saw the little cuckold ankle bracelet that Pushpa had given her as a a parting present. It was so arousing watching my wife getting screwed by this man above her. He was so large compared to my wife. She resembled a little girl!
Amitabh was groaning and sending his huge body down onto Samnina,and I knew it wouldn’t be long before he shot his load of seed inside my wife. My God! Indian baby making seed! What if Samina’s pills didn’t work? There was always a chance of getting pregnant!

Samina! Knocked up with an Indian baby! What would we do? What would everyone think of my wife? God, it was so exciting thinking about my wife getting knocked up by this man!
It made me think for a moment of the little game Samina and I played. She would have me give her the pill every morning! Her birth control pills! Yes. Every morning I would give her one of those pills. She was making me be the responsible person to make sure she didn’t get knocked up! It was simply a game to enhance our little agreement! It was all in fun! It enhanced our little mind game to the extreme!
What if I forgot? What if she didn’t remind me? What if I decided to forget one of those pills? Maybe I could tell Samina she already took it? How about two pills? Maybe three pills? Skip a day or two all month long? What would happen if she missed her period?! The ultimate high! Pregnant with an Indian baby! Not my baby but the baby of this man screwing Samina at that very moment!

I cleared my mind and got back to watching Samina take this huge man inside her pussy. He was grunting now and I could see his movement change as she began flexing his hips and took a couple last strokes before plowing into my wife one more time and let out a load groan when he shot his load.
I stood watching Amitabh shoot his load into Samina’s belly knowing that it was hitting her uterus. I knew he was inside her further than I ever was and knew at that moment his seed was filling her pussy, much like many of her other lovers had, and I still loved seeing it.

Amitabh kept moving his cock into my wife slowly for a couple minutes. I knew his thick cock was pushing his seed to it’s deepest. Samina’s ankles were still locked around Amitabh’s ass while they kissed and he stopped moving. They remained in that position while they kissed for ten minutes until Amitabh finally pulled his huge cock out of my wife. He was still hard and his cock was covered with cream from Samina, and himself.
Samina quickly grabbed a pillow, shoving it underneath her ass elevating it higher so Amitabh’s cum would remain inside. Then she smiled at me and motioned for me to come and lie next to her on the other side of the bed. Amitabh got up and walked into the bathroom as I climbed next to Samina and we began kissing. She asked me if I was enjoying the show and I told her that I was while we kissed.

I knew what she wanted next, so I climbed down between her legs and began licking her pussy clean. I had come to realize just how much I enjoyed it. Hearing her soft moans, and sighs, feeling her hands on my head gripping my hair, as my tongue lovingly caressed her recently fucked pussy, sucking in her gift or cream. It was an intense feeling, even as my cock ached, and throbbed in its prison. In the background, I could hear Amitabh snickering, but I did not care. Samina forced out, as much of the cum as he could, and I lapped it all up like a hungry dog. Eventually she let out a deep sigh and lifted up my head.
I looked up to see Amibtabh at the side of the bed getting ready to get into bed, his cock already fully hard. I looked at Samina and saw her signal towards the door with her eyes, and I understood, that she wanted to be alone with Amitabh, so I quietly slipped out of the room, closing the door behind me. For the rest of the night, I sat outside the door, listing with rapt attention to the sounds of sexual pleasure emerging from the room. Ultimately, after who knows how long, the sounds stopped for an extended period, and I figured that the couple had gone to sleep, so I walked to the guest room and surprisingly fell asleep rather easily.

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