Seductive hot Arab/Paki Mulliyan !!!! Ramzan Special…!!!!

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Hello everyone and my hot slutty muslima fans.

Firstly happy hot ramzan to every sexy muslima girl visit this site. Secondly thanks for ur support and so many emails.

Unfortunately i can not meet u or text u all at once so have patience for my reply. I have very busy schedule between my job and gf.

I am giving answers to few of most commonly asked questions here so that everyone don’t waste time inquiring about me on chats or emails :-

  1. Yes i have a muslima gf of age 32 from my city bhopal.
  2. Yes she is married without child right now but i wont disclose her or any muslima female’s pics on this site without her consent.
  3. Yes i am breeding her my hindu baby regularly after my job as her impotent husband lives in dubai and she is alone here in jahangirabad area of bhopal.
  4. No i dont travel to other places or cities as i have job here and many muslima to fuck and breed.
  5. No i dont waste time on sex chats much as i do real meets and breed muslima wombs for fun in real.
  6. Simply share ur pics with me, arrange meeting and get breeded is what i do with muslima cunts.
  7. Sissy muslim cuckold bitch males who contact me should only contact me when their muslima wife/sister/mom/daughter is ready to get breeded and fucked hard by Hindu Master.
  8. Dont contact me if u are not willing to travel to Bhopal for real meets.
  9. Yes i stay in contact with muslima females via yahoo messenger, hangouts (for gmail ids) and whatsapp regularly for real meets.

Enjoy these hot sexy muslima pics during sexy ramzan of muslimas!!!!

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If u like my posts and wish to meet me, contact me on [email protected]

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