Thoughts of a Lusmin

Pakistan and India are enemies & the animosity between India and Pakistan is very high. Pakistan is basically a Muslim country and India is dominated by Hindus. There are a lot of anti Hindu feelings in Pakistan and a lot of hatred for Muslims in India. Apart from conflicts between Hindu and Muslims the hostility between the two countries adds to more hatred. As you know India and Pakistan have fought many wars and Pakistan frequently sends terrorists in India. As a result the animosity is high between the 2 countries.


I enjoy fantasizing Pakistani Muslim army women being captured and forcefully taken by Indian Hindu men as it generates enormous pleasure, thinking of these prestigious female soldiers being humiliated by kafir lunds against their will. These women are greatly respected in Pakistan so imagining their humiliation by enemy soldiers is so exciting. It invokes feelings of great taboo since Pakistani Lady Soldiers are cute, fair and decent Muslim girls, and they will be force fucked by big ugly black bastard Hindu men like animals.


Being a Lusmin from Pakistan, such fantasies are very much discouraged. That is why they can be extremely fun. Also Pakistani lady soldiers are extremely good looking and from upper class of society. They are thick, fair and very proud of themselves and their nation. Pakistan is proud of these beautiful daughters of the nation. Therefore imagining their humiliation at the hands of Hindu men and boys from poor families and villages is painfully erotic for a masochist Lusmin.

Kuch Lusmim balatkar k bare mai bhi sochte hai ki Hindu mard unki Pakistani Muslim army ladkiyo ka jabardasti rape kar rahe hai, aisa sochkar unke dil ki dhadkan tez aur lund tight ho jata hai. Kuch Lusmin ka to ye soch kar bhi lund hilate hai ki 1971 me pakri gayi unki Pakistani Muslim army ladkiyo ka Hinduo ne kaise rape kiya hoga.

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