Sanam Baloch hindu major ki randi bani

As you all know Pakistan was fully occupied by IndianHindu army. One day Sanam Baloch was coming home to Karachi from another city but that day whole of Karachi was under Curfew because of a riot. No one was allowed to come out on the streets except Soldiers and security personnel.When Sanam Baloch’s car reached Karachi she was stopped by the soldiers guarding the area. One of the soldier told her that you cannot go any further because of the curfew.
Sanam – Karachi is my home I cannot go back now. I need to reach my home.
Soldier- We have strict orders from our Major we cannot allow any civilian on the streets.
Sanam – Please let me talk to your major where is he.
Soldier – Major sir do not talk to civilians on these issues.
Suddenly the major came out and inquired whats happening.
Soldier – This lady is asking to go further into the city to her home and she is begging to talk to you on this matter.
Major approached her and said – I cannot allow this car to go any further you have to go back. I don’t think this curfew will be over anytime soon. But seeing that you are deeply worried I think I am generous enough to drive you to your home in my army car, no one will stop my car. This is the only option you have apart from going back.Sanam didn’t want to go back and she accepted the major’s proposal. Deep inside his heart Major was getting happy and excited.

Innocent Sanam didn’t have a clue that Major was planning something in his mischievous mind. Major’s mind was getting flooded with erotic thoughts about her. He was already thinking about fucking her. Major was taken away by her beauty of this cute innocent pakistani muslim girl.That major was very naughty and sometimes vicious. He had already had sex with more than a hundred paki muslim girls and was not going to stop anytime soon.

Now every step of her was taking her closer and closer to major’s big hindu lund. Sanam unaware of major’s erotic intentions sat in the car. She was sitting in the back seat with the army major as his driver was driving the car.

Major began talking with Sanam and in the middle of the conversation he started flirting with her.
Major- You are so beautiful any man can loose his control looking at your beauty, so close to you.
Sanam – What do you mean ?
Major put his hand on Sanam’s shoulder and said – You know what I meat don’t act so innocent.
Major – I am helping you and you should also take care of my feelings.
Sanam – Oh I am very thankful to you and if time comes when you need my help feel free to call me.
Major – I need your help right now at this very moment.
Sanam – Ok how may I help you ?
Major – From the moment I saw your beauty, your cute and charming face my cock is not able to rest in peace, it is constantly tickling inside my pants and is yearning for you.
Sanam – What is this nonsense.
Major – It is the truth baby.
Sanam – Please stop I am not that kind of girl.
Major – You pakistani muslim girls demonstrate that you are full of innocence like an ingenue but when our lunds enter your chut you moan like sluts and beg to be fucked again after that.
Sanam – Stop the car I will go on my own.
Major – Ok go out of the car and the soldiers guarding the area will catch you for the violation of curfew and what will they dowith a ripe and alluring girl like you, only the Gods know for certain.
Now Sanam was stuck she couldn’t even think of going out of the car. Now she had to sit inside the car and tolerate the Major.
Sanam (worried) – I was stupid to trust you. I thought you were a good person.
Major – I am a kind man that’s why I am offering you.
Sanam – What ?
Major- My big cock, when it will go inside you, you will get heavenly pleasures, pleasure that no one is able to provide you till now, pleasure that you are unaware of, you don’t know what you will miss.
Sanam – Please I am humbly asking you to stop.
You pakiMuslim girls always say No the fist time but one our cocks go inside your pussy you moan like whores wanting to be fucked harder and harder.
Sanam (lost her temper) – You wicked ass hole.
Major (smiling mischievously) –  haha you haven’t seen how bad I can be until now I was talking to you very gently but now it seems I have to show my wickedness.
Sanam- You are much older than me please understand have some shame.
That Major was 35 years old strong and healthy man.
Major – Then you will enjoy more getting fucked by a mature older male.

Major grabbed Sanam’s boobs and started pressing them. Sanam had no other choice, she could not have got out of the car because of the curfew.
Sanam was dressed in a salwar kameez. Major was enjoying her boobs from outside of her kameez. Then he put his hand inside her Kameez and unhooked her bra. The bra separated from her boobs. With her hands inside her kameez the Major was pressing her boobs. Sanam couldn’t stop him all her efforts had failed. The major was crazy for her he was taken away by her beauty and innocence and now even the Gods themselves couldn’t have convinced the major from changing his mind.

Now the Major started taking off her kameez (top) but this time Sanam’s conscience got the better of her as she pushed the Major back to stop him.
Major grabbed her shoulders and said –  If you resist again I will make you nude and leave you on the street then hundreds of soldiers out there would not be able to control themselves seeing such a ripe beauty and will ravage your pussy taking turns again and again from dusk to dwan.

Now Sanam could only quietly watch her body being used by this sex hungry Major and wait for him to get satisfy his lust for her.
Now Major removed her Kameez (top) without any opposition from her. Sanam’s lustrous boobs were uncovered and exposed as the Major hungrily gazed at her boobs and belly. At once he grasped her and started sucking her boobs and licking her neck passionately.
He then sucked her delicious pink lips and then inserted his tongue into her mouth and started sucking her mouth. Simultaneously with his one hand the Major was touching her pussy from outside her salwar.

Sanam was silently allowing this beast to use her body for his eternal lust. She was controlling her emotions and voices that tried to release from her mouth and in all of this few small drops of tears were coming out from the ends of her eyes.

The Major now loosened her salwar and made way for his hands to go inside her panty while kissing her lips. His fingers felt her pussy lips and he started rubbing her pussy. Sanam was trying every bit to control herself. Now the Major started to gently insert his index finger into her pussy hole. As he tried to move his finger deeper into her pussy then came sudden outburst of emotions. Sanam’s docility was overwhelmed by her emotions she failed to control herself and the voices rushed out from her mouth.
Sanam – ummm!!! ahhh!!! ahhh!!!!!
As her mouth opened the Major inserted his tongue into it and started sucking her mouth. He continued playing with her pussy with his fingures.

Now the oversexed Major removed her salwar and panty. Sanam was completely naked with not even a single thread on her body. Her pink pussy was shaved and looked like no one has ever fucked it with man’s full capability.

The Major was lustfully looking at her thighs and ass. His madness for her had grown even more. He made her sit on the car’s seat with her legs up and he himself sat down below and moved his head between her sexy thighs. He moved his head closer and closer to her pussy. The aroma from her pussy was making him crazy. His breath was gently striking against Sanam’s pussy and she felt it too. She was getting nervous, the major moved his warm tongue on her pussy. Sanam felft it but controlled her self and didn’t give any response.
As he tried to force his tongue inside her vagina, as his tongue rubbed against the internal walls of her vagina, Sanam failed to control herself and moaned.
Sanam – Ahhhh!!!! umm Ahhhh!!!!
The major was pleased to hear her her voice. He rolled his tongue inside her pussy and tried to suck every bit of air from it.
Sanam didn’t expect all this and she started moaning heavily. Her hate and fear was completely overwhelmed by the pleasure of a warm tongue rolling inside her pussy. No one had ever sucked her pussy and major was experienced enough to get her going.
The hindu Major was licking her pussy with his tongue and in pleasure Sanam stretched her neck and moaned.
Sanam – Ahhhhhh!! Ahhhhh!! Ahhhhhh!! ummm!!! Ahhhh!
Sanam was breathing heavely.

Major- You moaned like a slut and enjoyed it like never before what will happen with I will put my cock inside you. The modest innocent pakiMuslim girl is beginning to show signs.

Now the major started removing his pants. His cock was really hungry and erect trying to tear his pants. He removed his underwear and a giant 9 inch uncut cock popped out in front of Sanam. His cock was hard as a rock and erect like never before.
Major was 6 feet tall with a 9 inch cock. He was strong and healthy man toughened in the army.
Sanam was already excited and aroused after her pussy had been viciously sucked by the major.
She saw Major’s giant thick cock and started feeling goosebumps. She knew his big cock is hungry for her, it is erect because of her, the blood rushing in his cock veins by seeing her beauty and only she can quench its thirst.
Sanam’s heart beat started rising.  Now her mind began to get flooded with erotic and lustful thoughts. She now realizes that she lusts for his cock and can happily become Major’s slut.

Sanam was gazing at his cock with lusty eyes and the major was cleaver enough to read her body language.
Major – As I said you pakistani Muslim girls say No the first time and act  like you are the most innocent and modest girl in the world but when our cocks are exposed in front of you then you behave like hungry sluts.  Look at you, you are gazing at my cock as if you want to eat it.
Major put his erect rock hard Lund in front of her beautiful innocent face. Sanam, like a hungry slut grabbed his thick cock

Sanam – hmmm How is it so big.
Major – It has got bigger fucking pakiMuslims girls like you, they have served my cock with great great pleasure t.
and honor.
Sanam- o my hindu lord make me your slut.
Major (with a smile) – Make me happy and you will get what you want, I could even make you my lady.
Sanam loved the veins on his hard strong cock. She quickly kissed his cock head and then sucked it like a lolly pop rolled her tongue over the thick dick head.
She moved her tongue and licked his cock from top to the bottom. It looked as if a cute angel is sucking a cock of a giant beast.
She sucked every inch of that cock and made it red hot by sucking it constantly. She was so much into it that sometimes she even forgot to breathe and lost her breath.
That giant cock was chocking her mouth as all the juice was dripping down. He took out his red hot cock from her mouth and she swallowed all the juice that major’s cock had left in her mouth.

With the cock in his hand moved his eyes at Sanam’s lovely pink pussy. Sanam opened her legs like a submissive bitch for major’s cock.
Major moved his cock closer to her pussy and forced it against her cunt. His cock went inside her pussy as Sanam moaned with pleasure.
Sanam – ahhh!!!
Major moved his cock head in and out of her pussy and rubbed it against the clitoris.
Now he sat down on the car’s seat and make Sanam sit on his lap with her legs open. He started sucking her lips and rolling his tongue inside her mouth.
Sanam grabbed his giant cock, inserted it inside her pussy and sat down on his cock with full length of his cock inside her.
Sanam moaned with pleasure – ahhhh!! ahhh!!!  and stretched her neck as the Major  passionately licked and kissed her neck like a lustful hungry beast.
Sanam – I want to get fucked by your hindu lund like a true paki muslim slut my lord ahhh!!!
Sanam moved her ass constantly up and down enjoying his cock inside her.

Sanam was starting to know what heavenly pleasure is, Major’s cock was touched the deepest isolated parts of her vagina that no cock until now was able to touch.
Sanam was literary jumping up and down on major big cock like a true slut. She was enjoying every inch of that cock. Blood was rushing in his cock veins and Major was going crazy he was he was sucking her lips, licking and gently biting her neck again and again without stopping even for a single second.
As Sanam was moving her ass up and down, she felt the g-spot touched by his cock she began to jerk her ass on his cock even harder enjoying and moaning heavily while major licking her neck grabbed her ass and began to move it up and down.
Sanam did not stopped until Major ejaculated. With a sudden rush all the cock juice got ejaculated into her pussy. She took out his cock from out pussy and all the semen started dripping down from her pussy.
After this Major took Sanam to her room where he fuck her again. His lust for her was eternal and Sanam too developed extreme lust for his cock. She loved living with him like his personal sex-slave and craved for his cock.

Jsia ki aap logo ko pata hai ki Pakistan pe hinduo ka kabja ho chuka tha. Sanam Baloch dusre shehar se Karachi aa rahi thi. Us din Karachi mai dango ki wajah se curfew laga hua tha. Hindu soldiers k ilawa aur kisi ko bhi road mai chalne ki ijazat nahi thi.
Jaise he Sanam Baloch ki car Karachi k andar ghusi waise he kuch hindu soldiers ne Sanam ki car ko rukwa diya, car uska driver chala raha tha aur Sanam piche wali seat mai baithi thi. Waha hindu faujio ne Sanam se kaha kisi ko bhi aage jane ki ijazat nahi hai curfew laga hua hai.
Sanam- Mera yaha karachi mai ghar hai mujhe apne ghar jana hai ab mai vapas nahi laut sakti
Soldier – Major sahab ka order hai, hum kisi ko bhi aage nahi jane de sakte.
Sanam- Please mujhe tumhre sahab se baat karni hai.
Soldier- Wo yaha civilians ne baat nahi karte vapas chale jao.
Tabhi wo Major bahar aa gaya uski nazar Sanam Baloch par padi.
Major- Kya ho raha hai.
Soldier – Ye aap se baat karne k liye bol kar rahi hai isko aage jana hai.
Major Sanam k paas gaya wo car mai baithi thi.
Sanam- Please mujhe aage jana hai mera ghar hai yaha.
Kisi ko bhi aage jana allowed nahi hai ye car aage nahi ja saki. Agar tumhe aage jana hai to tumhre pas bus ek option hai agar tum meri army car mai chalo to mai tumhe ghar chor sakta hu meri car ko koi nahi rokega.
Sanam wapas lautna nahi chahati thi aur ab uske paas sirf ek he option tha, major k saath uski car mai aage jana.
Sanam ne ha kar di aur Major man he man khus ho raha tha.

Major ki gandi nazar Sanam par pad chuki thi aur Sanam ko is baat ka bilkul bhi andaza nahi tha. Pehli nazar mai Sanam jaisi jawan aur hassen muslim ladki ko dekh kar Major man he man usko chodne k baare mai sochne laga tha.
Wo hindu major bahut Harami tha usne ladai k dauran pakistan mai bahut pakistani musalman ladkiyo ko chod rakha tha aur ab wo muslim chut ka bhuka tha ek darinde ki tarah.
Ab to Sanam ka har kadam usko hindu lund k kareeb le ja raha tha. Sanam bekhauf uski car mai baith gayi. Car Major ka driver chala raha tha aur Major Sanam k saath piche wali seat mai baithi thi.
Major sanam se baate kar raha tha aur baato baato mai usne keh diya tum bahut haseen ho tumhe dekh k to koi bhi mard fisal jaye.
Sanam – kya matlab
Major ne apna haath Sanam k kandhe par rakhte hue kaha – matlab tumhe pata hai itni boli mat bano.
Major- Mai tumhri help kar raha hu, tumhe bhi meri feelings ka khayal rakhna chaheye.
Sanam- Mai aap ki bahut shukar guzar hu aap ne meri help kari agar aapko kabhi meri help ki jarurat mehsoos ho to mujhe zaroor yaad karna.
Major- Mujhe to abhi isi waqt tumhari help ki jarurat hai.
Kaisi help.
Major- kya hai ki jab se tumhare haseen chehre ko dekha hai mera lund shant hone ka naam nahi le raha bahut tadaf raha hai tumhre liye.
Sanam – kya bakwas hai.
Major bakwas nahi sach hai.
Sanam – Please mai aisi ladki nahi hu.
Major – Tum pakistani muslim ladkiya bahut bholi banti ho par jab tumari chut mai hamara lund jata hai to bade maza le le kar awaze nikalti ho.
Sanam – car roko mai paidal chali jaungi.
Major- car se bahar jana hai to jao tumhe aur fauji pakad lenge aur curfew mai bahar nikalne k julm mai tumhare saath kya karenge wo to wohi jane. Mere paas rahogi to koi tumhe kuch nahi bolega.
Sanam – Maine socha tha tum ache admi ho tum.
Major – Acha hu isilaye to tumhe de raha hu.
Sanam – kya ?
Major – apna bada Lund jisko le kar tum jannt pauch jaogi. Sab pakistan muslim ladkiya pehli baar tumhri tarah he mana karti hai par jab unki chut mai hamara lund jata hai to maza le le kar chudwati hai. Bus ek baar jane ki der hai.
Sanam – Harami ho tum log.
Major – haha abhi tumne harami pana dekha he kaha hai abhi tak to mai tumhare saath bahar pyar se pesh aa raha tha par lagta hai ab harami ban na he padega.
Sanam – please aap mere se umar mai bahot bade ho kuch sharam karo.
Wo major 35 ka healthy mard tha.
Major – Fir to tumhe aur maza ayega apne se bade mature mard ka lene mai.
Major ne Sanam k boobs ko pakad liya bichari Sanam k paas koi rasta nahi tha wo car se bahar bhi nahi ja sakti thi curfew ki wajah se.
Major uski kameez k bahar se uske boobs k maze lene laga bahar se he uske boobs dabane laga.
Fir us ne kameez k andar hath dala aur Sanam ki bra ka hook khol diya, bra loose ho kar boobs se alag ho gayi. Ab wo andar hath dal kar Sanam k boobs ko dabane laga. Sanam bus dekhti he reh gayi wo usko mana kar rahi thi par major k dimag mai Sanam ko chodne ka bhoot sawar tha.
Ab Major sanam ki kameez utarne laga. Is baar Sanam ne usko dhakka de diya. Major ne Sanam ko pakad kar kaha – sali bahut garmi hai tere mai lagta hai abhi tak chudi nahi hai kisi hindu se aaj teri saari garmi nikal jayegi.
Agar ab mana tune kiya to mai tujhe nanga kar k road mai chor dunga fir ek nahi hazaro fauji tere jism ka maza lenge.
Ab Sanam bilkul chup ho gyi.
Major ne uski kameez utar di. Sanam ka gora jism dekh kar wo bhuke sher ki tarah uske nange jism ko chatne laga. Usne sanam k gore boobs ko chus chus kar laal kar diya.
Major uske rasiley hoton ko chuste hue apna haath sanam ki chut mai le gaya. Salwar k bahar se wo uski chut ko chune laga.
Usne Sanam ki salwar ka nada khol diya, fir panty k andar hath dal kar uski chut ko apni ungli se ragadne laga. Sanam k mu se awaz nikalne lagi major ne Sanam k mu k andar apni jeeb dal di aur ab wo uske mu mai jeeb daal kar uske hoton ko buri tarah chusne laga.
Major ab apni ungli uski chut k ched k andar gusane laga.
Sanam ( na chahate hue bhi usne mu se awaz nikalne lagi) – ouch!!!! ahhhhh!!! ahhhh!!! ahhhhh!!!
Major ne jaldi se Snam ki salwar aur panty ka puri tarah utar di. Salam ab bilul nangi thi uske jism mai ek bhi kapda nahi tha.
Sanam ki naram, gori tange aur thighs dekh kar major aur bhi jyada pagal hone laga. Usne Sanam ko car ki seat par tang upar kar k baitha diya aur khud seat k niche baith kar apna sir Sanam ki gori tango k beech fasa diya. Wo apna mu sanam ki chut k kareeb le gaya. Usne sanse Sanam ki chut se takrai salam excited hone lagi.
Major ki jeeb sanam ki chut k andar touch hui.
Sanam – ahhhh!!! ahhhhhhh!!! ahh……………………………….
Wo uski chut par jhapat pada aur jeeb chut k ander daal kar uski Gulabi soft chut ko chusne laga.
Ab sanam ka bura haal hone laga usne ye bilkul bhi expect nahi kiya tha.
Major apni jeeb sanam ki chut k andar ghuma raha tha, usne chut ko andar tak chus dala tha. Sanam k pasine choot gaye. Itna maza usko shayad pehli baar aya hoga.
Sanam ki saanse rukne na naam nahi le rahi thi.
Major – Ab sali ka randi pana bahar aaya kaise randiyo ki tarah awaze nikal rahi thi jab teri chut mai lund dalunga tab kya haal hoga tera.
Major ab apni pant utarne laga. Uske lund ka to bura haal ho rakha tha. Jaise he usne apna underwear utara uska 9 inch ka mota hindu lund Sanam ki ankho k samne aya. Uska lund to pehle se tana hua salami de raha tha.
Major 6 feet ka healthy mard tha aur uska lund 9 inch ka tha. Chut mai jeeb dalwa kar Sanam k pehle se he hosh ud rakhe the aur ab itna bada uncut hindu lund dekh kar uske dil ki dharkan tez hone lagi.
Ab Sanam k man mai bhi erotic khayal aane lage. Wo hinduo k lund ki randi ban kar chudwane k khawab dekhne lagi.

Sanam uske lund ko ghur k dekhne lagi Major bhi samajh gaya.
Sali tum pakistan muslim ladkiya pehle to bahut shareef banti ho aur jab lund samne hota hai to randiyo ki tarah harkate karti ho.
Major apne khade lund ko Sanam k pyare chehre k samne le gaya. Sanam ne randiyo ki tarah usne lund ko pakad liya.
Sanam – hmmm aapka itna bada kaise hai.
Major – Teri jaisi muslim randiyo ko chod kar hua hai.
Sanam – mujhe apni randi bana lo..
Major – To fir mujhe khush kar.
Sanam ne pehle major k uncut lund k tope ko kiss kiya. Fir lolly pop ki tarah uske lund k tope ko chusa. Wo uske lund ko apne mu mai le kar randiyo ki tarah chusne lagi upar se le kar niche tak.
Major k lund se garam garam lund ka pani lick ho raha tha, sanam usko andar le rahi thi.
Sanam ne major ko khus kar diya uske lund ko ek musalmani randi ki tarah usne khub chusa.
Major ne apna lund sanam k mu se bahar nikala aur uski gulabi chut ki taraf nazar dali Sanam bhi samajh gayi.
Sanam car ki seat mai baithi thi aur usne apni tange khol di. Major aage bada usne apna bhari lund sanam ki masoom chut k ched se laga diya.
Sanam – ummm!!!…… ahhh!!!……..
Major ne dhakka mara uska lund sanam ki tight chut mai jane laga.
Sanam – ufff !!! ahhh!!!!
Fir major car ki seat mai baith gaya aur Sanam ko apni thighs mai baitha kar apni bahon mai bhar liya. Major apni jeeb sanam k mu k andar daal kar usko hoton ko chusne laga.
Sanam ne uska lund pakda aur apni chut mai daal dar lund k upar baith gayi. Sanam gand hila hila kar randiyo ki tarah uske big lund k upar uchal rahi thi.

Major ne bahut pakistani muslim ladkiya chodi thi par tak Sanam sab se jyada mazedaar thi. Major pagalo ki tarah sanam k gale aur boobs mai kiss kiye ja raha tha aur sanam uske lund k upar uchal kood kar rahi thi.

Sanam gand hila kar tab tak major k lund k upar uchalti rahi jab tak major k lund ka pani uski chut mai sama nahi gaya.

Lund ka pani jab sanam ki chut mai gaya tab wo shant hui.
Iske baad major usko apne room mai le gaya aur Sanam ko dubara apni hawas ka shikar banaya. Sanam to ab uske lund ki deewani ho gayi thi.
Major ne sanam ko apni personal sex-slave bana k rakha jaisa ki sanam chahati thi.