Sidra Iqbal ne kholi apni chut hindu faujio k liye

Sidra Iqbal pakistani journalist and news anchor always liked Indians even in her news shows she has been very soft towards India.She goes to India and enjoys with indian hindu men. Whenever these is an opportunity to meet indian hindus she is the first one to go after them.What is she doing with Indian Hindu TV actor ?

With Ranbir
When India and pakistan were at war some soldiers raided a pakistani news media office in which Sidra Iqbal worked. Sidra from the beginning was feeling the excitement between her legs thinking about all the pleasure that awaits her when she would meet those lustful hindu soldiers as they would go out of control seeing her muslimah beauty.
 Finally 3 soldiers entered the room where Sidra worked.
The soldiers said, everyone move out of the room. Sidra was sitting there with legs crossed. Every one moved out but Sidra kept sitting there.
One soldier approached her and said “You are not special, move out now”
Sidra looked at him is a sexy way and said “Yes I am special”
Then she moves her hands close to his pants and grabs his cock from outside.
Soldier 1: oh so you are another muslimah who wants to open her legs for the invaders.
Sidra- yes thanks for invading us we were feeling so lonely, we always dreamt about your cocks and got wet at night.
Soldier 1 grabs her and kisses her lips.
Soldier 2- Give her wants she craves for fuck her…
Soldier 3- Kya maal hai yar.
He strips her naked, all the soldiers went berserk seeing her fair naked body. They removed their pants and took out their big cocks. Sidra was impressed to see their huge muscular cocks craving for her pussy.
They mounted her on their cocks and fucked her like a hungry slut which is what she wanted. She sucked their big kafir hindu lunds like a true muslimah. She swallowed their semen and sucked their balls. They fucked her over and over again and she moaned in excitement like a bitch.
After that Sidra asks them for a favor. She says she wants to meet their senior. They tell her she can meet the Major and they can take her to him.
Sidra meets the strong hindu indian major. He had to much experience with paki muslim women since the war started.
They had a conversation. Sidra thanks her for Invading her country and satisfying her pussy which was crazy for foreign kafir cocks. She grabs his cock, the major got impressed by her. He fucks her and rides her on is big 9 inch cock over and over again uses every part  of her body.
This is how girls like Sidra Iqbal opened their legs for kafirs.