Teaching Maliha about wedding night

I am a 30 year old boy Arjun. In neighborhood, lives a girl named Maliha. She was to be get married with a boy who works in my office named Abid. Maliha is 21, a sex bomb girl. We were like friends from very long time. Abid was a 24 year boy. He used to mess in office works due to his young age. But I used to bully him when things goes too wrong.

One day, I was talking to Maliha. I teased her about what would happen to this locality once she goes and get married. She became shy. While talking I told her that she is really hot. She was silent but calm. I said ‘ I thought I should tell before you go away’. She smiled and said ‘thanx’.

I talked humorously to Abid till his marriage day. I gave him tips for wedding night sex. I told him like, hold malihas legs up etc, Abid was aroused hearing all this. He said ‘You are good’. I said ‘let me come at your wedding night’. He was stunned but said yes.

One day Before wedding day, I was talking to maliha. I said ‘prepared for wedding night?’ and laughed. She felt shy. I said ‘you are just…’. She looked surprised and happy in my eyes and remained silent. I said ‘ I wish I could…’. She started breathing heavier. I said ‘ok now go’.

I attended the wedding. Then I co-ordinated with Abid and went on their honeymoon and booked a room next to their room. At night I called Abid. I had called a call girl to my room. Call girl explained him about what to do with minimum Kamasutra type clothes on her body. Abid was lost. Call girl tied him with ropes and was teasing him by showing body and touching him. I was going out of room. Abid asked ‘where are you going?’. I said ‘there is someone else also to learn these things’. I smiled. Abid breathing heavier now. He said ‘we are just married, please’. Call girl slapped him and started kissing his cock. Abid closed his eyes. I asked ‘should I go to her?’ Abid said ‘no’. Call girl took his whole cock in her mouth. Abid again said ‘i don’t know what to say..?’ I said ‘i am going’.

I entered Abid’s room. Maliha was ready in beautiful wedding night dress. She was shocked to see me. She said ‘where is Abid?’ I said ‘in my room, don’t worry, he is fine, he said to teach you about wedding night’. She looked at me with wide eyes and her boobs were bouncing by her breathe. I aksed ‘do you want it?’ She remained silent. I took her face in my hands and asked ‘ don’t you want it from quite a some time?’ She tried to say something ‘ I…I…what should…’. I said ‘sshhhhhhhh’ and placed my lips on her lips. I kissed her lips vigorously. I chewed her red lips. As I grabbed her waist, she said ‘aaaaaaahhhh’. I held her hair from back of her head and pulled. I kissed all over her breasts and her neck. She said ‘arjunnnnnnnnn sir’. I quickly opened my clothes and she was surprised to see my huge uncut cock.

I asked her ‘what happened?’ she said ‘she don’t know what to say’ . I said ‘lie down’. She lied down calmly. I removed her jewelry and her clothes gently. Her kurta was difficult to remove so I tore that with a krrrrrrrrrrr sound. She gasped and said ‘aaaahhhhhh ssshhhhh’. I held face and slapped her face gently. She rolled her eyes upwards. I took my belt and tied hands upwards. I stood up, held her hair and placed my cock inside her mouth. She gently opened her red lips and started sucking my cock using her tongue. I fucked her beautiful face for 15 minutes. I said ‘look at me’. She looked at me and took her tongue out and licked the whole length of my cock. My cock got red stains of her lipstick.

Then I untied her hands. Lied her down. I spread her legs apart and kissed her pussy. She said ‘aaaaaaahh’ and held my head with her hand and pushed my deeper in her pussy. I licked her pussy hard. I started biting her pussy lips. She spread her legs wide and put them over my neck. I chewed her pussy and made it red. Then I moved over her. I took her one leg on my shoulder and placed my cock on her pussy. I asked ‘should I enter?’.
She said ‘this is her first time’. I said ‘its okay’. She closed her eyes. I burried my cock in her pussy with force. It was a little inside her. She was about to cry but I put hand over her mouth and stopped her scream. Tears rolled over her cheeks. For 10-15 minutes I fucked her slowly. Then she was relaxed and saying ‘ummmmmmhhhhhh ummmmmhhhhh’.

I held her both legs over my shoulder and fucked in missionary position. She lifted legs up high and scratched my back. I drilled her pussy mercilessly. She kept on saying ‘aaaahhhhhhhh ummmmhhhhhh ouch’. Her legs were swinging in the air.I held her hands and pinned to bed and slapped her boobs. She said ‘ohh arjun sirrrrrrrrr’. She pulled her head back while I was pumping her pussy with my cock with full strength.

Then I lied down on bed. Held her hand and snatched her over me. She said ‘aaahhhhhh’. Held her head and made her to suck my balls. She held my thighs and kissed my balls. I took her hair in my hands and slapped her hard and said ‘suck it’. She got even further. She lifted my ass a bit and started licking my ass hole. She started rimming my ass. She sucked me there for 10 minutes. Then I lied her down. I spanked her ass. She closed her eyes and said ‘ssshhhhh’. I spanked again. She remained calm. I continuously spanked her till her ass became red. She closing her eyes, was biting her lips and she held bedsheet tightly in her fists.

I hugged her tightly and she wrapped her legs around my waist and I pushed my cock as deep inside her pussy, as possible. She held my back tight using her nails. She lifted her waist a little to take my cock. I asked ‘did you learned everything dear?’ She said ‘yes sirrr’. I fucked her hard. She was shouting and moaning ‘aaahhhhh ohhhhhh arjunnnn, ummmmmmmhhhh’. I cummed inside her pussy. Then I went to my room and sent Abid to his room. Next morning I went to my home.
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