Saved By Family

hi i am rahul presenting a real story from about 3 ago there is a fight between hindu and muslim college boys we hindu beat the hell out of them but then after 3 days one of our friend is going home they take him and beat him a group with mask but he sees the face of one boy his name is jamal then we all around 15 boys go to his home to beat him and one of our friend is local leader son so if do not fear from anyone her sister opens the door then we forcefully enter his house everyone came out of their rooms after hearing voices there are his three sisters two unmarried and one married she is home for some time and his mother and one unmarried bua and his tayji they all came in hall .jamal is very famous for his hot family his married sister is 25 years and the other two are 23 and 19 they all are hot as hell that day all of them are wearing hijab .his bua is 27 years and his tayji is 32 years but her figure is well mantained and his mom is 46 years but but his ass is amazing.

mom:who are you

me: i am rahul i am in jamal college he and his friends beat one of our friends so we are here to beat him up

mom:he is not home

me: dont try to hide him from me,go search him

all the boys start to search him but he is doesnt then he door opened he came inside house but he tries to run away but we catch him then i start slapping and kicking him but then his mother falls on my feet and start crying

mom:please dont beat him he will never do it again

me:but what about this time he has to pay for what he has done

mom:please dont i will do anything

i get irritated i pull her up by her hair

me: ok then what about you all pay for his mistakes

mom: how

me: me and my friends we all gonna fuck you all

mom: please dont do this my daughters and sister are virgin

i get more irritated i start hitting him harder

tayji: you can fuck me

mom: you can fuck me

married sister: you all can fuck me but leave everyone alone

i slapped her

me: bitch didnt you hear me i said we are gonna fuck you all

bua: please fuck me but do not hurt anyone

i grabbed bua and said to her for our big hindu cocks

bua: dont make me say such things

i slapped her

me: not only you all will beg

they started begging “please master fuck your muslim whores as much you want in our mouth pussy and anus with your mighty hindu uncut cock and leave jamal alone”

we tied jamal in a chair and all of us gets into action 6 muslim slaves and 15 hindu masters

what will happen next in next part.

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