Sana Khan bani hinduo k lund ka shikar

My friend Sana Khan wants her story posted.
Sana has long been waiting for kafirhindu men to use her sexy body which she has very well maintained.
All the pics posted in this story are her real pics and she doesn’t have any problem. This shows her desire to be ogled and fucked by kafir men with full force.
Part I: Caught up in a situation

As you know pakistan and India were at war and it had consequences on both sides. Sana was in India during the war. Some Pakistani spies were hiding in India. One such spy was able to befriend Sana and he got shelter in her house. Sana helped him because he looked troubled and was in desperate need. Indian security agencies were a step ahead and managed to track this spy whose cover had already blown and they were searching for him.
Finally the police raided Sana’s house. They caught the paki Spy and he led them to Sana ‘the shelter provider.’
Inspector saw Sana and at that very moment he fell silent for a second taken away by her beauty.
Then he ordered- “Arrest Her”

Sana was horrified.
She was in  police custody, the inspector took her into the interrogation room.


He was a Hindu 6 feet tall 35 years old hardy and merciless individual. Sana was nervous inside the lonely interrogation room.
He made her sit and started questioning her.
Hindu Inspector- Bahut Shauk hai desh k dushmano ki khatir daari karne ka?
Sana- What do you mean sir.
Inspector- You were sheltering an enemy of the state, a Pakistani spy.
Sana- No sir I know nothing about this, he was troubled so I helped him.
Inspector- There are many troubled guys roaming around the streets do you invite everyone of them to your house ? Was this the first one ? How many terrorists have you sheltered before this ?
Sana- I only helped him but didn’t know he was a spy please believe me.
Inspector- I know how to make people spit out the truth and since you are a girl this is going to be so much fun.
Sana was unaware of his erotic and lustful intentions.
She was siting on the chair facing him, the Inspector started moving his baton (police stick) over Sana’s breasts.

So are you going to tell me the truth or should I take drastic measures. I don’t feel like beating you so I have found out an alternative way as I always do.
Sana was feeling humiliated as the officer was moving his stick over her boobs.
Sana- Stop this I don’t know anything about him being a spy. You have caught a wrong person.

Inspector- Mujhe pata hai tum musalman log is kaam mai bahot aage ho lekin hum tumhare bhi bap hai jab humne tumhare atankwadi mardo ko pakad kar theek kiya to ab unhone apni Ladkiyo ko bhi kaam pe laga diya chalo acha hai kam se kam ab musalmani chut ka maza lene ko to milenga, vaise pehle bhi koi kami nahi thi par aaj to bahot mast maal haat laga hai.

Sana (angered by inspector’s hateful views)- you bastard harami what crap are you talking about.

Inspector- Bahot garmi hai tere andar abhi nikalta hu sari garmi. Jab mera lamba lund tere andar jyega tab tera mu khulega aur sab garmi bahar nikal jyegi.

You won’t understand how to behave like a submissive convict bitch under my custody, when I will shove my long hard cock inside your cunt only then you would understand but not before that.

The wicked hindu inspector held Sana with both his hands and started removing her salwar kameez. Sana was screaming telling him to stop and no one could hear her voice outside that interrogation room.
Sana was completely overpowered by the strong inspector. He grabbed her neck from behind using one hand and loosened her salwar (bottom) with the other. It fell down and Sana’s fair sexy toned legs began shaking due to nervousness.

The inspector moved his hands inside Sana’s panty and started playing with her pussy.
Sana- Ahhh!!! please no..leave me.
Inspector (Humiliating her)- Let me examine your pussy lets see if you are hiding something in there.
He got rid of her panty and her ripe vagina got exposed for the first time in front of a stranger. He was making her feel degraded.

Inspector was eying her breasts and now started removing her top. After removing it he unhooked her bra.
He was taken away by the beauty of her naked body. His cock was hard inside his underwear eager to come out.
The inspector sucked her juicy boobs like a mango.
He kissed and sucked her beautiful pink lips like crazy moving his tongue inside her mouth.

Sana (in distress)– Please let me go I am not a criminal.
Inspector- Even if you are not a criminal my dick won’t allow me to free you.
Mera lund nahi man raha kaise jane du tujhe, teri jawani dekh kar mera lund khada hua hai usko thanda kaun karega.

Sana- you are a sick man…you rapist bastard, suar.
Inspeator grabed her hairs and said in an angry tone – if I hear one more fucking word come out of your mouth I am gonna sell you to a brothel

Sana fell silent. He laid her down on the floor and opened her legs she was completely naked.
The the kafir hindu inspector undressed himself, he got rid of his police uniform removed his pants and then the underwear. A long and thick  uncut cock finally came out in the open like a wild snake.

Sana looked at his massive tool and it was the biggest she had ever seen in real life. She couldn’t move her eyes away from his cock for a moment.

The Inspector came close to her and said – kya hua musalmani chinal kabhi pura uncut loda nahi dekha kya. Seems like its the first time you saw a big uncut cock, you are not the first muslimah who is going to taste this kafir cock.

Sana felt so erotically humiliated by his words she couldn’t say anything to him. She was feeling like she is a sexual object.

The inspector laid down on top of Sana and started kising and sucking her lips and neck

In the middle of this she felt his heavy cock on her pussy.
Inspector (in her ears)- Sali aj teri chut mai jab hindu ka loda jyega tab tujhe pata chalega. Iske baad teri chut kafiro k lund ki gulam ban jyegi.
Police ki lathi k bare mai to sab ne suna hoga par aj tujhe police k lund k bare mai pata chalega.

The inspector started fingering and rubbing her sweet pussy warming it up and getting it ready to take his big cock.

Sana – ahhh!!! umm!!! no please noo…. stopppp!!!….. Trying to keep her dignity alive.

He held his cock with one hand and started pushing it inside her vagina. Sana’s eyes got closed automatically.
Slowly it started moving into her pussy. Sana’s breath started getting more deeper and heavier.
He started jerking his cock in and out of her pussy fucking her like a bitch.
He humiliates her whispering in her ear that how much he is enjoying fucking her muslimah chut with his kafir cock.

The strong kafir inspector lifted her up and pinned her up against the wall with his cock inside her pussy.

He continued on fucking her thrusting his cock inside her cunt. Sana overwhelmed by his massive kafir cock inside her vagina was scratching his back holding him firmly.

Inspector (breathing heavily)- Today your pussy is going to taste kafir cock juice and will always remember the taste.
Teri chut ki sari garmi nikal jayegi kafir k lund k pani se.
He pushed his cock deep inside her vagina as his load came rushing out of his cock and all his cock juice got injected into Sana’s pussy.
The inspector was feeling very light and satisfied after fucking her and using her body as he wished.

Sana was on the floor naked feeling like a submissive bitch.
Inspector- Kya hua randi ab sari garmi nikal gayi. 
After the dinner the inspector fucked her again.

Part II: Waking up a sleeping volcano
The next day a detective from National Security Agency came to interrogate Sana on the case.
The inspector led him to the interrogation room. The detective saw Sana in a naked state.
He inquired, Why is she naked ?
Inspector- she is not telling us anything.
Detective- Let me handle it from here.

The detective entered the room. He was a Hindu, fierce and intelligent individual. On top of that he was very disciplined.
Without paying attention towards Sana’s beautiful glossy naked body he started questioning her, doing his job.
Sana- Sir I am innocent I don’t know anything. I didn’t know he was a spy.
Detective: and
Sana- Please let me go.
Detective- Why should I believe you don’t have any evidence plus a spy was caught from your house.
Sana- Please I dont have anything as proof but I know I am not guilty.

Sana was very desperate to get out of this ugly situation. She thought that the detective is a good person someone she could seduce and convince but the problem was that he was highly disciplined.
He was not showing any kind of sexual interest towards her naked body so in the middle of the interrogation Sana started behaving like sluts.
She moved her leg close to his penis and touched his cock with her foot from outside his pants.

Detective- You whore do you think you can convince me using your cheap tricks.
Sana didn’t expect such reaction from him, the detective was highly motivated and disciplined in his job. He grabbed her head from behind and made her look into his eyes and said- You muslim slut your tricks wont work on me. You are so eager to get fucked ok today I will fuck you so hard that you will remember it for the rest of your life.

Sana had no idea what she just did she had woken up a sleeping giant which was going to swallow her.
The Detective started removing his pants.

Sana- Sir please forgive me I was only trying to be friendly, I like you.
Detective- Like me ? Stop your drama. Now my cock is hard get ready to be fucked.

Finally his cock came out. A hard 9 inch uncut kafir dick was in front of Sana’s eyes even bigger than the one she got fucked the previous day.
Sana knew now she has no option but to let him use her beautiful body as he wants. He looked so determined to fuck her that now even the God couldn’t have convinced him to do otherwise.

He moved his cock near her shiny lips wanting her to suck it. Left with no choice Sana grabbed his heavy dick and moved her tongue on his cock. She took it inside her mouth and started sucking it.

Detective- Sali musalmani chinal bahot shauk hai tujhe hinduo ka lund chusne ka.
Nothing is more pleasing than seeing a pretty muslimah sucking a kafir cock haha, said the kafir detective enjoying his cock inside her warm mouth.

He pushed his cock deeper inside her mouth making her swallow his cum. Sana had great cock sucking lips.

After this he pushed her down towards the floor she laid down like a bitch opening her legs.
Detective- You are arrogant about your beauty huh. You Polished it and maintained for so long, for whom ?  Look bitch, now who is using your beautiful body for lust and pleasure ? The kafirs. So submit yourself to us.
Sana didn’t say anything she was very passive. She felt like a sex slave of the kafirs, a sex object to be used as they pleased.

With full force the kafir detective forced his big cock inside her pussy as she screamed ahhhh!!! He didn’t do it gently but by force because he wanted to torment her.
He started jerking and thrusting  his cock in and out of her pussy very hard.

Detecting (while fucking)- Jab tak in musalmani randiyo ki chut mai hinduo ka lund nahi jata tab tak inko chain nahi milta. 
He was fucking her so hard that it was causing her pain in between, he bit her neck and lips, scratched her boobs but the pleasure of his big veiny 9 inch cock overshadowed the pain to a great extent.

He banged her from behind on the floor like a dirty slut. He pulls her hair, grabs her neck while fucking her. Overwhelmed by the pleasure of his big kafir cock she wasn’t able to control her emotions and she moans like a slut.

Detective (humiliating her)-  These Muslimahs act very dignified and innocent but the moment they see a kafir cock in front of them they become hungry sluts…..(while fucking her)
Sana listens to his words and it makes her feel even more slutty, she starts to enjoy being used by such a dominating man.

The Detective lifts her up all his muscles come into play. He fucks her like a bull, thrusts his cock violently inside her pussy. He uses all his strength and jerks his cock in and out of her vagina which had turned red and was a bit swollen from such rough fucking. His cock had stretched her pussy to great limits.
Now he feels the pressure, the detective wants to cum. Another jerk and he groans in pleasure all his load comes out. Sana feels his warm cock juice came rushing out and fills her pussy hole.

Detective after using her dresses himself in satisfaction. Sana was on the floor thinking about how she got outfoxed by him.

Detective- Bahot shauk hai tujhe chudne ka ab teri musalmani chut ki aag thandi ho gayi hogi. 
From today your pussy will crave for kafir cock more than ever you slut.

Sana- Please let me go I am innocent.
Detective- I know whether you are innocent or guilty, all these years in service I am not a fool.
He leaves the roam and talks to the Inspector.

Part III: A surprise visit 
The next day a 36 year old man from a radical Hindu group met with the inspector. It seemed that they both knew each other well.
The inspector took him to the interrogation room where he saw Sana for the first time. He got attracted to her at first sight and decided to talk to her alone.

He approached her, Sana had clothes on but she was nervous suspecting his intentions.
With his lust filled eyes the Hindu radical group leader was staring at Sana from top to bottom.

Brief background of this man:
This guy was a kattar radical Hindu, he was a lustful beast, a womanizer. He knew kamasutra and the art of seduction plus he had military training under his belt. He was rich and mainly preferred noble Muslim ladies. He had contacts with many army officers at very high ranks and made full use of the opportunity during the indo-pak war he was supplied with beautiful pakimuslim ladies caught in the war zone, he  fucked them day and night. He was a master of debauchery and sensual pleasures. This guy was married once but later separated.

Oh look at this a sexy muslimah bird is locked inside the cage wanting to be free.
Sana (in grief)- I am innocent.
He went closer to her pulled her hairs and started smelling them.
“Oh i can smell how innocent and cold you are”, he said.
“Only I can help you get out of this cage only if you give me something in return”, Putting his one hand on Sana’s thighs.
“I can fuck you here and no one would stop me but I have different plans for you”, he added
Sana (nervous)- You are going to sell me to someone, no.
I have excessive amount of money, why would I do that.
Sana- I don’t know.
I will take you to my home.

Sana wasn’t sure whether to trust him or not but he was definitely sounding nicer to her and she had no other choice, locked up inside a room she had to try something new.

He got even more closer to Sana, put a hand on her shoulder, then touched and caressed her neck, pulled down her top a bit. He saw small red marks of kisses and a few scratches below her neck.
“How many kafir men have used you”, he questions
Sana remained silent.
Tell me.
Sana- Two.
“Looks like they fucked you very roughly.”
Then he touches and moves his fingers over her vagina from outside her salwar and said- “oh your vagina must have got Sore.”
Did you enjoy uncut kafir dicks in your tight pussy must have been quite an experience.
Tell me dont be shy.
Sana- I dont know.
That means you didn’t feel bad either when they were fucking your muslimah pussy.

He leaves the room and talks to the inspector, who agrees to let her go with him. The hindu radical group leader takes Sana with him to his home.
You should get fresh, take a bath. Sana couldn’t say no. He accompanies her to the bathroom and closes the door with both of them inside.
Sana looks at him, her eyes were telling him to leave.
“I want to see you taking a shower, you don’t need to be shy from me I have seen enough naked muslimah ladies in my life come on remove your dress and turn on the shower”, he says.

After getting fucked for 2 days by strangers Sana was getting used to such situation. She gets naked and turns on the shower.
The hindu radical group leader was gazing at her Sexy Wet body like there is absolutely nothing else left in this world for him to see except her. His eyes were fixed at her, he was seeing the water flowing and dripping off her body.
His cock was so hard inside his pants it was trying to tear off his underwear. Finally he begins to remove his clothes. He got naked and his cock was out in the open. His intentions were clear, Sana knew what he wanted. She saw his muscular uncut cock which was long and hard. It was looking so hungry for her but he was in no hurry.
He came close to Sana and said- “let me clean your back.” And she could not say no.
He applies soap on her back and ass enjoying her sexy body curves. Then intentionally he makes his long hard erect cock touch her Ass crack. Sana feels his cock in between her ass, she looks back and this radical hindu man gives her a wicked Smile. Sana turns her face away trying to show that she still believes in honor and shame.
Then he turns her towards him water was dripping from her lips. He kisses and sucks her lips drinking the water from her sexy lips. Sana fell silent, he kisses her neck and caresses her pussy with his fingers. Then lifts her up in his arms and carries her to his bedroom.
He places himself on top of her and starts to kiss, cuddle and suck her sexy body parts, he particularly enjoys sucking her nipples.
Then he rubs his warm cock head on her pussy lips and gently moves it inside.
Sana (groans)- Ahhh!!!

With his cock inside her pussy he says in her ears- ab tu kisi ka bhi lund lele maza to tujhe sirf  kafir hinduo k lund se chudne mai he ayega.
Sana felt some truth his words, she was not a virgin before this incident she had sex before but the kind of impact kafir cocks had left on her pussy and mind is something she would never forget.
She begins to enjoy the taboo feeling of lustful kafir men hungry for muslimahs using her sexy body.
He fucks her with full passion and fills his pussy with his cum.

After few days he decides something different. This man was married once but got separated and had no children. He decides to breed Sana’s pussy with his kafir semen. He wanted to have a baby with Sana and he told her about this.
Sana feels excited and erotic, thinking about a kafir man seeding her womb with his sperm and making her pregnant with his child.
He begins to fuck Sana even more intensely breeding her musalmani chut which is big cock.

Sana ko ye soch kar maza aane laga tha ki ek kafirhindu usko chod kar apne liye ek baccha paida karega aur usko maa banayega.

Sana fell in love with his cock and sexual stamina. The first she did when she woke up in the morning is suck his hard cock. They started their day with sex.
He seeded Sana’s pussy which his cock juice day in and day out again and again until she got pregnant with his child.
Sana became a happy submissive slave of kafir cock who will now never look back. She is now an inspiration for every Muslimah who craves for kafir cock inside her pussy and those who get sleepless nights, with finger in their pussy fantasizing about the pleasure in getting fucked by a lustful kafir who is crazy for muslimahs.