Pious Muslimah Cheats On Husband

Hi my name is Aaysha. I’m 37 years old. I’m a teacher by profession. I’m happily married to my husband Akeel for the last 12 years. We’ve been trying for the last 10 years for a child but still not a single sign of pregnancy. I always want to keep my husband happy. So I always tell him that it’s my fault. We never bothered to go to a doctor for check up too. We were so happy together. We were sexually healthy too. We used to have sex every day.

Akeel works for a Travel Solutions company. I teach for an Islamic school. So I used to wear abaya with hijab wrapped for work. I and husband usually go to work by train, but different timings. He goes to work at the 7 o clock train. I go at the 8.

Let me tell you about myself. I am from middle class family. Me n Akeel loved each other for 5 years and got married. I am 37 and simple yet so arousing in a way. I was educated and career driven yet so homely and very religious. I am fair and a bit fat but had meat at the right place. My bra size was 38 waist 36 and bust 38.

It was a Monday. Akeel gave our clothes to laundry on Sunday, but we didn’t get the clothes on time due to power cut in our area. But luckily I kept one abaya at the cupboard which I don’t wear much because it’s very tight.

So Monday morning I was in a hurry. Prayed early morning then started cooking for Akeel. It was a hectic Monday. Akeel left around 7.30am. I was getting late. I had a wash n came to my room to get ready. All my shalwar were given to laundry. So I took a night gown. Then I searched for a bra. Then I remembered I had no bras at home. Coz I don’t wear bra inside home. I have given all the bras to laundry. I thought it’s only for today. Told myself n wore the night gown. And on top of that I wore my abaya and wrapped my hijab. It was so tight. My boobs were round and big. And I had no bra inside too. As I’m getting late I left home in a hurry.

It was two minutes walk from my place to the railway station. I was late. I was running slowly. When I passed the tea shop near the station I heard some whistling n commenting flying. About me. I didn’t bother coz I was in a hurry. The train was crowded. I had to get in that train to be at school on time. It was packed. But somehow I managed to get inside the train.

As I was a Muslim lady everyone gave way to go more inside the train. Everyone respects a woman in abaya.

Train started moving. It was 45 min journey. It was all sweating and crowded. I was feeling very uncomfortable. Most of the passengers were men. I was so religious I don’t even look at men when I walk with my husband or when I come back home from work. But that changed this day.

As I told train was crowded, I felt some bodies crushed over me. I can’t even move. Suddenly I felt a hand on my buttocks. I thought it was accidental and I never bothered. Then I felt someone kneading my buttocks. I can’t even turn to see who it was. Then suddenly I felt his hand moving up towards my fleshy waist. He was massaging my waist and rubbing his crotch on my ass. This continued for 10 min. I was helpless. I was struggling. Then I heard a whisper on my ear. “Don’t worry sweety, I know what u exactly wants.” He whispered. I was confused.

My eyes full of tears. My body and soul is only for my husband. Not anyone else. He started talking naughtily while pressing my waist. “You Muslim woman always turn me on, specially the married unsatisfied ones. Just like you.”

I was helpless. I felt wetness between my legs. It was dripping. I knew it was wrong n sin. But I am helpless. I don’t have the courage shout in the train. He was all over me. I can even smell him, that much close he was to me. He smelled good. He must be around 27-30. But still I couldn’t see his face.

Suddenly he cupped my breasts over my abaya. And he felt that I’m not wearing any bra inside. “You naughty! No bra inside, u came ready for this” he whispered. He was massaging my boobs softly and nibbling my nipples. I closed my eyes. I felt my horniness is overriding my faith to my husband. My loving husband!

Then I felt his crotch against my ass while he was kneading my tits. He was slowly moving. “What’s your name?” He asked. My eyes were closed. I never intended to reply. But I slowly whispered “Aaysha”. Then I realized my body is not in my control. That guy was controlling me. I have never felt this way in my life.

He planted a kiss on my ear over my hijab as I shivered. He was doing wonders in my body. I was extremely wet. Then he moved one hand to my ass and start pulling my abaya upwards. He was pulling it with my night gown. I got scared and said no. He told me to relax and pulled it till my thighs and his hand vanished inside. I felt his hand over my wet panty. He was slowly rubbing it up and down. I was out of control. I was on fire. I was so wet and he was making me so horny. And I felt his hand moving inside my panty. My legs got wider and gave him better access. When he touched my fat fleshy dripping pussy, I shivered and my legs got weaker. He held me from my waist and started to explore my inner sensations. He was so good. Rubbing my fat clit and nibbling it. My husband has never done this to me. He doesn’t give much attention to my pussy with his hands. I was in heaven.

He kept on massaging my boobs while fingering me, and he slowly pushed one of his fingers inside me, that’s it. I could last longer. I felt something building up. I was so much under pressure. Suddenly my fleshy pussy opened and thick liquid gushed off my pussy all over his hands that was my first orgasm in my life. Being married for 12 years this never occurred to me, I was tired. And he asked, “Whoa that was huge and intense. Was it the first time??” I kept quiet and nodded my head. “I’m gonna show you heavens Aaysha. I’ll show you what your husband can’t do. I’ll show you satisfaction Aaysha” he said and kept a card in my hand and walked away before I turn back. And the train stopped, so many people got down. I was shell shocked by this scene and got down from the next station and then I looked at the card which he gave me. His name is Ramesh, working at a gym as an instructor. The number was there. I kept the card inside my bag and went to the station washroom to get myself neat and went to school.

I couldn’t concentrate on anything at school. Akeel called me, but I couldn’t talk to him properly. I felt so guilty. I have done a sin, I have cheated my husband. I took my hand bag to throw the card away, and then suddenly my mind stopped and reminded the moments on the train. I couldn’t throw the card; instead I saved his number on my phone. I was getting wet by thinking of the incident.

I’m gonna stop my story right here. There are so many parts of this story. How Aaysha got pregnant, how she tricked into a threesome, how she enjoyed gang-bang.

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